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ok but clary being the main character still doesn't explain or excuse why an irrelevant non endgame ship like c/imon got a makeout scene and will get a waking up together and cuddling naked scene that we saw in the fucking teaser (and that will probably be three minutes long) while ma/ec got literally none of that? like i wanna try to stay positive too but we still shouldn't ignore that ma/ec is definitely not treated equally by the writers and show runners and that they need to change that asap

and i realize that!!! trust me if you followed me during 2a, i was not happy w the lack of intimacy shown. but what people are complaining about are them not showing enough malec in the trailers, when these same people were complaining about them showing too much of malec in trailers just a few months ago. and maybe im too positive, but we’re definitely getting a morning malec scene and i know theyve taken in fans frustrations and will work on everything. i just think we all needa chill


So, guys, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably didn’t see the amount of fan-girling I went through roughly 12 hours ago. 

I basically went on fandom cardiac arrest (just ask @jesuisunjardin) xD. Imagine. It’s 11pm, I’m dead tired from the day, then Thomas pops in with FOUR DESIGNS of Adult!Mari and ALL OF THEM HAVE PIXIE-CUTS. There was absolutely NO way I was not going to draw them. 12:30am, I’m now drawing this (n, it couldn’t wait because I have responsibilities). I go to bed at 2am ; u;

I lost sleep for this, regrettably.


For the @mlcalendarproject I got assigned July (my birthday month, actually!)!  

You know what that means…?


Zavala, my favorite Destiny dad. 

Just a warm-up to get me in the groove to work on some cool guardian commissions! I might actually finish this one day, but proably not so I figured I’d post it now haha. 

A fan spotted Jungkook and Jimin sitting together, just the two of them, on a train heading back to Seoul from Busan. She couldn’t comment on their hair colors and stuff (because it could potentially spoil things for their comeback) but she did mention that they looked healthy and were given space by the public.