Ep.1 Wholock
  • Ep.1 Wholock
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IT IS FINISHED!!! 4 DAYS OF WORK DONE! The First episode of Welcome to Fandomstuck! I am soooo sorry that the sound is horrible.

==> Transcript <==

Still using my phone but i hope i'l get a new mic soon! I hope! 

I made this about Wholock Fandom because they like a lot of my stuff all the time and i never talk to them or thank them or draw something back but i wanted to show my appreciation for their steadiness on my blog. 

We should start a RP Wholock! ^ . ^

Now some credits being that i didn’t put an outer. (that was gonna take too long)

I do not own “Welcome to Night Vale” or any of Disperiton’s Music

Songs played were

L  no Nakama from Death Note ost

Search Mode for Trinity blood ost

(Off) Peper Steak Remix

The Weather was “My Manic and I” by Laura Marling

Fandom’s Mentioned: 

Wholock Fandom

Desert Bluffs Fandom

Male-Hetastuck Fandom

The Shield Fandom


Blues Clues Fandom/ Lucky Star

Fandomstuck List 2

South  Park Fandom