fanny packed

gray areas and expectations

Title is from ‘TALK ME DOWN’ by Troye Sivan, and the fic is based off of the song.

Summary: Richie loves Eddie and Eddie doesn’t want to love him back.

Word Count: 922

Warning(s): internalized homophobia (?), angst, implied suicide attempt, just,,, generally sad stuff.

Please don’t read this if you’re sensitive to these topics!!

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I’m with the band - Stenbrough AU

Here I am with an ACTUAL FIC OMG!!! anyway this is stenbrough meeting au at a concert because I’m a sucker for night life meeting stenbrough, apparently. 

( @trashmoutheds look i actually wrote something) 

Words - 0.9k

Warnings - swearing, mentions of injury and blood

Stan stood by the bar, holding his first drink of the night, still, and watching the local band play on the stage. He didn’t come to see the band, rather he was here to wallow in self pity with a drink or two, and the rowdy band turned up.

They were loud, brash and played really, really well - Stan was annoyed to admit this, but they’d actually improved his night a bit. 

‘Alright, lads and ladies!’ Shouted the bold voice of the singer and guitarist, ‘Here’s one to go fucking mad to!’

Stan rolled his eyes as he felt a headache at the back of his eyes, but as soon as the music had began, he felt compelled to go forwards into the sea of people jumping madly - it couldn’t be too bad, right?

So Stan edged his way into the audience, trying to make his way to the front. He’d rather his head hurt from loud music rather than a hangover, after all. 

Stan was not disappointed by what he found. The bass was making the floor beneath his feet vibrate, and made the hairs on his neck stand on edge.

Stanley Uris let lose. He’d been to his fair share of concerts, sure, but never one as reserved as this local one. He’d never really been to a punk concert either. He supposed this one wasn’t too bad, and was glad it was his first proper one.

As he lost himself in the people around him, he felt a sharp pain in the bridge of his nose and stopped as soon as he’d started, gripping his nose and wincing at the blood. 

‘S-shit! I’m s-s-sorry, that was an a-accident,’ spoke a voice to his left, a hand resting on his shoulder and guiding him towards the toilets.

Stan was confused. His eyes were glued shut so he didn’t have to look at the blood trickling down his face, but he assumed the stranger guiding him was the one who’d delivered the elbow to his face.

‘Where are we going?’ He asked, voice muffled from the hand cupping his face.

‘T-toilets are t-taken, so m-my car,’


‘I’m g-g-going to clean you u-up. I h-have m-my friend’s f-f-first aid,’

Stan sighed in relief at that statement. At least he’d be clean.

He let himself be guided by the stranger, finally opening his eyes once he felt the nighttime air hit his face.

He saw the stars in the sky twinkling, and heard the rustle of leaves in the wind. He could taste the metallic tang of blood, but most importantly, he saw a literal angel.

The boy who had lead him out was easily six-foot-four, towering over Stan’s five-foot-eight. He had red hair that fell to the right hand side, and the most piercing blue eyes Stan had ever seen. He wore a flannel and ripped jeans, but what caught Stan’s attention the most was his The Cure shirt.

He was beautiful. 


Stan was knocked out of his evaluation of the boy as he spoke up.


‘I-I’m B-B-Bill Denb-brough. I-I’m sorry,’ 

Bill. Bill and Stan. Stan and Bill. 

‘Stanley Uris, and it’s fine! It was my first time doing that, so,’ 

Bill stifled a laugh and patted the bonnet of his car, indicating where Stan should sit. He warned Stan that it might hurt, but Stan just nodded, fixated on Bill’s concentrated face. 

He wiped away all the blood and disinfected the cut on Stan’s face from his metal button colliding with him. 

After cleaning up the curly haired boy on his car, Bill climbed on to the bonnet and sat with him. He shifted closer to Stan, making the smaller boy blush, and his fingers tingle.

‘S-So, Stan. W-What made you g-g-go in the p-pit?’ 

Stan looked back at Bill, face slack.

‘That was a pit? I went in a pit? And got injured?’

Bill nodded in response, humming a confirmation too.

Stan just laughed. Into the night air, he laughed. He let loose all the stress that had consumed him for the past few weeks, and heard the songbird laugh of Bill behind him. 

The two boys remained on Bill’s car, too content to return inside the bar, despite it being Bill’s best friend’s band. They talked about themselves, family, friends, music and everything in between. 

And were only interrupted when the band who had been playing came out. 

‘OHHHH BIG BILL, WOULD THIS BE THE REASON YOU LEFT OUR GIG?’ shouted the one with coke bottle glasses and unruly curls.

‘Shut up, Richie. We’re gay, too’ deadpanned the small boy with a fanny pack, carrying a bass case with the taller boy’s leather jacket hung over his shoulders.

Stan sat up on Bill’s car, confusion and pain from earlier fogging his brain and making all coherent thoughts disappear. 

He looked at his wrist watch and saw it was late, and he should be getting home. He jumped off the car, and walked to Bill. 

‘Bye, Bill. It was nice to meet you,’

‘B-Bye Stan,’ 

Stan leant up on his toes and kissed Bill’s cheek, feeling the skin beneath his lips flush up. He grabbed a pen out of his pocket and, feeling brave, wrote his number on Bill’s hand.

With that, he walked out to his own car, hearing cheers behind him and a soft feminine voice shout ‘Go get ‘em, Bill!’

He smiled to himself and began his car.

Punk bands were his new favourite, he decided. 

My favorite things from It (2017) in no particular order:

  • Eddie’s 2nd fanny pack
  • Beverly Bad Ass Marsh jumping off a cliff in slow motion as Ritchie Tozier shouts “what the fuck”
  • every f bomb the kids dropped
  • “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp.” “Still is! Am I right, boys?”
  • Georgie’s savage death (that shit was brutal)
  • Bill’s love and dedication to Georgie (as an older sibling that shit had me emoaf)
  • “Go blow your dad, you mullet wearing asshole!”
  • that scene w/ Beverly and her dad, am I right?
  • L O S V E R
  • actual angel Ben
  • huge Pennywise (I was SHOOK)
  • “They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!!”
  • Henry Bowers getting fucking Rekt!!!!!!! I stan Mike Hanlon
  • Stan setting his bike on the kickstand
  • Molly Ringwald
  • “No, Richie, she wasn’t hot!”
  • Richie and the horn thing (sorry idk musical instruments that well)
  • the rock war and the immediate head injury skdfkdfka
  • The NKOTB poster
  • “I hate you”….. *grins*
  • Pennywise unfolding himself from the fridge (Shook 2.0)
  • Pennywise’s full fucking offense to Bill saying “it’s not real”
  • the bathroom scene w/ Beverly
  • Richie never shutting up about his dick
  • idk man honestly everything Eddie and Richie said
  • all the jokes about Eddie’s mom
  • Eddie standing up to his mom
  • blood oaths and gentle kisses
  • Richie Mother Fucking Tozier and his baseball bat “I’m angry at you because now I have to kill this fucking clown.” HELL FUCKING YEAH!! DAS MY BOI!!!
Best Comedic Moments of IT (2017)
  • “Best feeling ever!” “Really? Try tickling your pickle for the first time”
  • New kid on the block Ben listening to New Kids on the Block (And making references to their songs and hanging up a poster that he tries to hide)
  • Bill trying to come up with a lie to Eddie’s mom about where they’re going and he goes “I got a new uhhhhh” and then Richie jumps in “A new croquet set!" 
  • Eddie going to kiss his mom goodbye and Richie going "Do you want one from me too Mrs. K?” as Eddie pushes him out the door
  • Pennywise calling Ben “Egg boy”
  • When they found Betty Ripson’s shoe in the sewers and Richie goes “How do you think Betty feels? Running around these tunnels with only one freaking shoe” while hopping up and down with one foot in the air 
  • “It’s in my second fanny pack” “Why do you have two fanny packs?!" 
  • When Eddie is dressing Ben’s cuts from Henry and Richie goes "You have to suck the wound before you apply the bandage, this is 101!” and Eddie just flat out replies “You don’t know what you’re talking about”
  • “The list is longer than my wang!” “That’s not saying much” Stan freaking roasting Richie 
  • The beautiful aesthetic shot of Bev jumping off the cliff with this soft pretty music playing in the background as Richie screams “WHAT THE FUCK”
  • Ben asking if they want to see more of his research about the missing kids and the history of Derry and Eddie violently shaking his head 
  • “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp” “Still is AM I RIGHT BOYS?” Richie going for a high five and getting REJECTED 
  • When Richie is put on lookout outside Bev’s apartment and asks “What if her dad comes back?” and Stan is just DONE and goes “Do what you always do: Start talking!" 
  • "Trash the trashmouth!" 
  • "The sink went all Eddie’s mom’s vagina”
  • When they’re all talking about their experiences with IT and Richie goes “Wait can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I’m not seeing this shit?" 
  • When the losers saw Mike’s bike and all ran to help immediately and Stan took the extra three seconds to kick his bike stand down 
  • Richie yelling "ROCK WAR” and immediately getting hit in the face 
  • Richie trying to steal and play the horn from the marching band guy in the background during a serious scene 
  • “I saw a leper…… It was like a walking infection”
  • When Stan brings up the woman that IT transformed into for him and Richie just goes “Is she hot?”
  • When Bill asked who wants to stay out of Neibolt House to keep watch and everyone raised their hands (“Fuck” -Richie) 
  • “Can’t believe I pulled the short straw. You guys are lucky we’re not measuring dicks" 
  • Pennywise saying "Beep beep Richie” immediately before attacking him 
  • 3 doors labeled “Very scary” “Scary” and “Not scary at all” with Bill and Richie looking directly at each other before running to “Not scary at all”
  • After Eddie broke his arm and Richie went “I’m gonna snap it back into place!” and Eddie just yelled “Do not fucking touch me!”
  • “Who invited Molly Ringwald?”
  • When Richie yelled that Ben was leaking Hamburger Helper
  • “See that guy I’m hitting? I’m pretending it’s you” Richie while playing the arcade game when Bill came to talk to him after their fight 
  • When Eddie went to confront his mom about his meds being placebos “THEY’RE GAZEBOS! THEY’RE BULLSHIT!”
  • Richie trying to break the bottle against the railing so he has a weapon but then the entire thing just shattered
  • Pennywise’s weirdass dance 
  • “And now I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown!” END MY LIFE BEST MOMENT OF THE MOVIE
  • “I know what I’m doing for my summer experience essay” Richie right after the final confrontation with IT
Just a reminder

Werewolves wearing fanny packs.

The image refuses to leave my brain, so I must once again inflict it on you all.

Canvas fanny packs, faux-leather, horrible 90s neon.  ALL the Fanny Packs, worn by giant wolf monsters.  Dire Wolf Beasts the size of motocycles with sparkly pink glitter fanny packs wrapped around them.  Mighty warriors digging through camo-fanny packs for a snack.

Werewolves with fanny packs.