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I hadn't watched the ILY/coffin scene in weeks and I just rewatched it again...and practically gave myself a heart attack

I’m not gonna restate what’s we’ve all said a bazillion times, but what I will say is that I am at least as blown away now as I was when watching and rewatching it a couple months back. I just…

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hey hey hey

did you know that russian nationals are taking place right now?  which has interesting implications but setting that aside for now…

Evgenia Medvedeva, Grand Prix Final and Victuuri Champion, skated ofc.  you can watch it here for example, and you should because she’s amazing.  after her skate, as usual, fans threw all sorts of gifts for her.

but what’s this?  she went to the side to get one gift by hand…

hm, interesting.  she seems really happy with it, too…

she couldn’t wait to show her coach

and her coach helpfully showed it off for the camera

i can’t read the little card they’re holding, but someone made Evgenia a Victuuri figure to congratulate her, with heart-mouthed victor, even.

what a world we live in.

For the @mlcalendarproject I got assigned July (my birthday month, actually!)!  

You know what that means…?