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150816 TEL in HK Yixing fanacct

Guys…GUISE!! Yixing wasn’t as happy as he usually is and didn’t smile very much during the concert. But this picture! Holy shit I still can’t get over this picture I got. My friend and I had xing light boards and held it up every time Yixing was near/looked in our direction. He saw us and looked in our direction plenty of times during the concert and even gave us lots of fanservice! (Idk which song it was but he came over and nodded at us and gave me a thumbs up when I was trying to make a heart for him.) I died.

At the end of the concert he went around thanking all the fans as usual. He actually came over to our side (instead of just greeting us with his bow from the middle stage like he did to the other side) waved and bowed to thank us. He even smiled and looked into my camera! This really meant a lot to me since I honestly believe it was specially for us (me and my friend).

Thank you so much Yixing❤️


Remember when the dubbed voice actors of Germany and N. Italy sang this wonderful fan service song in Good Luck Girl?

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Binbougami ga! Song of Fanservice (by Tyiana88)