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“Graham and Hannibal are television’s twisted star-crossed lovers and there’s not a day that goes by where we won’t hope to see them again for a fourth season.” -The 25 Best TV Love Stories of The Last 25 Years, @indiewire

Hannibal Signing 07.12.15 (SDCC 2015)

I wasn’t able to attend the Hannibal signing yesterday, so I sent ordinaryink in my stead. By her account, Fuller’s face simply exploded when she pulled out my art. He immediately called Dancy over to look and Hugh responded, “Oh wow,” and proceeded to note the art style. Then to top it all off, Martha De Laurentiis correctly pointed out all the embedded symbolism. THEY GOT IT. THEY REALLY GOT IT *happy artist tear*

Endless thanks to ordinaryink for getting it signed, and to Megan, the wonderful Fannibal who captured the moment on camera.



Thank you all for all of your patience, but I think it will be worth the wait!!!!!!! The videos everyone sent are so incredibly touching and beautiful, it’ll definitely leave you teary eyed!!!!! 

This awesome version is the FULL version, which means every word that anyone sent is included!!!! It views almost like a fannibal documentary of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also find the bite sized version here:

P.S. Please if we missed you, let us know RIGHT AWAY!!!!! We tried our best to check and double check but there were ALL OF THE VIDS <3 *hugs* We promise, any missing clips are just a mistake!!!! 

hey folks! this is your friendly neighborhood cannibal fannibal with a fic rec list that are all nsfw lmao

A Melodic Affair by VesperNexus [Word Count: 5,289]

Hannibal attempts to teach Will how to play the piano. Instead, he teaches him something else entirely. The result, he finds, is infinitely more satisfying.

Brothers by eatthebunny [Word Count: 25,470]

Will and Hannibal are new lovers. Will never knew Hannibal had a twin brother.

I’m Your Favorite Drug by TimmyJayBird [Word Count: 55,854]

Dragged one night by his close friend Alana to one of Baltimore’s top strip clubs, Hannibal Lecter is convinced he will experience the worst night of his life, that is until he sees an oddly alluring boy across the room, and finds infatuation can quickly worm it’s way under his skin. But can he teach this young man, Will, how to embrace such attraction, and open him up to a whole new world of experiences that perhaps Hannibal had not even been braced for?

My Lord by the_heart_and_the_brain [Word Count: 2,554]

MadforMads wanted medieval King Hannibal, English Prince Will and stockings…how could I refuse?

Society Rules, Not Always Justified by WarriorOmen [Word Count: 2,315]

“Do you have daddy issues?” Hannibal asked, with the same calm tone he might voice to the weather, or some other mundane thing that did not hold the same connotations as “daddy issues.”

Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy by A_M_Kelley [Word Count: 4,114]

Will’s session with Hannibal seems to go from tense to awkward as they discuss Will’s supposed daddy issues with Jack all the way to Hannibal exploiting the fact that Will secretly wears women’s underwear.

The First Heat by telera [Word Count: 7,755]

Teenager!omega!Will has his first heat and teenager!alpha!Hannibal gives him a hand.

Tearaways and Ties by xisney [Word Count: 3,194]

Hannibal AU where Will is a stripper who broke his ankle and Hannibal is the physiotherapist who helped him back onto his feet. This is just about them smooching though let’s be honest.

Unwillingly Mine by coloursflyaway [Word Count: 4,719]

Hannibal answers Will in the catacombs. And by answering, I mean that he fucks him mercilessly against one of those pillars.

#WhatHannibalMeans Video Project!!!

What: A video project in answer to Demore’s question at RDC3 - “What does Hannibal mean to you?”

How to Participate: Send along a video clip (30s or so) discussing what Hannibal means to you! You can also send a scan of a letter or text that we can show as an image!!!! Please also send a separate clip of you saying “Thank you!” (in your native tongue!!!) that we can show at the end of the video!!! Send us the name you’d like included if you want that to be shown! 

Language: We are a worldwide fandom, please use whatever language you are most comfortable with!!! If you wanted to include a translation we could show so the cast/crew can understand, that would be awesome!!!! 

Email: Email submissions to by April 1st! 

Questions: Message this blog, @tyskerrie or @the-winnowing-wind <3 See longer post here:

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