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Best of luck lovelies - Zaza D

You know what's heartwarmingly beautiful is that in canon and fan created world Regina Mills will always have that nagging feeling that she somehow doesn't deserve happiness and it's only Henry and Emma that can get through to her and lead her to believe that she does in fact deserve it

im laughing so hard at the thought of frank zhang being this quiet socially anxious introvert most of the time EXCEPT when he’s in chinese restaurants where he can Yell With a Vengeance

Here is the process! stay tuned today for the final piece ;) I tried to add colours and it just didn’t work, looks too fake. I like it better in black and white, more poetic.

Also, please, something like this needs to happen in season 11 with a teenager William. They deserve it! we deserve it!

Digital drawing, Photoshop CS4. COPYRIGHT by Lunenn.

  • Teacher: I don't think you teenagers understand the influence of internet on our lives and how powerful it is!
  • Me: we do
  • Teacher: how
  • Me: *whispers* mishapocalypse

Every second of the day. I swear i will kill everyone


when you’re a kid at heart but you don’t want to be obvious


does it ever drive u crazy how fast the night changes