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What happened to fandoms stick together? But because you hate the way one actress played her part, or the storyline isn’t “realistic enough,” you decide to go ape-shit and make people regret their choice of book?

First of all, even if you hate Twilight, that’s no excuse to put someone else down for liking it. I’ll say it right now, I love Twilight. I think if you look at it right it’s romantic and the love triangle is stereotypical but actually a good one because both parties have pros and cons for the main character, and a completely different outcome for either one she chooses, and it was never really clear who she would end up with until the final book where she MARRIED one of them and still had feelings for the other.

Second of all, hating on Twilight for the storyline being “unrealistic” is hypocritical. It’s about vampires for Jesus’ sake! I bet Supernatural and Doctor Who are so much more believable! (Don’t get me wrong, I love both those shows too).

Kristen Stewart haters, hating on Twilight because you don’t like the way she portrayed Bella, remember that it wasn’t just her. Remember it’s also directors and screenplay writers for making her character whiny and emotionless. If you see her in some of her other movies like Panic Room or that movie about the board game, she’s an incredible actress!

And the books, whether you like to admit it or not, do have some incredibly writing. The one-liners you pull out of there and make fun of, I could pull the same out of any book you give me. The other characters also have their back stories explained which rarely happens.

Rosalie was raped and when she was changed, she exacted revenge on her fiancée and rapists. Alice was stuck in a mental asylum and forced through shock therapy when her father killed her mother. Emmett was hiking when he was attacked by a grizzly bear. And Jasper was the youngest Major in the confederate army during the civil war.

Now to my important point. I have now had three friends come to me irl, through text, and over tumblr message practically in tears and triggered because they were sent hate for liking Twilight. Blatant hate and death threats about how they were stupid bitches that didn’t have any idea how the world worked and they hoped they all died for liking such a other if excuse of a book. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Just because you don’t like something a large part of the Internet also doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s okay to say hurtful things and attack people for something they like. I’m sure people who don’t like Harry Potter don’t do that. Or Once Upon A Time. And nobody hates on them for liking what they like.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone can like whatever book or movie series they want, even if it’s Twilight. This is not a laughing matter, but something to be taken seriously. Twilight lovers are people too, no matter what you think.