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Fanpro Folklore: The Girl of Self-Twisted Tongue

A long time ago, there lived a princess of unimaginable beauty. Many farmers, merchants, and noblemen took a liking to her, which comes to no surprise. The princess lived in mostly solitude in the nearby forest, and any man who could afford a ring would walk to her home and beg the great princess to be their wife.

However, there was a rather big dilemma when they traveled there. As soon as they asked for her hand in marriage, she would speak to them in an odd, unknown language. Confused, the men sought out help from the scholars in town to translate, but none of them could unravel her words. One of her maids confirmed that she will not wed a man who cannot understand her.

One day, a poor boy snuck into the woods to hunt, but game has been difficult to come across lately, and so he had to visit someone’s house and pocket food from them. Surely, it would hurt his pride, but he had little of it to start with, and so he set off. Unknowingly, he managed to sneak into the princess’ home, and he was caught by none other but the princess herself.

“Please,” pleaded the boy, “please do not harm me. I simply come for food, for I haven’t eaten well these past few days, but I shall leave at once, your grace.” The princess tried to respond to the boy and have mercy on him, but alas, he could not understand her.

“My princess,” the boy cried, “I am afraid I cannot understand a word you say. Might you have a book of your language I can read through?” The princess was very surprised to hear this from the boy, as no man has ever asked her this before.

She was impressed by the boy’s willingness, and so she took his hand and led him to a large bookshelf. Underneath, within the slot under its legs, was a large, heavy book. She slid it out and lifted it up to the poor boy, whom would be better suited to handle it. He understood quickly that this was the kind of book he asked for.

It’s unsure how long it took for the boy to study everything, every word and grammatical way, but after a long period of time, he felt he knew enough to be confident in speaking to the princess. During tea, he approached her, and as the princess invites him over in her usual tongue, and the boy inquires, while speaking the language he studied, what his punishment for sneaking into her home would be.

The princess was all too surprised that he finally learned her language, and they began talking over tea together. For many hours, they talked, and they began to very much enjoy each other’s company.

Suddenly, another farmer came by to propose to the princess, and didn’t care for the presence of the poor boy, ignoring him as he went about his business. As he held out the ring he bought, the boy said that he recognized him, and was hoping to gain a job from him. However, the boy was speaking the princess’ language.

The farmer was confused, and irritated. The boy had grown so accustomed to her language that he’d forgotten how to speak normally. The farmer thought that the boy was insulting him, and he drew a dagger in offense. The princess demanded that the farmer leave, and her guards obediently did so.

The poor boy was devastated, learning he could not talk to other people again, and that he would only make enemies. However, the princess takes the boy’s hand and kisses him suddenly. She tells him of his impressive determination to learn her language entirely, and that it was enough to win her heart while they were talking. The boy was surprised, but he accepted her proposal, and they married together, knowing clearly what the other has to say.