I’m not one for words, but how about I show ya’ around?

holy wow what a cutie

basically my headcanons for her is that she travels through dimensions!!

she uses those goggles of hers to travel around and can summon portals with the orbs on her gloves. she’s been doing that since she was a toddler, and she also had that little robot guy of hers since then. she’s stuck constantly frowning and can’t talk, so he shows her emotions and talks for her!!

but she doesn’t talk too much; she just likes to take people on ~~adventures~~ instead


I drew some fanproooooos

#23 and #8 are my absolute favorites (i also like the names given to them by other fans)

my headcanons for #8 are that she’s a fighter and she can shoot fireballs. She’s also really short and skinny and small

headcanons for #23 are that she’s a technician from the future and she rides a hoverboard. Her suit is also made of metal so I changed the arms to fit. Her spirit thing is called #23.5

both were made with watercolor pencils and finetip sharpie (and photographed with a cellphone camera, please excuse shitty quality haha)