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Coke or Pepsi??

coke but they’re not all that different for me lmao

Anon:I saw you mentioned PJO in one of your posts; are you a fan the series?

yeah sort of c: I read all the books

Anon:sorry if this is a stupid question but in the ’[ S ] Terezi: remem8er’ scene, was that your art in there?

all the wake-up scenes were mine but all the rest wasnt uvu

Anon:How long did it take you to draw those Dirks?

ahh I don’t really knoow

is anyone there at all

I did it again, i know its not my best again but sometimes I just do stuff for bands i love, and if anyone steals this and claims it’s theirs I will feed you to the piranhas because i worked till 3 am after this and wasted alot of papers so please if you wanna use it give credit. 

Recently I’ve realized that there are quite some Seventeen fans who were formerly/still are EXO-L. And they’re worried that Seventeen in going to end up like EXO because of the amount of members.

Listen, it’s not gonna happen that easily. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the chances are slim. Because if you know Seventeen well enough, you know how much they love and care for each other. they’re each other’s closest friends, brothers. Maybe ya’ll are gonna argue me with statements like “exo treat each other that way too” and “you know nothing about exo”. Regrettably, I was an EXO-L too, before the fandom name was decided. And I know enough about EXO to say that they’re not as close as people pinpoint them to be. Yes, they’ve been through a lot together, but their bond isn’t as strong as Seventeen’s. To leave your group after years together is a very hard decision. And we all know why the three members left. The Seventeen members won’t leave, at least not with those reasons. To them, Seventeen is their priority, we all know that. They’ve but in years of effort just for Seventeen to rise. Unlike most groups who don’t even know what they’ll debut as, they do. They knew they would be Seventeen from day one, but they lost 4, and they’re here now. 

Unlike EXO who had lost three members after they debut, they lost their dear members before debut. And because of that, they cherish each other a lot. They’ve already invested so much into this group, it’s not a competition for popularity and money between them, it’s a mutual goal, to reach the top as Seventeen, all 13 members together. On the other hand, what about their health? Guys, lets all just admit that Pledis is a far better company than SM ever will be, and I say far better. We all know SM’s incredibly long record of unfair and horrible treatment towards their artists. The EXO members have constantly been pushed pass their limits, mentally and physically, to the extent that it’ll endanger their lives. Pledis isn’t that kind of company. Is it bad that they let the boys do their own composing and choreographing? Is it bad that they let the boys express their true selves? The boys are very busy and their schedules have been hectic ever since debut, but that’s how they want it, is it not? They’re happy that they can produce their own music, choreography and most importantly, their image. Pledis controls them, just like any other company, but at the same time allow them a lot more freedom than most can ever have and the boys know what they’re doing, they enjoy it. 

So after this long rant, I just want to say that please have faith in their bond and Pledis as their management company. Seventeen will not become the next EXO. They’re going strong, they’ll stay strong.

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So you think sam may have used his giftcard to buy a wedding kilt?

Nope I think he was thanking the fans for the gift card but he was there to be fitted for a wedding kilt which he obviously bought with his own money. Just my opinion. No one has to agree :) 

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Maybe. Maybe not? Do you know something you can share with the class😉

I don’t.  But I do know that it takes about 4 months to get a kilt made and that would bring it to their December break.  Getting a gift card from a fan (or whatever it was that the generous fan gave him) doesn’t mean that the kilt isn’t being made for a very special occasion.  Otherwise, why bother taking the picture, tweeting about it, putting it on Instagram and Facebook if it had no significance?

Please let’s not turn this into a debate about whether or not Sam was getting fitted for a wedding kilt.  I happen to think he was.  It’s ok if you don’t.  But please don’t flood my inbox with opinions.  If you want to comment on it, click the little balloon on this post and leave your comment.  That’s why the balloon is there.


Rapunzel Recommends is a new weekly feature for book recommendations. Look out for a new post every Saturday. Yay!

Gentleman Bastard sequence by Scott Lynch

An epic adult fantasy series featuring thieves, antiheroes, a badass captain pirate mother of two, respect and important roles for women in a male-centric series, incredible world-building, one of the longest prologues I’ve ever come across, a nice mix of laugh-out-loud humour and feelings that will simultaneously make you love and hate Scott Lynch, an epic bromance and lots of creative swearing. Not that that gives it justice at all but that’s the gist of it. I’m obsessed.

Rapunzel recommends this book to fans of everything listed above. Be mindful of the language and slow pacing at the start.

150827 - JYJ’s Park Yoochun Enlists in Army & Posts Touching Letter & Video for Fans

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun quietly enlisted in the army on August 27, but he left some messages for his fans to cheer them up as they prepare to wait two years for his return from his mandatory military duty.

JYJ’s official Facebook posted a letter from Park Yoochun himself, along with a photo of him smiling in his new military hairdo. According to the caption on the above video on Instagram, he wrote this letter while in the car on the way to the training center. It reads as follows:

“Hello. It’s Yoochun here.

By the time this letter is posted, I’ll be at the training center. Hmm.. is it okay if I speak informally? Since we’ve known each other so long~ ^^

Hm. Before I entered the training center, I didn’t really think about the army much at all for a long time, until suddenly I had these thoughts as I was doing interviews for pictorials and such. Thoughts like, ‘Wow, I’m really going to the army, I won’t be working for a long time… I haven’t taken time off work in ages…’ So that’s what made me feel like this is all real. I’ve known for a long time that I’d have to serve in the army around this time, but once the time actually came it didn’t feel real. I decided that I wouldn’t have any regrets. I heard that a lot of fans have been asking what I regret the most. I know that you can’t fix things that you regret, so I think it would be better to just focus on what I’m grateful for rather than what I regret. I’ve been thinking that I’m so grateful to have received so much love, and to have been able to be so happy as I worked. Thank you so much^^

I can’t express myself well and I have a lot to say, but I want to say that inside, I know everything and feel it all. Thank you so much.

But I’ll try to answer your questions. I tried to pick a few of your questions to answer. What if I hadn’t been a celebrity? I think I would have been a composer, or maybe a novelist..? Hmm.. I think so.

A lot of people asked what food I’m going to crave while I’m in training, butJaejoong says that everything is delicious there, no matter what it is. I think there probably won’t be something in specific that I really want to eat while I’m there.

To answer the question about what kind of project I want to do after I’m discharged, hmm.. A while back I had a few drinks with Kyung Goo, and I told him that when I’m discharged I definitely want to film a movie together with him. I have a lot to learn as an actor, and he’s such a kind hyung to me, so I think I’d really like to do a project with him.

The person I will miss the most is always my father. As I become an adult and have more and more responsibilities, there are more things that I want to ask him. I want to see him, but because he is not here anymore, I’m always missing him.

The homework I’d give fans for their holiday is to be healthy and happy! I want to learn Chinese, and I want to read a lot of books.

Well then, are those answers enough? Jaejoong told me that he was determined to see my face for the last time during his break, but in the end we were only able to talk on the phone. I want to tell him that I’m so proud of him. And to Junsu, you are a friend that I like so much and also my fellow member. You’ll be lonely all on your own, but hang in there and ‘fighting’!

To my fans, I’m so grateful. I’ll be back soon safe and sound to make up for all of your support. Yesterday, on the day before I enlist, I was really – what should I call it – calm, as well as excited and happy. It’s great to meet new people and have new experiences. We won’t be able to see each other for a little while – no, a long time, but I hope that we’ll each have a good time so that later on we can meet each other as even more mature people. Bye~~~~~~~~~~!!!! ^^”

Photos of the star as he entered the training camp have also been shared online. It’s reported that just as he had planned, he didn’t stand in front of the fans or reporters who were waiting at the entrance, and instead enlisted quietly. However, you can see him waving with a smile on his face at the crowd of fans, before looking much more serious as he salutes.

Take care of yourself, Park Yoochun!

Sources: JYJ Official FB + Star News via Nate
Translation: Soompi
Shared by: fuckyeahtohoshinki

OTRA Detroit: Resources for Sexual Abuse Survivors

There have been multiple and consistent accounts that members of One Direction’s staff and entourage have been sexually coercive towards fans (including minors). One Direction fans, like all teenage girls, are made more vulnerable by wider social attitudes that teenage girls are there to be exploited and dismissed. Fans can share information so that if anyone is assaulted, abused or coerced, they know where to find support.

One Direction’s next concert is 29 August (Happy Birthday Liam) in Detroit.

A list of crisis centres in Michigan can be found here.

Wayne County SAFE Program’s website is here.  Their crisis line is  (313) 430-8000.  The  Detroit Police Victims Assistance Program website is here. Their hotline is: (313) 833-1660

The University of Michigan has a Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center and a 24-Hour Crisis Line: (734) 936-3333

Michigan State University has a Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team and a 24 hour Crisis line:(517) 372 6666

RAINN runs a 24 hour national crisis line: 1 800 656 HOPE (4673) and you can access on-line support here.

Love and solidarity to all the One Direction fans who have experienced sexual abuse in any context. We are all worth fighting for.

(a similar post will be created before each OTRA show.  If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact this blog.  If you have contacted us and haven’t heard back for a while - we’re really excite to hear from you - there’s some stuff we need to sort out).