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I drew Mika! She’s actually @galactibun’s character but I absolutely loved her design and I thought maybe I could give it a try! I hope they see this, I’ve been a big fan of Galactibun since the beginning, and I found it really cool how fast they grew in followers! Their art is so adorable and lovable, and I would love to see more of their art and maybe even get to know them better!

Whoops two black n’ white ones in a row! Pretend they didn’t come after each other.

Will Solace /// Spotify Link

  1. On Melancholy Hill / Gorillaz
  2. Blister In The Sun / Violent Femmes
  3. Stardust / MIKA
  4. Happy Idiot / TV On The Radio
  5. Surfin’ USA / The Beach Boys
  6. Shiny Happy People / R.E.M.
  7. See Me, Feel Me / The Who
  8. Guilt: The Song / Andrew Jackson Jihad
  9. My Medicine / The Pretty Reckless
  10. The Boys Of Summer / The Ataris
  11. Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) / They Might Be Giants
  12. Camisado / Panic! At The Disco
  13. Judas / Lady Gaga
  14. New Noise / Refused
  15. Faith / George Michael
  16. Hands Down / Dashboard Confessional
  17. Kiss / Prince
  18. Dead Friend / Against Me!
  19. The Middle / Jimmy Eat World
  20. Shake It Out / Florence + The Machine
  21. Helicopter / Bloc Party
  22. The Phrase That Pays / The Academy Is…
  23. Relax / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  24. Walking With a Ghost / Tegan and Sara
  25. Mr. Brightside / The Killers

Mika, the main character of the Seduce Me series. Mika is relaxing after the awful Housewarming Party (in the first game). 

Done with microns, prismacolor markers and prismacolor pencils on bristol. Background added in photoshop.

Art © worksomewonder

Mika © Michaela Laws, @thebunnyofevil


Mikayuu haul in the Tokyo event!
No wonder why my wallet was so thin when I left the hall, bought 26 doujinshis and many goods to last me a while ^.^


Why is he Like This