Fanny Brate - A Day of Celebration [1902] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Fanny Brate (Stockholm, February 28, 1861 - April 22, 1940) was a Swedish painter. Fanny Brate’s paintings influenced Carl Larsson, and her work is seen as the inspiration for his watercolours of idyllic family life. After her marriage, she was forced to give up painting, but continued her involvement in the Swedish art world as a patron for other artists. Brate became a member of Svenska Konstnärernas Förening (the Swedish artists’ association) in 1891. The National Museum held a memorial exhibition of her collected works in 1943, where 126 works were displayed. She painted both in oil and watercolours. Her work has significant cultural heritage value in its depiction of Swedish nineteenth century Bourgeoisie life. 

 [Nationalmuseum, Stockholm - Oil on canvas, 88 x 110 cm]