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So, mom just blew my mind by coming up with a headcanon.

I was remembering out loud the scene in GotG when Groot was bemoaning his lost arm after Gamora cut it off, and Rocket told him to stop being a baby because it would just grow back. Mom then pointed out how Rocket wanted that guy’s prosthetic leg as a joke too, and that his apathy over lost limbs is because he himself has been taken apart and put back together and had parts added to him so that now he no longer cares when other people get hurt because it’s already happened to him and he had to pull through it all by himself. Then she basically dropped the mic and walked outside, leaving me to wonder what the heck just happened.

Later I asked and she said it occurred to her because of course my grandma had a leg amputation when mom was eighteen. Rocket’s attitude just seemed natural to her.

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Au!Ruby and Sapphire meet Canon!Garnet

I am trying to clear out some old asks, and old projects this weekend.
I am toying with opening the asks again this weekend.
Don’t make me regret it or I’ll sick Square mom on you.
Also, I think I am getting better at drawing the SU characters.

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Be honest, What are your top favorite ships?

Canon charsx canon
NuttyXSniffles (brotp)
PopXGiggles Mom
Fanon chars x canon

Overwatch: Canon vs Fanon
  • Ana: Mummy ||| Mom that gives everyone and their bf/gf her blessing
  • Bastion: Peaceful killer machine ||| Devil incarnate Stray robot puppy
  • D.Va: Teenaged pro gamer ||| 12-year-old junk-food junkie
  • Genji: Zen cyborg ninja ||| I’m-lovin’-ramen
  • Hanzo: Guilt-wrecked fratricide ||| Borderline alcoholic that is hooked on sake
  • Junkrat: Mentally unstable criminal ||| U fokin’ wot, m8?
  • Lúcio: Famous DJ fighting for social justice ||| One of the kids
  • McCree: Cowboy ||| Save a horse, ride a cowboy
  • Mei: Ethusiastic climatologist ||| Bully magnet
  • Mercy: Compassionate doctor ||| Overworked team mom
  • Pharah: Loyal soldier ||| Gay for the doktor
  • Reaper: Traitorous villain ||| But with a heart of gold
  • Reinhardt: Cheerful valiant giant ||| Granddaddy ILF
  • Roadhog: Sadistic sociopath ||| Tall, stoic, and brooding
  • Soldier: 76: Edgy Captain America Batman ||| The blind 50-year-old twink
  • Symmetra: Perfectionistic Green Lantern ||| Ice queen
  • Torbjörn: Robot-hating robotics engineer ||| Short angry dude
  • Tracer: Fem Dr. Who British time-traveller ||| 12-year-old with ADHD
  • Widowmaker: Cold-blooded sniper ||| French serial seductress, oui?
  • Winston: Super-intelligent gorilla scientist ||| Boring team leader
  • Zarya: Strongwoman turned soldier ||| Do you even lift, bro?
  • Zenyatta: Zen robot monk ||| Zen robot monk with a dick probably

My first foray into The 100, but guys, it’s pretty much the same dynamic as Gadge, only Bellamy (who is very much like Gale) just has one sibling (a baby sister, maybe 8 years younger) and Clarke’s (who is pretty much fanon Madge) mom is the one in political power. They were living on a space station after the earth got nuked, but the station (the Ark) was running out of power so they sent 100 teenage delinquents to Earth to see if it’s habitable (it is, and there are other survivors on Earth called Grounders).  Both Bellamy’s mom and Clarke’s dad were executed (sent out the airlock, aka floated) for treason.  That’s pretty much all you need to know to follow along.  My main reason for writing this fic can be found here.

Clarke woke to someone shaking her shoulder roughly.  Bellamy loomed over her, his brow knitted.  “What?” she asked groggily.  “What’s wrong?”

“Do you really sleep here?”

“Obviously.  What’s wrong?  Someone injured?”


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He was going to kill them. He was going to die of embarrassment, and then he was going to come back and kill them both.

“Tadashi! Tadashi!” His friend tapped his shoulder excitedly, gesturing into the stands. “Isn’t that your Aunt?”

He pointedly looked anywhere but there. “Nope. Couldn’t be. I think she said she couldn’t make it, needed to keep the cafe open today.”

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