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I am in need of a fluffy destiel western movie night binge and dean being an adorable fan boy and wanting cas to love it and cas thinking dean is so adorable. ahgfjskahgdj idk if that inspires you or not

For once Dean and Cas had the bunker to themselves, Sam went out on an actual second date for once and Dean even counted on him being home late. After hearing Dean’s plan for the night, it may have furthered his younger brother’s eagerness to be gone for as long as possible.

Dean had organized an entire movie night, with a few westerns he’d been meaning to force Cas to watch. He had the DVDs in one hand and an armful of snacks in the other as he headed back to his room where he left his boyfriend several minutes before.

Once he was through the door he grinned at Cas who was lying on the bed in one of Dean’s t-shirts and a pair of boxers while he set up the laptop in the middle of the mattress so they could watch the movies in comfort. “Getting comfy?” Dean asked, happiness radiating of him as he sat cross legged opposite of the other male.

“Like you told me to? Yes,” Cas grunted with amusement, leaning back onto the pillow behind him as he looked up at Dean.

“Awesome,” he said, a wink towards Cas before showing him the first film, “Alright, so first there’s this one called ‘Tombstone’. Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, and my personal favourite.” He took the disc out and handed the case to Castiel before putting it into the computer.

The angel studied the cover and summary quite seriously, “You really love cowboys.”

“That a crime?”

“No, not particularly,” Cas said with a grin as he met Dean’s eyes.

“I’ll turn you into a believer, yet,” Dean assured, throwing an arm around Castiel’s shoulder to pull him closer, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

Castiel screwed up his nose but laughed at the same time, “Okay, okay, just play the movie you suck.”

“Stop being distracting,” he murmured lovingly as he reached over to press play, then grabbing a package of red vines he had set on the bedside table before.

“You should’ve opened with those,” Cas said excitedly as he snatched the pack of liquorice from Dean.

Dean knew very well they were Castiel’s favourite, even though eating wasn’t even necessary for him, “You gonna share?”

“No,” Cas scoffed as he took a bite of one of them, taking one look at Dean before changing his mind and pushing the package towards him with a laugh, “Kidding.”

A content feeling washed over Dean as he settled back into the pillows again, comfier than normal since he stole like five from the other rooms, including Sam’s. His green eyes became entranced as he focused on the story that was starting to play on the screen, the scenes reflecting in them.

Castiel watched while slowly making their stash of junk food disappear, more interested in the way that Dean seemed to be so caught up in these movies. He did enjoy them too, but not as much as the hunter. He assumed it was somewhat of an escape for him, to let his troubles melt away for the duration, and let himself get completely caught up in something else other than their life. That in itself was enough to make Castiel love any movie Dean was so enthusiastic about.

As many times as Dean saw the same movie, he never got tired of it. It was just as exciting as all the other times, except now he got to share it with Cas. “Dude, watch this,” he said at one point, not taking his eyes off the screen as he reached for the other’s hand, caught up in the action scene playing out, gunfire and horses hooves providing the soundtrack.

A soft smile played on Castiel’s lips, only watching the excitement in Dean’s eyes, thinking he was a complete dork and also the most beautiful soul he’d ever met. “I love you, Dean,” he breathed unexpectedly, and only after the words left his lips did he realize what he’d said.

The movie faded from existence as Dean’s body froze, turning his head slowly and meeting the blue eyes watching him expectantly.

Cas bit his lip.

Dean’s mouth hung open before a wordless grin found his features, a disbelieving huff leaving his throat.

“Say something,” Cas pleaded.

“I love you, too,” he said.

Castiel lit up, hand cupping Dean’s cheek as he spoke, “Really?”

“Oh, hell yes,” Dean told him instantly, hand moving to find Castiel’s hip while he leaned in and kissed him, heart fluttering as he murmured more assurance, “So much.”

Fingers played with the ends of Dean’s hair on his neck as Castiel acknowledged his agreement with a satisfied hum, not wanting to let their lips part, bodies moving together seamlessly as it deepened into something that reassured the both of them that this, that they, were meant to be as one.

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"it's only gonna intensify this year" wow they ARE trying to kill us

Remember when Deb’s done things such as like this tweet of the fan art below?

What do you think the odds are that she’s shown some of these things to Jon too…..

We need to talk about Gimme Shelter

I have not even finished reading this yet, and I’m calling fic of the year. I already grieve that my memory can’t be wiped so that I could read this for the first time twice.

I have never given a toss about surfing, but I love the ocean. I grew up by the sea and scuba diving is my seven percent solution. This fic made me dream about it for the first time in a long while.

I didn’t give a toss about baseball or many of the other things excellent fics have opened my eyes to while also entertaining and educating me about. I love seeing fics where people share their passion for something on the side of telling a good love story. I like to think I’ve done that myself.

And it’s not just the love story that makes this fic epic. It’s not _just_ one single thing. It’s the intensity of the whole package, the careful construction of the world, the exquisite pining and the cathartic romance, it’s also the way that particular era is depicted but most of all the way the author has managed to bring the settings alive. The reader is _there_: standing in the crowd watching Johnny and Scotty see each other for the first time, basking in the lazy golden Oahu morning sunlight watching them wake up, standing on the moonlit shore beside Sherlock as he wonders if he’ll ever see the love of his life again, standing in the shallows when John wades in from his run at the Pipeline, having a beer on Greg and Molly’s backyard fearing for John’s decision-making.

Not everyone is going to fall for this as hard as I did but clearly I’m not the only one. This sort of fic doesn’t come around often.

I’m officially on Thanksgiving break, so here’s a girl who looks remarkably like Ladybug for some reason.

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I really feel bad for Andrew Garfield. Maybe he wasn't my favorite live-action Spidey/Peter Parker (that would be Tom's portrayal), but a lot of that had to do with how he was written. While I believe that he wasn't right to play a high-school aged Peter Parker, I DO think that he would've been perfect to play a college-aged, older, more experienced Peter Parker. But it just never happened that way.

Dude, that is exactly how I feel. 

Andrew was too old to portray a highschooler, it just didn’t work very well. But the sass he used as Spidey, and his relationship with Aunt May were both on point and I loved that with the TASM movies. 

I didn’t like Toby’s Spider-Man at all, so Andrew’s movies were the first Spidey films I got really excited about, and he did help jump-start the character and help bring him back from the whinny thing Toby protrayed him as.  

I feel bad that Andrew just got thrown away, that wasn’t cool whatsoever, and I would have loved to see where they would have taken Peter’s character development now that Gwen had died.  

It wasn’t fair to Andrew at all, and I felt horrible for him when I first heard the news. 

But I do understand Marvel going with another Spidey, and honestly they couldn’t have cast better, Tom is an amazing Peter, and they finally made a Spider-Man movie I could really get behind. 

(On the bright side, now Andrew (a huge Spidey fan himself) can watch Spider-Man movies (since he doesn’t watch his own films) and get to be entertained and excited about it just like us)

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So Weapo just casually confirming that they share a hotel room when at GP competitions? Either they just decided to be a whole lot open about everything or something really did change.

Hahaha🙈 I️ don’t know but I️ surely can’t wait to see how they interact during the SD😏


Lo and behold, my first Bendy fanart! Here’s a couple of doodles I forgot to upload, I was going to redraw them before submitting but I figured why not? XD

So here’s my interpretation of the protagonist Henry, the first one is a full profile and the second is meant to be a scene from Chapter 1 but it’s incomplete lol I need to fix one of Henry’s legs a bit and completely redo the pentagram

Anywho, enjoy for now, there will be changes made eventually ^^

Bendy & The Ink Machine © TheMeatly Games

These doodled by me

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*



When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.

Dude, I love how Jacksepticeye talks and reshares his fans post. Scratch that, I love how he’s so active with his fans. It’s really cool, and makes it seem like Jack actually cares and loves all of his fans. Like, Jack could’ve been a greedy person and doesn’t really care about his fans, but he isn’t. It’s nice to know that one of the biggest channels on youtube isn’t just doing this because it’s their job.