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Billie brought a disabled girl (Rachel) on stage to play guitar tonight, and it’s just the most precious thing

look at them😭😭😭

@t00tsie-p0p and here’s the other! A little note about the ‘not all who wander’ quote - this is by JRR Tolkien who was a medievalist studying Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University. Apparently, Thomas Jefferson was very interested in languages and read lots of Old English! He also travelled broadly and was interested in other cultures, so that’s why I thought the quote suited him quite nicely!

Happy birthday, Billie Joe! ♥

I hope you have an amazing day, not just today, but always. Thanks for the music, the lyrics and the beautiful memories. The world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for still breathing. Happy birthday ♥

as a leftist im no fan of electoral politics and obviously i dont think socialism or a revolution will ever come to us via elected officials but i do think there is some importance, strictly on a local level, of what dependably left progressive officials can do. its rare to get any candidates who will actually stand by promises of raising the minimum wage, creating sanctuary cities etc. but i do think that if we can get those types of people into office it can change stuff a lot on the local level. like i said socialism isnt going to come to us through reforms or a few slightly decent officials in one city but as far as making peoples lives better in the meantime through some reforms and raising class consciousness i do think this particular participation in electoral politics can be worthwhile, especially when the administration is actively trying to fuck stuff up for the working class and immigrants and so on. of course this means working outside of the democratic party since theyre not going to do shit for anyone but idk i just feel like this has some importance given the current political situation

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Because If I did this it was about time I tried to do a young Pritchard too :´)