yo i think a thing has gotta be said

im seeing this in just about every fandom ive ever dipped my toes in and just


there is nothing wrong with canonly cis characters

there is nothing wrong with canonly white characters

there is nothing wrong with canonly straight characters

there is nothing wrong with canonly abled characters

there is nothing wrong with not writing/drawing characters with more diverse traits than they were given in canon because you want to stick with you know, canon traits because that makes that character them to you

you do not have to feel pressured to diverge from canon

you do not have to try and make your art/fics/posts the magic school bus if you don’t want to because you decide you want to draw LOTR characters as they are in the movies, which is as all white people

that does not make you racist

erasure would make you racist if they were poc

following canon does not

BUT if someone wants to headcanon that character as not any of the above, that’s fine too. good for them. i mean. come on. this is fandom. this is inherently petty and y’all got your panties in massive knots over imaginary people

no one is gonna be angry about Draco Malfoy being a cishet white guy because that’s what we’re given in canon

i mean yeah some people are overly aggressive about their divergent headcanons, particularly with characters who are ambiguous on some levels of demographics, but if there’s no concrete proof that someone is bi you don’t gotta feel pressured to make Draco bi, that’s their headcanon, and not yours

characters in fandom become coloring books and self inserts and devoid of anything people didn’t like in canon, and for better or for worse that’s just how it is, like i enjoy a lot of poc headcanoning of explicit/implied white characters

but i aint gonna shit on your day if you draw canonly white people as white

don’t be pressured against canon if you don’t want to be just do your own thing whatever it is and leave people be unless they’re actively harassing you


Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe. It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a monster, in which the taints, the sickness, and the inhumanity of Europe have grown to appalling dimensions.
—  Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

On this day, 52 years ago, Frantz Fanon passed away. A psychiatrist, Pan-Africanist, writer, and revolutionary, he was born in Martinique in 1925. In 1952 he published “Black Skin, White Masks,” which exposed the negative effects of colonization on the mental state of subjugated people. As a psychiatrist in Algeria, he joined the FLN (National Liberation Front), which waged a war of independence against France. In 1961, Fanon published The Wretched of the Earth, a book on decolonization that has remained a classic and has influenced revolutionaries the world over, including Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Che Guevara, and Steve Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness movement. Fanon died in Maryland, where he had sought treatment for leukemia, and was buried in Algeria.

Photo Credit: NYPL

what uuuup narusaku family! I’m back and I forgot how to use filters and redo mistakes ups

this is just a little sth I did as a return sign :) I’ll give my best next time when drawing our otp C: