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one of the many reasons I love got7 so much is even though they’re close to each other they don’t have to fake their friendships and they don’t hide the fact that they don’t get along with each other sometimes

I know it’s just a typical post-it answer but the way Jimin wrote 내새끼 and emphasized the 내 (MY) like Jungkook is HIS and HIS ONLY made me cry so hard. Ppl usually say 우리 (our) to show affection but he wrote MY. Let’s not talk bout the way kook wrote “manggaetteok” and “chocomi” for jimin cause i will be twice as emo as i am now and cry twice as hard.


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I can’t help but notice how tumblr loves to constantly vocalize how disgusted they are by Japanese games and anime. Especially if it's anime with T/A fanservice. The only time tumblr doesn't bitch is when it's a yuri/yaoi or has yuri/yaoi elements, then it’s pure and perf and all the characters are precious smol cinnamon rolls.

Everyone is morally opposed to pandering if they aren’t the ones being pandered to.

Sticky Mouth (MeiCree, PG)

Prompt: I’ve never seen this pairing, but I’d like to! I don’t even really mind about the content - smut, fluff, whatever. I just think this pair looks adorable and want to see/read them together!

Notes: I wish I had a strong enough grasp of Overwatch plot stuff to do more with this cute-seeming pairing. But I don’t so here’s a flirty little drabble inspired by the fact that Winston’s right, peanut butter is delicious.

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Okay usually I don’t do that but I saw things so I need to tell you why I decided to vote for Yuri on Ice on Crunchyroll’s award for best animation, even if I watched and enjoyed Mob Psycho 100 (and only on animation because I think the other wins don’t need explanations [woops see edit])

First, you need to know what Yuri on Ice actually mean to me : I’m an old anime lover but lately I slowly lost interest in anime. Less and less shows appeal to me and when I begin a serie, usually I’ll loose interest very fast. Even if I watch until the end, it’s really rare that I want to see it again.

I watched by total coincidence Yuri on Ice and I loved it instantly.

Not because of the “fanservice”, at the time I didn’t know we would have the best romance I have seen in a long time (and to be honest, I’m not the public for this)

It was because of the animation. YES.

The first scene hooked me. It made me feel emotions. It was well done and very intriguing. The first skate of Victor was so beautiful and made me feel SO MANY things, the face of the characters in so many scenes made me feel their emotions and their feelings. The opening was so beautiful and artistic (and the animation in it was so good too) and of course I fell in love with Yuri Katsuki and his struggles instantly.

Hell, if the romance between Victor and Yuri was so tender and believable to me, it was ALSO because of the animation, which shows their love so sweetly and with so much care and earnesty.

So I want you to keep that in mind : I decided to watch Yuri on Ice weeks after weeks because its animation made me feel EMOTIONS and it was a long time ago that I haven’t felt that. Of course the beautiful music helped but the animation was the best part to me. (I have seen so many pretty but emotionless animation in anime)

Now let’s talk about another thing : the charadesign. Yes. That’s a thing too.  I don’t think Mob Psycho 100 animation is ugly, I think it’s really amazing and full of personnality. But Yuri on Ice has a lot of beauty in his charadesign and its characters, specially the ladies, are pretty without being “moe” (sorry I don’t like it) and kind of realistic? For this part, it is a subjective opinion. But to be honest I think lot of people have think the same.

It’s not that Mob Psycho has no good charadesign (because it has). But Yuri on Ice style appeals to more people because it’s easier to like it than a bold style with a lot of personality like Mob psycho (it’s like One piece, you like it or not). And believe it, I’m sure it was taken in consideration.

So to conclude, I loved Mob Psycho 100 and thought the animation was amazing, creative and original. But I still chose without ANY hesitation Yuri on Ice and it’s because its animation made me feel more emotions than the other. I don’t care if some part were worst than other, actually I didn’t notice at first watch because I didn’t felt for an anime that much in a lot of time and for that it deserved my vote.

Also if it wins in other category, I think it was no coincidence : people have felt emotions too and have loved it so much they decided to vote for it. And if it’s not what animation is supposed to give, I don’t know why I’m watching anime.

 EDIT : Oh and I’m sorry I forgot to add an important thing (at 12′ I thought it was obvious and at 4′ it was too late to add it haha)

Of course, it’s my entire personal opinion on the subject and I believe Mob Psycho 100 would definitely deserved to win (it’s just that I had to choose between its creativity and coolness versus feelings and smoothness? I mean, YOI has animated skating and I love artistical performance, so again, personal taste. Yuri on Ice won because I could remember several animated scenes that affected me a lot while with Mob, even if it was good, I couldn’t do it, so it truly was a deliberate choice to privilege heart vs creativity)

Also I totally forgot to tell that there’s that one award that I think would have belong to Mob Psycho and it’s the painted ending which was so much better in my opinion (always my opinion) and actually that’s why I decided to vote for it ^^

Aaaand I also forgot to tell that it’s obvious that the popularity of the anime helped it to win buuut I did not refute that, I just told you why I was one of the people who vote Yuri on Ice : also I’m sure that a lot of people vote on the spur of the moment because they loved the anime and didn’t think it was so bad! Anyway, it’s done now so let’s move on! (and watch Mob Psycho 100, I’m very happy that this made lot of people watched the show ^^)

Okay now it’s good, have a nice day ^^

I still haven’t seen it yet so this is just by ear, but the general consensus seems to be that this Komaeda OVA is what should’ve been the despair arc - actually builds up to something, the deaths are meaningful, the characters develop independently of their Ultimate Waifu, the DR2 characters actually do stuff other than sit around being fanservice, no screen time is wasted, but it didn’t have enough time to reach its full potential - it should’ve been what got a whole 12 episodes; not that despair arc garbage

Fushimi Saruhiko - Episode 1