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I'm sorry but it's unrealistic for an overweight person to win gold at an international figure skating competition. Most male skaters need to have at least one quad in their performances and it's really hard on the joints in general, and extra weight males it worse and could lead to severe injury. Also, someone needs to be at peak physical fitness to land a quad. I'm all for people of all body types doing the sports they love, but we gotta be realistic. -A figure skating fannatic

You know i dont give a fuck about everything you just said because im talking literal fiction ,right? and that fat athletes do exist and need to be seen, and need representation for fat ppl who also want to do sports? in the real world, right now ?

Also not everyone’s peak fitness is gonna be skinny, off the bat please just say you hate the fact i didnt include a really gross narritive of some dude being body shamed into what you think is peak fitness, in your mind, and then getting with the dude who degraded him for his body which isnt cute

like i dont hear you going on about how Victors ice skating routine in his home town is sort of unrealistic in terms of how difficult it’d be able to pull off

so take your “we gotta be realistic” and eat it, cuz the only thing you want from “realism” is the lie that fat people cant be good at sports. when the real rub is fat ppl are shamed for doing sports because society hates fat people

now dont come back :)


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