Fanon/Alternate Universe Ideas (Bleach/IchiRuki): 42/∞

Inoue’s Bakery is a popular bakery, known for it's ‘interesting’ pastries that many brave souls tend to try, more often and not rushing out to relieve their stomach of their contents.  They do have other more common pastries and dishes, the strange and exotic combiantions are what most people go for.

For Inoue, she is quite content with her business, especially when it comes to conversing and greeting customers finding inspiration and feedback on her new dishes each week/month (although most are too worried to lie to such a sweet girl so she doesn’t really get an honest answer, not that she knows that.), but her latest creation was one inspired by a customer that has caught her interest.

Orange hair as bright as the sun, sharp features and an ever present scowl, Inoue was enarmored and inspired to create her newest pastry ‘orange moon,’ a pastry shaped like a crescent moon filled with custard, carrot cream, and blackberries mixed together with something biting like cayenne pepper and spicy curry all topped with a drizzle of orange syrup.  However, due to the coloring, she found herself renaming it to ‘'black moon’ since the coloring turned to be more of a harder shade, but oh did she hope he tried it and maybe even give her his name!  

And to help the pastry stand out she made another one called ‘’ white sun’ a small rounded donut covered in pink sprinkles, white powder that actually turned out to be finely grinded salt rather than sugar, with the same hot curry blended in with the same concoction she made for her black moon. Only rolled up into the puffy donut pastry.  

With bated breath, Inoue sets her newest pastries on the counter with a bright colorful sign and a little note saying how she was inspired by someone special, and waits for her orange haired knight to walk through the door.

Kurosaki Ichigo finds him frequenting the strange bakery shop on a near daily basis.  He can’t say much for the pastries, opting to buy a croissant or chocolate donut or muffin–any of the more normal baked goods.

He doesn’t notice the look of disappoint on the young woman’s face as he exchanges the money, completely bypassing the new pastries on display.  He even has to fight not to gag as the strong scent of–peppers?  Curry??–assault his olfactory senses as he puts some distance between him and the counter to plop down at an empty table, sipping at his coffee absentmindedly staring at the doors.

No, it wasn’t the food. Or the coffee.  Or the atmosphere.  Or even the distance, this place was actually a bit out of his way and it was by chance he decided to come here one fateful day.

And then the small chime of the bell rang as the true reason he frequented this odd bakery stepped in through the door. 

Kuchiki Rukia loved sweets and loved to start off her morning with something from Inoue’s bakery.  Not only was the baker very kind and sweet, she had the cutest pastries shaped into adorable animals–one in particular was chappy the rabbit.

The taste, however, was not really to her liking.

But she had formed this habit, buying the strange pastry all for the sake of her love of cute things and rabbits, while giving Inoue a kind greeting, noticing how down the young woman looked and her untouched creations sitting at the table.

Understanding and feeling pity, Rukia buys one or each in addition her usual purchase.  Inoue seems to brighten a little and thanks Rukia, eagerly awaiting her to try her pastry, hoping Rukia will praise her as she casts a sidelong glance at the orange haired man seeming to watch them.  

Rukia does not notice that they are being watched, paling when Inoue is encouraging her to try them and now stating she will give them to Rukia free of cost if she will tell her how they are. Rukia quickly recovers and states how she can’t do that and hurt Inoue’s business and she must pay for them and that she’s in a hurry so she can’t possibly eat them at this moment–she wants to enjoy them in a relaxing setting where she can sit down and truly enjoy the favors–then she will let Inoue know!

Inoue looks a bit disappointed and defeatedly smiles with a soft thank you and Rukia feels a jab in her heart.

She supposes she can try one…

Inoue is estatic and Rukia slowly brings the ‘’ black sun’ pastry to her mouth. ?It’s actually runny and the scent of spices mixed with sickly sweet orange is overwhelming her senses.  Tears are already forming as she swallows back bile but scrunches up her face as she trembles and slowly brings it to her mouth as Inoue watches with wide eyes.

Rukia feels someone grab her wrist and she opens her eyes in surprise as a tall orange haired stranger is hovering over her, bringing her hand with the treat to his mouth and taking a large bite.  She hears Inoue gasp in shock while she feels the sticky treat drip down her hand, nearly dropping it as she watches the young mans face.

He is scowling quite hard, his brows furrowed together so deeply they practically touch  and he seems to turn green for a moment.  He looks ready to heave, but hits his chest with a fist before forcing himself to swallow, the color of his face going down with the pastry as he looks deathly pale before looking at Inoue and manages a weak grin before glancing at Rukia.

She is staring at him with wide eyes, gaping and Ichigo suddenly feels like an idiot, although his heart is pounding and he wants to cover with something smooth–but he feels something coming back up and quickly turns to run outside.  He is about to stop at the trash can just outside the shop, but knowing the petite young woman and baker can probably see him, he strides quickly away without looking back.

He makes it around the corner before he heaves, groaning at his stupidity and just how fucking uncool he must look as he bends over emptying his stomach into the gutter.  He takes a drink of his coffee and swirls it around before spitting it out, stumbling back until he hits the wall and places a forearm over his eyes.

So stupid.  Stupid, stupid–

He feels a tissue in his limp hand and he clutches it, wiping his mouth before dropping it.  He hears a huff of irritation before another tissue is placed in his hand and he’s about to grab it when he realizes he doesn’t have tissues and they shouldn’t just magically appear in your hands.

He jerks his forearm from his eyes and looks down to see the petite dark haired woman looking up at him with her sapphire colored eyes, her brows drawn together and a frown adorning her pale face a she is holding a packet of tissues–

And the tissue he just used to wipe the vomit from his mouth.

The young woman is amused as the young man before her stiffens, wondering if it’s healthy or normal to go between extremely pale to glowing red in the face.

After introductions are made and Rukia is thanking him for ‘saving’ her, she tells him how much Inoue was pleased, but Ichigo is too embarrassed and overwhelmed to care as he is finally talking to the girl he’s been visiting that damn bakery for over a month.

And then she’s biting into the bunny shaped pastry, grimacing as she forces herself to swallow.  Amused by her antics, Rukia sees him staring and jokingly offers him to have a bite.

She’s shocked once more when he leans down and takes the offer, biting purposely where she’s just bitten.  Ichigo swallows, too nervous and excited to notice the horrid taste at first, but soon makes a face and frowns, asking why she buys it if she doesn’t seem to like it.

Now it’s Rukia’s turn to blush and she reluctantly admits she just buys it for the novelty although she does feel guilty biting off Such a cute rabbits head…

And Ichigo can’t help but laugh.  And Rukia doesn’t know or realize how rare it is for kurosaki Ichigo to laugh, but she feels warm at the rich sound–

Until he calls her an idiot.  And silently calling himself an idiot because it would have saved them both a lot of trouble if he had just approached her earlier.

He doesn’t expect the kick to the shin when he doesn’t stop laughing, but the power behind her foot effectively does the trick and he’s hopping after her–he’s not swear if it’s to retaliate or apologize.

Rukia and Ichigo end up meeting near Inoue’s shop as he shoves a bag in Rukia’s face before she can enter.  

It’s cute, covered in little strawberries, bright yellow and smells wonderful.  She eyes it warily and Ichigo flushes, brandishing it her more nervously for her to take it.  She does but realizes Ichigo is waiting for her to open it.

Rukia is well aware of Inoue’s gaze from inside the bakery and they head off to the side–back to where they had initially got acquainted as she opens up the bag. 

She gasps then looks up as Ichigo rubs the back of his head awkwardly.  He tells her the favors are more… Sweet and common… Like strawberry and custard and chocolate and other ones his sister rattled off but he can’t remember and he doesn’t know what she likes so he made them all.

Rukia’s eyes are wide and mouth gaping.  How could someone so… She couldn’t think of the word to imagine him in an apron the same style as the bag he had given her while making such adorable rabbit filled pastries was enough to have her giggling.

Ichigo seems to take this as an insult and snaps for her to give it back if she is just going to make fun and makes a grab for it but she snatches it away, causing him to reach around her, putting his body closely to hers as he struggles to take the bag back.

Rukia is finally able to stop her laughter as Ichigo has his arms around her, hands clutching at her hands as she smiles at him brightly and thanks him.

Ichigo flushes and quickly backs away, hands in his pockets and face turned away as he grunts something unintelligible.

It becomes a routine, as they share their homemade pastries–though they realize it is better to change their meeting spot, much to Inoue’s disappointment.  They do wave to her and greet her, just much less frequently as they had before and Inoue comes to accept that the orange haired knight was not her knight after all.

At least she has a nice young man with glasses who seems more than happy to encourage and taste her new recipes.

As for Ichigo, he’s surprised to find Rukia is actually an accomplished cook herself as she uses Ichigo as her own guinea pig for her own recipes.  He’s a harsh critic but Rukia can see he truly enjoys her cooking and he can be honest with her.

They’ve also tried their own versions of Inoue’s black moon white sun pastries, although they decided to rename them black sun and white moon, combining them into a swirled mixture that has different tastes that completely compliment each other.  After all, if it weren’t for Inoue’s abhorrent pastry, they would never have met.

yo i think a thing has gotta be said

im seeing this in just about every fandom ive ever dipped my toes in and just


there is nothing wrong with canonly cis characters

there is nothing wrong with canonly white characters

there is nothing wrong with canonly straight characters

there is nothing wrong with canonly abled characters

there is nothing wrong with not writing/drawing characters with more diverse traits than they were given in canon because you want to stick with you know, canon traits because that makes that character them to you

you do not have to feel pressured to diverge from canon

you do not have to try and make your art/fics/posts the magic school bus if you don’t want to because you decide you want to draw LOTR characters as they are in the movies, which is as all white people

that does not make you racist

erasure would make you racist if they were poc

following canon does not

BUT if someone wants to headcanon that character as not any of the above, that’s fine too. good for them. i mean. come on. this is fandom. this is inherently petty and y’all got your panties in massive knots over imaginary people

no one is gonna be angry about Draco Malfoy being a cishet white guy because that’s what we’re given in canon

i mean yeah some people are overly aggressive about their divergent headcanons, particularly with characters who are ambiguous on some levels of demographics, but if there’s no concrete proof that someone is bi you don’t gotta feel pressured to make Draco bi, that’s their headcanon, and not yours

characters in fandom become coloring books and self inserts and devoid of anything people didn’t like in canon, and for better or for worse that’s just how it is, like i enjoy a lot of poc headcanoning of explicit/implied white characters

but i aint gonna shit on your day if you draw canonly white people as white

don’t be pressured against canon if you don’t want to be just do your own thing whatever it is and leave people be unless they’re actively harassing you


On this day, 52 years ago, Frantz Fanon passed away. A psychiatrist, Pan-Africanist, writer, and revolutionary, he was born in Martinique in 1925. In 1952 he published “Black Skin, White Masks,” which exposed the negative effects of colonization on the mental state of subjugated people. As a psychiatrist in Algeria, he joined the FLN (National Liberation Front), which waged a war of independence against France. In 1961, Fanon published The Wretched of the Earth, a book on decolonization that has remained a classic and has influenced revolutionaries the world over, including Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Che Guevara, and Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness movement. Fanon died in Maryland, where he had sought treatment for leukemia, and was buried in Algeria.

Photo Credit: NYPL

what uuuup narusaku family! I’m back and I forgot how to use filters and redo mistakes ups

this is just a little sth I did as a return sign :) I’ll give my best next time when drawing our otp C:

My character does not have much canon information about them, but there’s one or two widely accepted fanon ‘facts’ that I don’t accept or include into my portrayal. It get’s very annoying having every rper or anon always referring to those fanons when i clearly state on my page that I don’t accept them.

Jupiter Ascending: The Problem of Ideology

One of the most interesting aspects of Jupiter Ascending is how it builds an entire society and class system from the ground up. Even more than that, it’s fascinating to contemplate how that system - which, to us and Jupiter, is so blatantly repugnant - is taken entirely for granted by almost every character.

Take the Aegis, for example; why do they help Jupiter? The answer is simple - they help her because she is entitled to protection under law. Stinger and Caine (initially, at least) help Jupiter for the same reason - they both unquestioningly consider her to be entitled to their protection and help her on account of her genome. Stinger’s words to Jupiter (”it’s not what you do, it’s who you are”) are very telling - to him, who she is as a person is entirely irrelevant; she only matters on account of her genes.

In other words, all of the nominally ‘good’ characters help Jupiter purely on account of the prevailing system. This is the same system that uses genes to determine worth. The same system that considers it permissible to commit global genocide in order to extend the lives of those who can afford it.

If anything, Jupiter Ascending is perhaps too subtle with this. The system is clearly completely entrenched, and its validity is only ever doubted by one character who (presumably) grew up with it - the big bad. Balem is endlessly extolling the virtues of the prevailing system, yes, but he’s the only character who ever appears to be truly uncertain of it. When he meets Jupiter for the first time, you can tell that his beliefs are crumbling - she is living proof of the inherent ridiculousness and horror of the system. He appreciates that entirely too well, and is shaken and disturbed. He needs to destroy Jupiter in order to destroy his doubts

Caine clearly has issues with the system (his problem with authority, his attack on the entitled, etc.) but they are never clearly articulated and he is generally shown to operate within the existing legal and institutional framework. He never forgets Jupiter’s royal status, even in the final scene - while he can now relate to her on a more equal footing, he still considers her to be set above him because of her genome.

It’s unusual for a film to do this, since evil is generally personified - there is normally a big bad or a solid entity that can be destroyed to solve everything and restore order to the universe. Jupiter Ascending forgoes that, and it was brave to do so - in reality, you cannot destroy an ideology with an isolated victory or a single act of destruction. Even if Jupiter were to kill Kalique and Titus, that would solve nothing; the evil lies in what people - even the seemingly good people - believe rather than the people themselves.

What are your thoughts on this? Were you conscious of the Aegis and the other ‘good’ characters as (perhaps unconscious) supporters of the system?

A really messy, quick doodle I did of Fluttershy and Applejack based off of that RariTwi AU. Please forgive any inconsistancies in this one; I needed the practice on perspective (‘cause my goodness I’m rusty) so it may look a bit weird here and there, buuuuuuuut it’s practice so whatevs. Regardless, I kinda like how it came out. C:

So this particular image is of Fluttershy hiding underneath Applejack, fearful of something off screen (perhaps a jerkass royal or something). Applejack is unimpressed by whatever scared poor Fluttershy, and she leans down to reassure the pegasus that she’s well protected. Whatever frightened Fluttershy better hope AJ’s in a good mood is all I’m sayin’. o3o

Uhhhh…. I don’t have much to say other than that, I think, however I think this is the perfect messy doodlesketch thing for you guys to try and write a snippet for! So the prompt: write a snippet or short fic based off of this sketch. Or, you know. Don’t. And leave me hangin’ again. >:/

Okay, but in all seriousness, if you have any questions feel free to ask.  And thanks for putting up with my messy sketches thus far! 8D

It truly baffles me that most people in this fandom don’t know the difference between headcanon, fanon and canon.

Headcanon: Used by followers of various media of entertainment, such as television shows, movies, books, etc. to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual, and as such is adopted as a sort of “personal canon”. Headcanon may be upgraded to canon if it is incorporated into the program or story’s universe.

Fanon: A term used in fanfiction to describe commonly accepted ideas among authors even if they are not actually expressed in the canon work.

Canon: Another word for official. Used quite often in fan fiction to differentiate between the official storyline in which the fan fiction is based on.