fanny fiat


The gorgeous Fanny Fiat, shamelessly underused dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet. She never got promoted to premier danseuse, although she had the grace, stage presence and immaculate rock solid french technique for it. In 2009 she was fed up and left to join a contemporary dance company.

ph. Icare and Sébastien Mathé (Variations from Lifar’s Les Mirages, Robbins’ Four Seasons, Nureyev’s Romeo and Juliet and Petit’s Clavigo)


Marie-Agnès Gillot, Diana Vishneva and Emmanuel Thibault in Balanchine’s Rubies. With Myriam Ould-Braham, Fanny Fiat and Mathilde Froustey in the corps de ballet.

This is a bootleg video but it is filmed so well its even better than the official dvd release. Its in full HD (Lacroix’ costumes are GORGEOUS) and the whole stage is visible. And what an incredible interpretation it is!!! The only other companies I’ve seen this perform are Russian ones and their rendering of this piece is problematic to say the least. Because of the emphasis on the footwork it often comes across as weak and cautious when the Russians do it, almost as if they are afraid to fall off pointe if they are not careful. The French however with their legs made of steel have no problem with the choreography at all, every step is done with precise and controlled force following Stravinsky’s score effortlessly. Vishneva is carelessly playful in her solos, Thibault is a joy to watch (as always) and Gillot is especially vigorous as the Tall Ballerina. Ould-Braham, Froustey and Fiat are true gems among the corps. The men are amazing too with razor sharp footwork and phrasing, I don’t recognise any of them though….

Make sure you watch/download it before its taken down!