fanny rabbit



Fanny was Oswald’s first love interest, but stopped appearing in shorts after All Wet. This was never explained in-universe.

In Wasteland:

(warning: rant)

It would have been a huge mistake if they had picked her over Ortensia like they were originally planning for Epic Mickey.

Yeah, they were going to put in the girl who only appeared in a few shorts before they presumably broke up over the girl Oswald stuck with, EVEN AFTER WALT HAD LEFT. 

And a lot of Oswald fans like to say it was a mutual break up, and that nothing big happened…I disagree.

Fanny does not treat Oswald well in the shorts. I’m sorry, but outside of Great Guns she treats him poorly.

In Oh Teacher, her first FORMAL introduction, she leaves him for another guy, and only goes back to him after believing Oswald beat up the other guy.

In All Wet, she flirts with him until he closes down his stand to go talk to her, and then turns her nose up at him (as seen in one of the images), and begins gawking at the nearest lifeguard, but when Oswald pretends to be the lifeguard, suddenly she’s into him, and trying to flirt with him again! And don’t give me “she was playing hard to get” because I don’t believe it.

No, I think they had a rough break up. I think either Fanny left him for someone else, or Oswald got sick of how she treated him. And I think it would show.

I’m sorry, this is probably an unpopular opinion, I’ve seen a lot of fan art of Fanny and Ortensia getting along, and even of Fanny and Oswald still being together, but I highly disagree with them.


Who is Orentsia? She’s Oswald’s wife in the disney canon world.

She’s a cat~

  • Ortensia is the oldest female Disney character that is still being used to this day, surpassing even Minnie Mouse. 
  • She replaces Fanny, whom was a much more “Sexual” rabbit
  • Since Fanny lost her hat in her first appearance and never found it Ortensia had her first appearance without a hat and was added it later in the cartoon Sky Scrappers.
  • Orentsia is most famous because of Epic Mickey.
  • She and Oswald have 420 Bunny children