fanpro 0112


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Headcanon for Fanpro 0112:

while most fanpros are either quite humanoid or more than half an animal or a static object, 0112 ends up somewhere in the middle. He’s a nice guy, but quite an outsider. He often stick to himself and is a passionate collector - but if you show interest for his collections he’ll gladly show you around. He’s the kind of guy that rather have a few close friends than a big group of acquaintances.

Lineart done in Manga Studio 5

jaffre  asked:

u want more crack ship let's do more crack ship, totes ms sexy long legs and dion, deal with it

  • Name: Ayuka
  • Gender: female
  • General appearance: upper body completely covered in scales till the mid thighs, where the scales begin to get scarce and then it’s just clear skin all the way down, human legs, faun horns hair and tail, silver jewellery, purple eyes, she does have thumbs btw you just can’t see them
  • Personality: very positive, calm and collected, optimistic, idealistic, courageous, quite creative
  • Special talents: dancing and singing, also she has excellent taste in clothes thanks to her mother
  • Who they like better: she gets on easier with MSLL
  • Who they take after more: she takes a lot after both
  • Personal headcannon: she wants to be a Broadway star when she grows up
  • Face Claim: obviously MSLL