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As you may have noticed, we’ve had a sudden surge of shipping confessions lately. There have been so many that we’ve even gotten several messages asking the Admins to consider intervening. Well, we’ve noticed it too.

We know that shipping is important to many people and that it’s a big part of their fandom experience. Objectively speaking, however, the show itself is not about shipping, and we don’t want a single aspect of fanon to encompass a blog that’s meant to cater to all kinds of Supernatural fans.

…but in light of this:

Starting today (2/15/2017) at 8pm EST, we’re going to start a hiatus on all shipping confessions. We’ll run it for 4 weeks, ending at 8pm EST on 3/15/2017.

In an effort to be fair the hiatus will apply to all fanon ships. We don’t want anyone to feel targeted based on their ship, and we don’t want to provide anyone with ammunition for an excuse to be mean to any one group of shippers. That’s not at all the intention of this hiatus. We simply want to interrupt the stream to maintain variety.

In the meantime, you’re still welcome to comment on the actual relationship dynamics happening in canon. If you wanna talk about your thoughts on two characters having interactions on the show, you’re welcome to do so. Just keep it from a not-ship-related basis. Anything shipping confessions we get during hiatus will be deleted.

We appreciate you indulging us on this, and we look forward to all the other confessions you might to share while we take this topic break. Thanks, everyone!

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Here‘s something that has been lowkey bugging me for 4+ years now

Fanon aspect of RWBY fandom is kind of a double-edged sword.

Sure it is cool to see a fandom that actively enjoys the setting enough to immerse themselves into it and create original characters, original pairings, original stories etc. Remnant is a world that relies on the community for it’s existence and Rooster Teeth’s main source of income is the community actually supporting them, so this speaks miles about the strength of the setting that is dear to so many people. Dozens upon dozens of people found it interesting enough to create and imagine things beyond the “canon” story. There are dozens of fanon pairings, pretty much every character with every character has ship name and some sort of fanon fiction - even if those characters never ever met. There are backstories and headcanons for almost every character.

But there’s a downside to that. And the downside is that it is so damn easy to use the existence of fanon to discount the possibilities, implications and pairings within canon. And it does not take long to realize how that happens - after all the most common way to try to “downplay” a pairing is to question its canon status. Its a VERY common problem with homophobic people literally ignoring a pairing existing or claiming “people are just seeing things”.

And that is EXTREMELY easy to do in a community where fanon aspect is so big. Its so easy to discount RT baiting Blake and Yang(AKA the biggest ship in the fanbase), Weiss and Ruby(lately way less than usual, to be fair) or even Neptune and Sun(which the writers love to bait during interviews and stuff almost as much as Blake/Yang). Its so easy to NOT SEE the said baiting and write it off to all the fanon - to the idea that people “got tangled up” in all the fanon being created and mistook that fanon for canon. What’s worse - its easy  for such a line of though to appear to those OUTSIDE of the RWBY fandom, which can easily lead to the issues present in the writing and RT behavior overall being downplayed or taken for “misunderstanding”. 

Hell I already saw arguments in line with that and how “fandom is trying to force a pairing upon the writers”. Which is silly because in reality it is RWBY writers who added all those scenes and clues and subtext for Blake/Yang. Bumbleby fandom did not just somehow “will” it into existence via fanon. Beauty and the Beast references, interactions, THE WHOLE VOLUME 3 FINALE, etc - its all in the show. Its all there. Yet many will use the fanon argument to try to downplay the scenes that already are in the canon.

And then again - whats wrong with writers accepting something fandom wants?  What’s wrong with that? Narrative of any works is fluid. Things change, things develop, writers gain new ideas or change their minds all the time. Usually story is a fluid concept with only certain plotpoints set in stone. Unless there’s some huge plotpoint tied to a romance(which would be stupid in the first place), there’s literally no downside in writers capitalizing on what fandom likes.  After all Korra and Asami chemistry was first noted by the FANS and then writers recognized it and made history.

Yet its so easy to use fanon as an argument, as a defense, as a shield, as a tool. Its so easy for Miles and Kerry(or less tolerant parts of fandom) to hide behind the huge existence of RWBY fanon - it gives fuel when one feels the need to defend against allegations of queerbaiting and it gives an extra defense from negative press due to reasons I outlined above.

And that just leaves me very conflicted.

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Now that you mentioned the joke classes, I remembered that i actually liked your fan-aspects, too (even if you think the canon 12 is all and there's no room for more, I have to admit Heat and Chill were pretty neat in how you imagined them).

to be fair idont think those were mine. ithink they were somebodies who wanted my opinion of them. i think. i canr remember. maybe i made them on the spot as example fanon aspects
anywho yes they were kinda neat huh? i wonder if in the future ill make my own pretend classes or aspects seperate from the canon system, might be fun

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Last night I was trying to fall asleep and suddenly I realized the Wealth relation to rainbows (it was Wealth, right?). It's the leprechaun legend, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. :U

oH okay i get it a bit now, but that appears to be a metaphorical link doesnt it? like people saying you can control metal because you’re a blood player and bonds - chains?

but regardless that’s actually pretty clever even though that could technically fit under light because rainbow is… literally the light spectrum if we go by science owo

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To be honest, I don't think gay baiting is that bad. People do not need canon to enjoy good ships. Besides, it is always fun to leave a little bit of blank for people filling in with their own interpretations. In my opinion, unspecific settings just add more fun to the fanon because people get to add part of their thoughts to the possibilitiy.

Promising gay characters and then being silent about who they’re just to look progressive and get LGBT fans and their $$$ is disgusting. Especially when the small hints of gay chaarcters are… vague, borderline gay jokes.

Also, that’s the kind of bad argument people use to keep homophobic fans play the game, since their open interpretation would be “everyone is straigth”, and yeah, LGBT fans gotta deal with thefandom homophobia due that.

Also, confirming some characters are gay doesn’t stop you from trying to explore other fanon aspects, for example, Blizzard confirmed Symmetra is autistic, does that stop you from headcanoning other characters as such?? No !, so why not confirm the canon gay characters? let say, Lucio is bi!, does that stop me to headcanon the unconfirmed-sexuality of Widow as bi too?? no!! see, you can have canon LGBT characters and that don’t stop you to explore the other characters sexualities.

Also, it’s not like Blizzard havent “hinted” or “joked” about some of the canon characters being already gay without trully confirming it:

And IDK man, but pulling stuff like “look how gay they look” but not confirming they’re gay is… super shitty ,an cruel gay-baiting joke.