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one of the many reasons I love got7 so much is even though they’re close to each other they don’t have to fake their friendships and they don’t hide the fact that they don’t get along with each other sometimes

that one adventure time confession thing that was like “i won’t be satisfied if finn doesnt end up with pb, fp, or marceline” …………. man are they gonna be disappointed when pb and marceline make out and flame princess and finn continue to just be friends

I wonder what everyone who says they don’t see a rebuild this season will say when Olicity reunites 🤔

…then I realize what they’ll probably do is say “this came out of nowhere! they just threw this together to try to save ratings/appease the shippers!”

…and that will be the final step in them becoming exactly like the LL/OQ shippers and comic stans who insisted that Olicity “came out of nowhere” in season 3 and who have been lamenting fanservice all this time. They will have officially become that which they used to hate. 

(5:41pm, edited to add: I don’t like to edit or delete posts because, most times, I stand by everything I say, but it’s come to my attention I need to clarify these first two paragraphs. There’s been some misunderstanding of what it is I’m actually saying here. I’m not comparing fans who disagree with seeing a rebuild to LL/comic stans. I am not saying that fans who disagree with what I say below hate Olicity like LL/comic stans either. I am saying that if, when Olicity reunite, this small segment of fans say the above statements, that I feel there’s a comparison to the same statements made by LL/comic stans in the past. Not the hating Olicity part, the part about claiming fanservice and “came out of nowhere”. It’s about the rhetoric used. No disrespect was intended towards any Olicity fans currently, it was simply my intention to express a hope that this not be the rhetoric spread. I said it in a way that was easy to misinterpret, I think. What I said below is the meat of the matter here: that it’s okay to disagree with seeing a rebuild. That I don’t mind people who don’t agree with me. That it’s okay to have different opinions on this. If you take away anything from this post, that should be it. The above was a musing I had after seeing a post here on Tumblr and me wondering what might be the spin from those fans, and hoping that wasn’t the case. That is all.)

PSA: It’s not just actor ad-libs that have given us the Olicity moments and the hints of rebuild this season. It wasn’t an ad-lib that put that (albeit corny) flashback in 509. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had Oliver tell Felicity they were a mortal lock. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had Oliver seeing Felicity in the Dominator dream-world and flashing back to their relationship and how that was supposed to mean something to him. It wasn’t an ad-lib that Oliver chose to protect Felicity against Black Siren instead of face off against Prometheus. Or any of the other times he’s exhibited protectiveness and concern about her. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had him running into her arms, that had that bright light of the blast shine over them as they embraced. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had them standing in that green light in 502, talking about what matters. It wasn’t an ad-lib that had John Diggle setting up the season long question to Oliver Queen in that facetime conversation in 501. What about you and Felicity? He doesn’t know. But the smile on his face said he had hope. That question was set up so that it would be answered. It was answered one way in 4x23. It will be answered in a different way by the time 5x23 is done, one way or another. 

I could go on and on but it comes down to this: I understand if some are reluctant to see the rebuild. Honestly, I get it. It’s been a year since they’ve been together and they don’t want to be patient. They’re frustrated with things that have happened to and between Oliver and Felicity. They feel disenfranchised. They don’t ship it anymore but aren’t sure how to pull away from fandom. Or they do ship it but don’t want to because they feel it brings them only pain. They get upset when they see other fans that do have hope, for a lot of different reasons but mostly because they can’t share that hope. They want to warn others off of it so they don’t get disappointed. Believe me, I get all of this. 

I’m not trying to make anyone change their mind and agree with me. I don’t care if anyone does, to be honest. It’s enough for me that I see the clear signs of the rebuild. The narrative makes sense to me. The practical business side of this makes sense to me. I don’t expect it to make sense to everyone and disagreement doesn’t bother me. So feel free to ignore this post. It won’t hurt my feelings. This post wasn’t meant for the people I mentioned in the previous paragraph anyhow.

But to the people who are open to interpretations of this season, to the people who are looking for reasons to hope, to the people who tell me all the time, often privately, that they appreciate the things I say and how I try to share my optimism with fandom: this post is for you

Sticky Mouth (MeiCree, PG)

Prompt: I’ve never seen this pairing, but I’d like to! I don’t even really mind about the content - smut, fluff, whatever. I just think this pair looks adorable and want to see/read them together!

Notes: I wish I had a strong enough grasp of Overwatch plot stuff to do more with this cute-seeming pairing. But I don’t so here’s a flirty little drabble inspired by the fact that Winston’s right, peanut butter is delicious.

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I know it’s just a typical post-it answer but the way Jimin wrote 내새끼 and emphasized the 내 (MY) like Jungkook is HIS and HIS ONLY made me cry so hard. Ppl usually say 우리 (our) to show affection but he wrote MY. Let’s not talk bout the way kook wrote “manggaetteok” and “chocomi” for jimin cause i will be twice as emo as i am now and cry twice as hard.


ok but no one ever talks about this, like who was responsible? who

why is the composition so good? why is there such detailed lens flare? like… this is the most unnecessary thing I have ever seen