fanny wacklin nilsson


My submission for ISTD, International Society of Typographic Designers’ student competition. The book is containing two narratives, bound back to back, upside down. One is about Ben Barker, a passionate and dedicated community volunteer meanwhile the other one contextualises his work by being an investigation into the Big Society initiative. 


Guerilla campaign. I am currently working on a project about overfishing in the EU. Researching the current situation of the oceans I have looked into which kinds of fish that are better to buy than others with an environmental perspective. I decided to make labels that should be stuck on fish packaging in shops. The “anti” labels are screenprinted in bright colours meanwhile the ones promoting sustainable fish are digitally printed to make a clear distinction between the two. Was quite fun being all sneaky and placing them on fish in the supermarket. Luckily no one caught me. 


A short film I have made about overfishing in the European Union and some of the current issues that we are facing. I want to highlight the fact that we as EU citizens are partly responsible for what is going on below sea levels and the decision being made by EU’s politicians. 

Please visit the more informative website that I have made containing links and more info about the problem as well as things that you, as a consumer and citizen can do.