I’ve finally written up the details for my Fannibal Dinner Party Finale!  As you may recall, the theme was to throw an all-out dinner party.  I spent all week cooking for this one. 

Please check out the write-up and recipes on my cooking blog HERE!

I had SO much fun working on this project. I will write about my experience and what I’ve learned in a future post very soon.  After I emotionally recover from the finale. :P  BECAUSE SERIOUSLY


HAPPY FANNIBAL FRIDAY!  You can find my write-up for my osso bucco dinner HERE!  Don’t forget to share what you had for dinner using #fannibaldinnerparty! 

Here’s the basic breakdown:

  • Appetizer (Hassun-style): Asparagus with Miso Butter, Fish Sauce Brussels Sprouts, and Snap Pea and Radish Salad with Horseradish
  • Entree: Osso bucco using Pork Shank (Hannibal’s recipe card referenced) with Mushroom Cauliflower Risotto and Gremolata
  • Dessert: Chestnut Cream and Blackberries with Creme Fraiche

What did you have for dinner tonight?



Hey Fannibals!  @dahllm here.  Hope everybody enjoyed the Hannibal season 2 premiere on Friday!  I definitely did - I’ve been looking forward to cooking for this for months.  I decided to go with the suggested Japanese theme and mostly along the lines of the recipes I suggested earlier this week.  The whole menu ended up being seafood-based, so it’s pretty healthy.  We enjoyed five courses total.  Here’s some information on each!

Appetizer: Tuna Tartare

  • Yellowfin tuna from The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market, NYC
  • Mixed with sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic chives and capers. Topped with avocado preserved with yuzu juice (to prevent browning and for flavor).
  • Seasoned with sliced green onions and fried shallots. 
  • Fresh pea shoots, creme fraiche and fresh salmon roe on the side. I added freshly deep-fried shallots (mmm) and a 5:10 soft-boiled egg after I took the picture.
  • Recipe based off of No Recipe’s Tuna Tartare with Yuzu Gelee

Soup: Asari Miso Soup (miso soup with steamed clams)

  • Recipe from the cookbook Shiro, written by the owner of a very beloved sushi restaurant in Seattle
  • For the stock base, I used the fish head and bones I had from my entree. It didn’t really make a noticeable difference, though, so I added some dashi stock.
  • I think next time I make this, I will either not add tofu (as per the recipe) or I will use silken or egg tofu and cut them into spoon-like shapes. I think this will make it pretty and be a better texture.

Salad: Fried Smelt with Seaweed Salad and Ika Salad

  • The raw smelt, pre-made seaweed salad and pre-made ika salad are from The Lobster Place
  • This recipe is also from the Shiro cookbook.  When smelt are deep fried like this, you can eat the entire thing, bones, head, and all.  (Well, maybe not the tail) 
  • Smelt are native to the Pacific Northwest. I miss Seattle.

Entree: Miso-braised Mackerel with Daigaku Imo

  • The mackerel recipe is from No Recipes, but I served the fish on top of peppered arugula.  You can see how I cut up the fish here.  I was actually alarmed when all of the fresh red blood came out just like in the Buffet Froid episode of Hannibal season 1 - guess this fish was extremely fresh!  The fish is from - you guessed - The Lobster Place. :)
  • The Daigaku Imo (deep fried sweet potatoes) are also from No Recipes. I used both a regular sweet potato and a Korean yam, and cinnamon honey for the caramelization step - that was an A+ choice.
  • Tomato rose!  Eeeee hee hee heee.  I learned how to make them in Thailand.

Dessert: Lemon Pound Cake with Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream

  • Unfortunately, my building’s gas is out so I don’t have an oven or stove (I have a portable burner that was taken up by the braising mackerel) so this really limited my options for dessert. So this one isn’t Japanese.
  • It is kind of asian-inspired, based on a Honey Toast dessert I had last week at The Spot in NYC.  Dude, this place has dessert omakase. You have to go!
  • The lemon pound cake is from Sarabeth Bakery at Chelsea Market in NYC. You’ve probably seen their jams in your local fancy grocery store.  I also really recommend their chocolate pudding in a jar!  It tastes almost as good as killing Garrett Jacob Hobbs feels. I mean, what?
  • Drizzed with cinnamon honey. Can I put that shizz on everything from now on?
  • Pistachio Cardamom ice cream is from Adirondack Creamery.
  • If I were going to plan a different dessert, more in theme, I would have done a deep-fried brownie with green tea ice cream, because that’s my favorite dessert at Mashiko back home in Seattle (yes, their website is sushi whore dot com). :)  And since I already had the deep fryer out for the smelt, shallots and sweet potatoes… next time!

Remember to tag and/or submit your dinners for your Hannibal viewing nights!  I don’t care if you ordered in pizza, or just ate your feels and tears all night (I almost resorted to that, that episode was NUTS), let us know and let’s share the love for good food!



What will you all be making for dinner?

Are you still looking for a recipe to cook?  Here are some ideas!  Again, the “challenge” for this week is Japanese to celebrate the Japanese culinary theme of this new season.  Of course, feel free to cook or eat whatever you want - the whole spirit of this dinner party is to just share a great meal and spending the night in together to enjoy an amazing TV show!


As you can see above, you can get plenty Hannibal-style-fancy with your presentation of simple sashimi, which is fish prepared raw and sometimes marinated or seasoned. 

Menu Ideas: Fancy but Simple
I tried to put together a menu that could look Hannibal-style in presentation, but would be simple enough for the average home cook.  Using NoRecipes’ recipe list as a start, here is my menu idea for two to four guests.


Are you more adventurous, and do you have the whole day off Friday, and maybe some time tonight?  Try making your own ramen!  This will require a more extensive shopping list, and you may have to finish into Saturday, but will be so satisfying to consume on this winter weekend.

  • You can make a “simple” shio (salt) broth that can be as easy as this recipe, or more intricate. The excellent cookbook Ivan Ramen has literally a 41-page recipe for preparing this really delicious broth and all of the components it is served with.
  • For a slightly more complex/ingredient-intensive broth, but not as fatty as tonkotsu, here is a recipe for shoyu broth from Bon Appetit.
  • For those who can’t eat pork, NoRecipes has a delicious chicken ramen recipe.
  • Kenji from Serious Eats has one of the best guides out there on preparing tonkotsu ramen.
  • This post is a good guide on how to time your ramen preparation, if you follow Momofuku’s tonkatsu recipe in their cookbook, or a similar one.
  • I personally think Chef Lecter would find ramen just a little too trendy and accessible at the moment, and believe he would go for making a mazemen preparation instead to make his prepared components really shine. Here’s Ivan Orkin’s chili-eggplant mazemen preparation, though I believe Hannibal would still sneak in some cha-shu-style “loin”…

Have more ideas?  Definitely send them in and I will absolutely love to share with our dinner guests!

Unfortunately the gas in my building is completely out, so I either have to find some raw dishes I can prepare in time or it will have to be a sushi night for me.  As a very avid cook, you can imagine how disappointing this is for me, since I have been looking forward to cooking up something elaborate for the premiere for literally months!

The images above are from an incredible omakase sushi meal I had at Blue Ribbon Sushi in New York City.  I am fortunate enough to live across the street from one, so it may be special-sushi night for me tomorrow, and I will make up for the meal when gas is back.

Dr. Lecter is very much looking forward to having you all for dinner!

Check out Janice Poon’s wonderful recipes for Hannibal’s Futomono dinner party appetizers HERE!

This show just keeps getting more thrilling and stomach-twisting!  Just when you think it’s shown everything, that it’s hit its stride, it goes ahead and slaps some nonconsensual autocannibalism in your face until you’re sitting there literally screaming incoherently at your TV.

Man, did I enjoy the food shots though!  I’m so happy she posted the appetizer recipes!

This is my last week of entertaining visitors and then I can get my hands dirty again!  And boy do I have a great theme cooked up for that week. 

Because I am unable to cook and for currently-secret-circumstances will not be eating dinner on Friday due to travelling, and because every theme I can think up I want to save for later, let’s use this week as a free-for-all.  As long as you’re sending in your work or what you ate Friday night, you are good to go!  Just remember to submit through or to tag with fannibaldinnerparty (although sometimes I am not seeing those posts in search, so please submit or send me an ask with your post link if you have time, just to be safe!).

I seriously cannot wait until Friday!!


Hey Fannibals!!  Here are the results of my little dinner party for the 10th Fannibal Friday.  The theme was “local/reminds you of home” and I decided to be a little cheeky about it!

  • I decided to go with the fantastic Lady and Pups’ recipe for New York’s Halal Truck Food!  I am a recent transplant to NYC and have been enjoying the food trucks coming out with spring.  This one is a classic for locals, so I had to try a home-made, slightly-kind-of-a-little-bit-more healthy version.  I can’t recommend the recipe enough, check it out! The list of ingredients is a little intimidating but every component is worth it. I’ve been putting the yogurt-tahini sauce on everything!
  • To compliment the spiced lamb/chicken, rice, and lettuce, I decided to try a couple recipes from Naomi Duguid’s Burma: Rivers of Flavor.  This is the kind of food that brings me truly home, as I love the fusion of influences and brightness of various flavors represented throughout the book.
  • The Burmese Kachin Pounded Beef Salad was a huge favorite of mine.  It’s such a interesting treatment of beef. If Dr. Lecter asked me to recommend an interesting recipe for a special cut of beef, I’d decline to ask what that beef really was and would recommend this one.  Try it if you’re into spicy aromatics and herbs!  I used an excellent cut of beef from Japanese Premium Beef near my apartment.
  • The cookbook recommended complimenting the pounded beef with a tamarind pumpkin curry, so of course I had to make that too.
  • There was a recipe for pork belly and mustard greens, but I decided to go with Pok Pok’s pork neck and mustard green stew instead. This stew also uses tamarind and is spicy as all heck - I love ordering this at the restaurant so it was great to make it at home!
  • FInally, for dessert I wanted something creamy, so I settled on fresh yogurt panna cotta from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. I loved the effect the honey made when drizzled on it, so I took a picture of that. Unfortunately the figs weren’t ripe, but I was surprised at how easy panna cotta is, I will definitely make this again!

What did you have for dinner before last week’s Hannibal episode?  And how will you plan on “eating for two” this week?  In the spirit of the upcoming tagline, this week’s theme is “Eating for Two!”  Interpret that any way you wish - either you share a meal with a dear friend, or you cook a dinner for two, or you just decide to have a big dinner!  There’s a lot of ways to go crazy with the theme, but as always, there’s no need to follow it!  Just make sure to share your dinner experience with us by submitting your meal!


Hi everyone!  For Hannibal Season 2, Episode 12 “Tome-wan”, I decided to go with a Will Graham theme again because of getting to see Hugh Dancy at the BAFTA NY talk the day before.  This means I got some more practice with fish, something of a cooking resolution of mine!

I apologize for the photos - I had lost my camera that night (it was later found in my bed???? ????? ?? ????) and so these were all taken with my phone, and in a rush because the episode JUST started playing and we were starving!

Some notes:

  • This is my first deep-fried whole fish (recipe used here, red snapper from The Lobster Place at Chelsea Market), something I enjoy ordering at a couple favorite Thai restaurants around here.
  • The whole fish turned out excellent flavor-wise, but if I were going to re-plate it, I would have aligned the topping (thinly sliced ginger, green onion and red pepper) to be uniform just to give a more striking visual presentation.  Right now, the herbs bury the fish.
  • For the other “fish taco” recipe, I followed Lady and Pups’ Vietnamese fish taco recipe (the addition of dill in the filling is truly wonderful!) including making the home-made pickled chili sauce. I used sablefish, or black cod, and I believe grating fresh turmeric really made a bright flavor difference. 
  • I tried to make banh-xeo style crepes for the tortillas, but I ran out of rice flour and used some glutinous rice flour. This turned out to be a disaster.  It’s okay, because then I just served naked fish tacos, which fits in line with the medical diet I need to follow anyway!  My guests just had to suffer health with me ;) (it really meant we all got seconds and thirds…)
  • In line with the dietary restrictions (high fat diet) I made a crustless FInnish ricotta cheesecake for dessert, pictured towards the back of the table. Then I couldn’t help myself and made a imploding honey custard cake, which is much less healthful due to the amount of sugar.  We all tried both. :)
  • Since the deep-fryer was out, and I had the extra vegetables, I tried deep-frying some okra, asian eggplant and shishito peppers to experiment with yakitori styles. I’ll need to keep practicing with them to find the right timing and seasoning. (should have dusted them with some shichimi togarashi afterward…)
  • The weird green stuff in red sauce is some cucumber and small zucchini that I stir-fried, trying to emulate a Nepalese dish I’m curious about. I finally sourced the correct ingredients this week, so let’s not talk about this last iteration and I hope to show you the real stuff for the finale :)

You may have noticed the attention and quality of the menus going down for the dinner parties.  Part of this is because I am becoming more involved at work, and I work every Friday, so it’s difficult to find menus that I can execute (without an oven or working stove-top) in just a few hours each Friday night. This does mean I spend a good part of week beforehand preparing components, like I did with the chili sauce and salsas here.  In addition, I’ve been working with the new diet restrictions so while that’s led me to some really interesting recipes, I have slacked on presentation duties.

But, learning how to better present my food was one of the major concepts I hoped to practice while undertaking this project.  So with the last dinner party for season 2, I hope to be much more conscious with this goal. I appreciate everybody joining me for the ride as I try my best, and look forward to sharing with you what we all have for dinner! 


So eating dessert right when episode 02, Sakizuki, started was a REALLY BAD idea! Just sayin’, for all you West Coasters!!

Here’s the dinner I made for this week’s Fannibal Dinner Party, following the challenge Something Hannibal Would Serve Will Graham! I decided to go with two themes - one, I went for the Silkie Chicken Soup that Hannibal made Will in season one, episode Releves, because I love learning Chinese recipes and I had never cooked with a silkie chicken before.  For dessert, I wanted to parody Will being fed the ear, but I also wanted to represent it in the show’s food style.

First Course: Sardines and Avocado Toast with Pickled Shallots

  • I was thinking, how would Hannibal take Will Graham’s cooking and try to show him something new with it.  I think Will would be pretty straight-forward with the fish he catches, grilling/roasting/pan-frying it, so this would be Hannibal showing a new way for Will to prepare fish!
  • Hannibal made Will his chicken soup in a genuine attempt to be restorative, and I’ve been sitting on this recipe of an avocado and sardine combo as a healthy recipe for restoring a better Omega 6 to Omega 3 fat ratio.
  • Here is the recipe that gave me the original idea. Add quick-pickled shallots (2 parts vinegar to 1 part water and 1 tsp of sugar for 1-2 sliced shallots, pickle for 1+ hours), red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper. On the side is some pimientos and citrus for color.

Second Course: Dark Soy-Braised Silkie Chicken with Restorative Broth

  • I was so excited for this recipe because it’s new for me, and it turned out delicious!  It’s hard to find consistent information on preparing silkie chicken successfully, so I did a trial run with the broth on Wednesday which gave me the idea for the full dish (separating the broth and the chicken meat).
  • Several comments suggest Hannibal probably put people in the soup, so to make the broth richer I simmered some pork ribs along with the chicken. I followed the rest of Hannibal’s on-screen recipe (minus people): wolfberries, ginseng, ginger, red dates and star anise, and added Chinese yam, kale, shiitake mushrooms and baby corn as per on-screen reference and Pig Pig’s Corner’s recipe.
  • Don’t tell the guests, but I also followed Charles Phan’s secret ingredient for chicken broth, dried sea worm (he talks about it in Vietnamese Home Cooking and I just happened to come across some at New York Mart in Chinatown, NYC…)
  • The braised chicken recipe was pretty religiously followed from the New York Times recipe. It’s REALLY delicious - a very intense chicken flavor.  You’ll have to buy a whole bottle of dark soy sauce for it but it’s worth it!
  • In the show, it seems Hannibal used kale to give color and beauty to his soup. I boiled some, but decided to serve most on the side as decoration. Do you see the chicken feet i saved? :)

Dessert: Honeyed White Fungus with Dragonfruit Sorbet in a Persimmon Cup, with a Palmier (PalmEAR!) and lychees, syrup-hydrated jujubes and blackberries

  • This one was so much fun!!!  I really tried to go with the spirit of the show’s food stylist, Janice Poon!
  • The dragonfruit sorbet is from this recipe, I replaced the water with coconut cream and used my kitchenaid ice cream maker.  It turned out to be a really refreshing flavor and was ready in two hours, I really recommend this as an impressive but simple dessert!  Make sure you save the pretty dragonfruit shells in the freezer for serving…
  • I noticed Janice Poon used white fungus in the same episode where the silkie chicken soup is served, and I also found this fungus is used in the same type of restorative broth that Hannibal prepared with the silkie chicken.  I decided to go the dessert route after looking at this recipe. I slow-cooked the fungus, dried jujubes and wolfberries on low for one hour with plenty of rock sugar to sweeten them.  Then instead of serving it soup style, I drained the fungus. When I plated it inside the dragonfruit shell, I drizzled a mixture of Lihue honey, coconut butter and hot water over the fungus to sweeten it further.
  • The palmier is from Ceci Cela in SoHo, NYC.  I didn’t realize how BIG it was going to be until I was about to plate dessert!  That’s not gonna fit down Hannibal’s ear-feeding-chute… but it fit in our bellies just fine…
  • I bought the pretty purple flowers this morning. They are just there for show :)

What did you have for dinner before the show?  Please share and tag with #fannibaldinnerparty or feel free to submit your pictures and/or memories here!  (Cuz, you know, perhaps memories are all you have…)


In keeping with the eighth challenge theme, LOBSTER is the ingredient that scares me the most to cook with.  The fact that it’s alive, the creepy-crawly legs, the pinchy-scary claws, and attempting to take it home alive on the subway is what intimidated me for so long.  Thanks to Red Hook Lobster Pound at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, I have seen the light of buttery Connecticut-style lobster rolls, and craving a homemade one gave me enough motivation to give it a shot!

I watched this video of Kristin Kish breaking down a lobster to help prepare.  Luckily my lovely dinner guest had also worked with breaking apart lobsters before, so he helped teach me how to dismantle the claws and remove meat from the arms and tail cleanly.  The part that surprised me most was the brain meat inside the head!  Apparently some people eat this part - I never grew up with the luxury of lobster, so I decided to take it slow, and maybe I’ll try the brain on another day.  I was also fairly sick with a cold last week, so I took the easy route and bought a pre-steamed lobster at Chelsea Market

I modified the lobster roll recipe in a few ways:

  • For the herbed-butter sauce, I browned the butter before I mixed in the selected herbs (mint, tarragon, cilantro) and the fresh lemon juice and salt.
  • I added some fresh peppery watercress to provide more green in the sandwich.
  • A two-pound lobster provided enough meat for two sandwiches - if I made a Maine-style lobster roll, the extra mix-ins would likely have provided for four sandwiches. But I like that Connecticut-style rolls keep the meat mostly intact.
  • I couldn’t find any brioche hot dog buns pre-made (I had to work on Friday!) so I got some brioche buns from Sullivan Street Bakery, of Jim Lahey’s genius (he’s the guy behind the no-knead bread recipe and an excellent pizza cookbook). These were buttered and toasted in a cast iron pan.

As vegetable sides, I decided to embrace spring totally!

For dessert, we enjoyed some bombolinis (chocolate and raspberry!) from Sullivan Street Bakery!  

I apologize for the poor quality of the food design and photography - again, I was sick with a cold so I took it easy that night.

What did you guys have for last Friday’s episode, Su-Zukana?  And aren’t you glad you ate BEFORE the show this time? Share and I’ll repost on this blog!  Thanks for enjoying yet another Fannibal Dinner Party!

Hi everyone!! This week’s theme is TAKE-OUT! Since Jack will be taking some of Dr. Lecter’s dinner to-go this week… And I’m super busy entertaining visitors and can’t cook anything this Friday. :(

Remember to take pictures of your dinner this Friday (TOMORROW!) and tag it with #fannibaldinnerparty or send it on in!

Here’s a shot of some crispy red snapper with herbs and spices from Ayada Thai in Jackson Heights, NY. A favorite recent take-out :)


@dahllm’s Fannibal Dinner Party #5: Dining at Buddakan NYC with an old cherished friend

I suggested the Friendship theme for week 5 of the dinner party for a couple of reasons - one, the theme of friendship has had a very twisted and dark portrayal (betrayal?) in this second season of Hannibal.  Two, I had one of my oldest friends visiting in my new city and thought we should celebrate by dining out. (I would feel really bad to have my friend visit me in the greatest food city of the world and have her “waste” a night dining on my home cooking :))

Our day was pretty excellent and appropriately food-themed - after an expressive lunch at Ippudo Ramen, we grabbed some macaron snacks at Bouchon Bakery before exploring the MET for a few hours.  We found Jim Lahey’s (of no-knead fame) Sullivan Street Bakery for some refueling coffee and cannutos.  We then caught the 6:15pm Sleep No More interactive show at the McKittrick Hotel (one of the coolest shows you could ever attend, especially if you’re a fan of Hannibal’s cinematography and sensibilities).  After all that, we managed to make it home in time for the fifth episode of Hannibal (excuse me for a second:  AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!) before our 11:30 dinner reservation at Buddakan!  Yes, that was the earliest time they had available for Friday night, but it worked out, didn’t it?

Here’s what we ordered, sharing a meal with another in-city friend!  Buddakan is extremely fancy dim-sum and Chinese cuisine-inspired food - everything we had was excellent, delicious and well-crafted!

Dim Sum/Appetizer

  • Boneless Spare Ribs
  • Sesame Shrimp Toasts with soy sauce and chinese mustard dipping sauces (how cool is this presentation?)
  • King Crab and Lobster Siu Mai (ugh, drool. Must recreate)

Main Course

  • Kung Pao Monkfish
  • Whole Peking Duck with Pancakes, Cucumber, Green Onion and Hoison Sauce
  • Szechaun Long Beans with Spicy Pork and Roasted Shrimp


  • Kabocha Pumpkin Donuts with chinese five spice, pumpkin seed and brown sugar
  • Crying Chocolate (lava cake) with melted chocolate ganache, milk caramel, and vietnamese coffee ice cream
  • Almond Bread Pudding with bananas, butterscotch sauce and whiskey ice cream (recommended by our waiter, ended up being the table favorite!)

I would definitely love to go back and try more of the menu, but I need to save up some more money first ;)  If you’re looking for a very classy night out with Chinese-inspired cuisine, I definitely recommend Buddakan.  If you’re looking for some straight-up Chinese in NYC that won’t break the bank, talk to me!

Could you believe the kidney pie in this episode, with Will’s mask as a pastry shell, almost like Dr. Lecter is celebrating the misfortune he executed onto Will?  This show is twisted as a basis, but the food just get more and more horrifying and paradoxically uncomfortable on a base level… that’s what we love about it!  You must check out Janice Poon’s write-up on the food styling for this episode!

Okay, how cruel of me would it be to have next week’s theme include either cross-sections or egg rolls?  It’d be in honor of the beautiful Hettienne Park and her great sense of humor ;)


Hi guys!!  I hope you all had as stellar of a week as I did!!

So this week, Fannibal Dinner Party had to kind of break its own theme for the week - I mean, I certainly made enough food for two (plus!), but I didn’t get to artistically play with the idea as much as I wanted to!  Unfortunately I have a health issue and we’ve decided to try the ketogenic diet to see if it improves my side effects. This means I’ve been cooking meals that are high in healthy fat, moderate in protein and extremely low in carbohydrates (pretty much no sugar, fruit or grains).  It’s actually been a pretty fun challenge to find dishes that fit the requirements but are still bold in flavor in the way I like to cook and eat.

I also apologize that the dishes aren’t very visually pretty this time around, since I could only start cooking about two hours before the party! 

Basically I started with some fresh sardines to ensure we had omega-3 fats for the day. I’ve also fallen for the flavor of buttery, deep fried eggplant and was thrilled to find a combining recipe in a favorite cookbook, the Sour Fish Curry in the “Best Ever Cooking of Malaysia, SIngapore, Indonesia and the Philippines”.  I combined that with a recipe I found online here, adding some fresh curry leaves, to achieve this dish. I ended up using canned sardines because there wasn’t time to clean the fresh ones I had on hand, and the flavor was still excellent.  If you like strong flavors, definitely try this one out!  I’ll be typing it for the blog soon.

From there, to get some more high-protein dishes, I made two more favorites:

Both of the above really should be served over some steaming hot jasmine rice, but that’s not currently okay under the macronutrient ratios I need to hit!  But as they are, they’re great options for those requiring ketogenic ratios in their meals but are also adventurous with flavor. Try these recipes, ESPECIALLY that sour eggplant curry!

Tonights episode was wild from the beginning, particularly with the fried Ortolan Bunting made with MARZIPAN and NUTS!  That scene was so uncomfortable to watch, what a thrill!  I really want to try making the marzipan version, though I wouldn’t be able to eat it for now because of the sugar… there is a restaurant in my neighborhood, Maharlika, that serves balut, which is a fertilized duck egg with a developing embryo such that you can taste and feel the skeleton when you eat the egg - been thinking about trying that one as a culinary adventure, maybe in an upcoming theme…? ;)  How adventurous are my fellow diners?!

Please do share what you consumed tonight, and I look forward to cooking with all of you again next week!  I’ll have some EXCELLENT news to share next week as well - just over the moon excited!