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@arashikuro @kalix80 That year when “one stopped posting for year” (first Arashi Confession blog that died) is also the same year (2014) when Arashi fans on tumblr were not fighting with each other and were at peace and busy making Arashi dank memes.

So @arashikuro many of us honestly think this confession blog is blasphemy and toxic. So THANK GOD I blocked it.

If I were you guys, just block the blog, remove that pimple out of your screens.

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It sounds like the punchline to a joke: overachiever Taylor Swift arrived 15 minutes early for her own show. Maybe it was logistical but it also seems plausible that she was as eager to see the 65,000 fans in Hyde Park as they were her.

Financial Times

This review (from thy Hyde Park show) brings back a boatload of emotions. I was sitting on the floor with my friend when ‘Feel So Close’ started playing and I was like “That’s weird. That’s meant to be the last song before she comes on but there’s still like 15 minutes until her set time….” then the crowd bunched forward as the song finished because, guess what? She was 15 freaking minutes early for her own set time! Only Taylor would do that.

That day was incredible and I can’t believe it has almost been 2 years since then! 


Welcome to a world without Light.

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my roommate lovingly dubbed this “The Anime Last Supper”

(hope you don’t mind a triple date instead!)