FanPro Overarching Headcanon: Factions

[This list will be updated as designs are added.]

See, as I browsed through each of the FanPro blogs, something was gnawing at me.  Everyone seemed to be trying to assign each character a realistic life story, at least, for the characters that looked realistic.

However, if you place one character within a canon in a realistic, modern universe, one seemingly has to do the same with the others.  Seeing designs like 0042, 0016, and 0027 made me realize that there is no way IN HELL that all these character would live in a world “like ours.”  Heck, I don’t even think one of them looks even vaguely normal.

There was another thing I thought was missing:  Plot.  We had a ridiculous amount of characterization but no plot other than “0021 is an antagonist.”

So I decided to go about this in a shounen style and adopted that sort of story structure and right now I have a crude base of a plot.

Mostly, my reasoning is this.  With the shear number of characters FanPro will have, you’re gonna want to divide them up into logical groupings if you want to remember them all.  Secondly, divides in groups cause conflict, and without conflict there is no plot.

And thus, my fellow FanPro fans, I present to you:  The Factions.

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I think the idea of fanpro is really cool!! So I wanted to make something to contribute to it uwu I’m not very good at drawing, but I tried to make something anyway!

I feel like 0017 is a ghost who is really enthusiastic about being one!! She’s really optimistic and tries her best to help new ghosts come to terms with their deaths so that they can happily move on. ^.^