Don’t you love how when Michonne pulls away from a kiss, Rick looks at her like “Where do you think your going? How dare you end this before I’ve even had a chance to fully taste them juicy thangs. Fine. I'mma let you catch your breath but I’m gonna eat you up like the starved man that I am later.”

And Michonne is just like “mmhmm, not unless I get to you first.”

I mean…these warrior lovers are the most intense, sexiest couple I have ever witnessed.

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Where Have We Left Off?

Requested by: @bunnyyumyum & @freedomaboveallelse

Word count: 2,787

Note: I’m actually quite pleased with how this one turned out. It gets a little heated, if you know what I mean, but it’s not anything too bad. Just… tension. Yeah… ;)

Holy shit.

Truthfully, that was the very first thought that swam through your mind when you first laid eyes on him.

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narxkami  asked:

Give me a meta on the stuff Tadashi says in battle as the player deliberates. "Calm down," "Not this," .. Give it to me

alright boys and girls buckle up for a really long one. because boy does the quotes Tadashi says during battle absolutley beautiful.

First let’s talk about the ones you mentioned R, the lines Tadashi speaks as the player deliberates on decisions to make during battle. These include lines such as “Calm Down”, “Not this”, “That’s not right!”, “Some other way”, and various lines on th same level of meaning as these. Game wise these are there for when the player is Idle or backs out of a menu. Character wise though this definetly ties in to the anger that Tadashi has, a hedcanon I went to eons ago along with the “calm down” line more specifically. Tadashi doesn’t say it to his teammates or the shadows he says it to himself it’s like a mutter. It’s even kind of quiet compared to the battle theme. And this fact is extremely important because it’s what Tadashi says to calm himself down from the adrenaline of battle, the anger as Joker, the anger as himself! Calm down is speficailly a red flag for this case. Telling yourself ot calm down in the midst of battle is because you don’t want to cut loose too much, you don’t want to go all out or because you don’t want to completly OVERKILL the enemy. Tadashi is telling this to himself because he doesn’t want to let the leash on his anger too loose. He doesn’t want it to go wild and he doesn’t want it to just absolutely destroy the Shadows before them, simply because he’s worried what he’ll do. This is extremely relevent in the cases verses people’s actual shadows. He’s afraid of what he will do in such a blind rage. He still isn’t sure what he did to INSERT UNKNOWN NAME HERE on the night of his arrest. It’s hazy and the game ALWAYS cuts out when Tadashi grabs him by the shoulders. Tadashi doesn’t know his own anger and it’s terrifying to him. Lines like these as the player decides on what moves to make is also Tadashi trying to calm himself down. Keeping himself tame enought o still show force in battle but not let the angrier and darker side of him ( THE SIDE THAT COULD EASILY KILL ) out.

Maybe he’s worried it’ll scare his new friends away.

Now for even more tidbits of information regarding dialogue during battle. And these relate to his more violent ones, the ones that are more VICIOUS. I’m speaking of lines such as : “ Ravage them!, "Show / I’ll reveal you’re true form!”, “Full power!”, “ Go down!”, “You’re mine! ”, even “Persona!” sounds super violent. And god it’s such a stark contrast from the extremely silent voice / look Tadashi has outside of Metaverse & even from past protagaonists! It’s so much more and not only that he sounds so ANGRY while doing it. It’s like god it’s so violent. And that’s what really keys it in for me at how violent it sounds. IT’s like a declaration of war to his enemies, a war he knows is extremely worth it and he is definetly going to end victorious. It’s cocky, it’s confident, it’s PASSIONATE, and it’s extremely PRIDEFUL. It’s even where we hear the Protagonist speak the most, in the midst of combat when he’s vanquishing his prey. It’s damn near beautiful. Pray for your enemies if they have the Phantom Thieves and more specifically Tadashi Masaru coming after them.