Major Headcanons | Part One
  • #0004 isn’t a robot, but he is artificial. No one knows quite what he’s made of, but his lack of humanity is obvious in the fact his skin is literally white and his blood is actually pink - and not actually blood at all - thus why his blush is normally so pale. This gives him the ability to take a lot of damage without dying (he’s not sure he even can die or even how he works), but he still feels pain just like everybody else.
  • #0004 is the grumpiest grump most of the time but he’s actually sort of lonely underneath. He resents that he can’t remember his past/childhood/name/anything. A part of him suspects he never had one, since his body is artificial, but he hopes that is not the case.
  • The headphones are a constant thing, though they are not actually a part of him - he wears them because he has hyper-focused hearing, and hearing everything at once from long distances bothers him. He feels like he’s constantly eavesdropping and, frankly, he’s not that curious. Also, he likes music.
Fanpro Fic, I guess?

So, in case y'all don’t know, there’s this little thing starting up called Fanpro. It’s basically an attempt to start a fandom with no canon and 1000 characters (though they only have 63 right now). It seems pretty cool to me, so I made a fic about numbers 1-5 (with a cameo from 6-10). It’s been a long while since I’ve written something, so it’s probably crappy, but whatever.

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