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Sterek. 'Ive been crushing on you for awhile, we're at a gathering and a relative has just introduced us as boyfriends'

I love meddling Papa Hale so I included him as the one who makes the faux pas 

“Alright everyone! Here he is!” David Hale boomed, his voice thunderous, drawing the attention of the rest of the Hale family that was gathered in the backyard. Slinging his arm around his son’s shoulders, David tugged him into a one-armed hug and announced, “The man of the hour!”

Almost the entire extended Hale family had accumulated in the backyard of the Hale House, nestled deep within the preserve. It was Derek’s twenty eighth birthday and as such it was cause for celebration, his whole family devout fans of parties and other family get togethers.

Despite being more introverted and at times downright socially awkward, Derek truly did adore getting to see his family, especially cousins and nieces and nephews he rarely got to see. So this year, he had taken the liberty of inviting everyone himself, spending hours making phone calls and sending out e-mails.

Everyone he had contacted had shown up, including a handful of family friends such as the Sheriff who worked with Laura at the station, and Melissa McCall who was in his mother’s book club. Then, there were his friends, namely Erica, Boyd, and Isaac, who were practically family themselves considering how often they were over.

And then there was Stiles, of course, who was hands down Derek’s best friend. Though, Boyd was definitely the next in line.

Since they both attended the same college, Stanford, Derek had volunteered to give Stiles a ride to the party, reasoning that it would save on gas if they just took one car. Though never a fan of not being able to drive his old beat up Jeep, Stiles had begrudgingly agreed when Derek cited rising gas prices.

They walked into the backyard together, Derek holding open the wooden gate for him thanks to his mother raising him to have perfect manners. So, naturally, his well intending father took it the wrong way and announced to the entire family, “And this is his boyfriend, Stiles!”

Derek froze in his tracks as Stiles sputtered incredulously. As Stiles gaped at him in pure disbelief, Derek raised a hand to touch his dad’s arm and urgently informed him, “Dad, no. We’re not together. Not like that.”

“What?” David asked, furrowing his brows and frowning down at his son, tilting his head to the side. He glanced over at Stiles, looking thoroughly confused, before turning back to Derek. “But that doesn’t make any sense! For months you’ve been telling all about why you adore him!”

“I told you that in confidence!” Derek squeaked, feeling his cheeks flush red. He too glanced over at Stiles who looked even more baffled than before, his eyes so wide Derek could hardly see the brown in them anymore. Desperate, he whined, “Oh my god, can we talk about this later? Please?”

David nodded and turned to corral the rest of those in attendance to the other side of the yard, leaving Derek and Stiles alone. No longer confused, Stiles smirked over at Derek and asked, “So, months?”

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Shiro is not a sexual predator. He is in no way in a relationship with any other Voltron character. These characters mean so much to me as someone who works on it and as a fan. They feel like family to me, just like the voice actors who play them do. As any family will, we joke with one another. We poke, we prod, we tease, and we play – there is so much more in this world right now to be pissed about. No one in the cast condones pedophilia and to have fans constantly accuse us of that is exhausting and frustrating.

Simple Writer Tip:

Get yourself an all-time fan. A friend, a family member, a significant other, it does not matter. They just need to be a person willing to read your work and tell you to keep going because they love what you’re doing. Trust me, though it may not help with the editing phase at all, it does help a ton in the drafting phase when you can barely stand your own work.

Note, always tell these people when you’re just looking for positivity. It doesn’t help to receive criticism on these days, especially when you’re working on early drafts.

Stay motivated, keep writing, good luck.

Every second of the day. I swear i will kill everyone

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How about drawing the band wearing each others clothes!! All of em or just one of em or whatever you want!!!! Im sorry u feel sad

this make me feel so much better! I have to thank you for this, hope you like it dear!

me: i love Gavin Free. so much. he is the love of my life. I think that he’s an amazing human being who is not only funny but also very smart and I enjoy his presence in let’s plays because of his commentary. I think he’s one of the nicest Youtubers out there and I enjoy his social comments he makes in support of his friends, family, and fans. 

Also me, watching Gavin in last place in a GTA race: get fucked Gavin 

DK and Seungkwan played Nu'est hello in their v live and talked about the possibilty of a Pledis family concert!!

Fans have been asking for this for YEARS! IM SO EXCITED!


Lets work hard to make Nu'est succeed when they comeback so a pledis family concert can happen!