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Not What He Expected-Part 4

This is an A/B/O AU

So here it is, my FIRST A/B/O series featuring Alpha! Dean/ Omega! Reader (not Destiel). I am still a Samgirl to the very core of my being, but I thought it would be fun to try something different for a change.

You meet Dean Winchester in a bar when he attempts to come to your rescue after a drunk Alpha tries to take advantage of you.  He quickly realizes you’re not what he expected.  You’re a very independent Omega who is used to speaking her mind.  He’s all Alpha, but there is just something about you, an attraction that makes him want to know more…….

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I walked out to the hostess station, where Meg was chatting up Dean.  He must have come from work because he was dressed in a mechanic’s uniform, and the sight of him made my mouth water.  As I got closer, his intoxicating scent hit me, and heat pooled in my belly.

Dean’s face lit up when he saw me. “Hey, got some time?” he asked.

“Sure.  You hungry?” 

He grinned.  “For your cooking? Always.”

Meg looked between the two of us, a knowing smile on her face.  “You want a table, Y/N? Somewhere private, maybe?” 

“That would be great, Meg, thanks,” I replied distractedly, still focused on Dean.

Meg led us into a secluded alcove away from the other diners.  She winked at Dean and handed him a menu.  Before she walked away she leaned in and whispered in my ear.  “Wow.  You better grab him quickly before someone else does, Y/N.”

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For You? Always.

Ketch x Reader

Word Count: 299

Warnings: fluff

Written by: Kace

A/N: This is for @sofreddie’s 300 Feels Celebration! We had to pick a SPN character and a feeling, so I chose Ketch with adoration. It also couldn’t exceed 300 words. I literally joined this celebration about an hour ago, but I’ve been wanting to write Ketch for the longest time and I was so excited I just couldn’t wait. I hope you enjoy!

Sneaking around with your brother’s current enemy was complicated. You wanted to support everything they did, they were blood, but that deep English accent just did things to you.

It started off as only sex, but soon enough, you started feeling something more and so did he, even though he never admitted it.

It was the twinkle in his eyes when he stared at you. The way he caressed your face before kissing your lips. You knew it was more.

After a grueling hunt that you and Ketch went on together and successfully sneaking it past Sam and Dean saying you were catching up with a friend a few towns over, you made your way to his sleek car to put your weapons away.

Blood dripped down your neck, staining your shirt. Not knowing whether it was yours or the vampire’s you battled, you let out a long sigh. You were beat up and exhausted, and you honestly couldn’t wait to snuggle into Ketch’s broad chest later that night. Looking up, you noticed him staring at you, smiling slightly.

“Come here,” he mumbled, softly pulling you into a warm, safe hug. You relaxed into his body, knowing you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

It was silent for a while. Your breathing and the birds chirping away in the trees were the only sounds.

Pulling back to look at him, you slightly bit you lip and smiled. “Thank you for saving my ass back there.”

Ketch looked at you with longing, love and adoration and simply said “For you? Always.” He leaned down and brushed his soft lips against yours.

At that moment, you knew this is where you needed to be. You would always be with him. You would always choose him, even if your brothers found out.

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Remus: What part of : “I’m studying, do not bother me.” did not you understand?

James: No, Moony. You said : “disturb me, only in case of extreme emergency”

Remus: And What’s the emergency now?!

Sirius:  Extreme boredom emergency!

Remus: …… I hate you.


ps:this is a special thanks for everyone of you…I passed 1k followers yesterday!! a big thank to everyone who’s supported my art!♥♥♥  that’s so incredible!!you’re incredible! THANK YOU! ♥♥♥


Sombra went for the kill

(I love my Talon Family so much) The day I don’t draw sombra in sarcastic spanish crop tops will be the day of my funeral.

Every second of the day. I swear i will kill everyone