Where do I even start??????

First of all, thank you sooooo much!!!!! x.x

This fic was actually very personal to me, because when I realized that I’m nb, I had to take a step back and really look at myself in the mirror and question whether I wanted to change anything about myself. 

It’s still a struggle sometimes, you see something and your mind goes “I need to fix this! I need to look a certain way!”, and it takes a lot of energy, and reflection to tell yourself, “No, I’m good like this. I don’t need to look a certain way. I’ll change if I want to change.”

ahdkhakshdkahkdahkjas I’m rambling!

J, I said on another post, and I’ll say it again, you’re like an idol to me; your writing is amazing, you’re incredibly thoughtful, and you manage to do so much with your time!! XD also, body goals, but shhhh

I honestly have no words to express how much it means to me that you took the time to read my fic, and not only that, that it actually helped you. I almost cried reading your tags x.x

I’ll stop rambling now.

I really admire you, and thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

SEVENTEEN REACT: To you hugging them all day

Scene: Feeling extra affectionate today you ended up hugging your boyfriend all day, refusing to let go.

S. Coups: Would be hugging you right back because he’s smart and he knows how to take advantage of the moment.

“All the hugs you could ever want jagi.” (pretend you’re Woozi)

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Joshua: He’d be a cheeky lil cinnamon roll.

“I knew I was irresistible, but this much babe?”

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Woozi: He’d be the opposite of Coups, finding it cute but embarrassing.

“Babe…this is a bit much…at least let me breathe.” (pretend you’re Coups)

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Hoshi: He’d be so into it. I mean we are talking about Hoshi here. He’d even want to push his luck because of your mood. Again he is Hoshi.

“Kisses too?”

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Jeonghan: Smexy devil mode on.

“You’re cute honey but there’s a time and place for everything, let’s tone it down a bit at least until after practice. Oppa will reward you later if you behave.”

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Wonwoo: Would pretend to be chic and calm on the outside trying to shrug you off, but inside he’s internally screaming over how cute you were being and how much he wanted to kiss you but he had to control himself.

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Jun: Forget whatever it was he was busy doing, it’s off to the bedroom.


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Mingyu: He’d be smiley and slightly embarrassed the first few times but when you move in to hug him for the tenth time…Mingirl-fanmode activated.


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The8: Would be stiff as a board while you were hugging him because he wanted to maintain his handsome and cool image, but as soon as you turned away he’d be jumping up and down in joy.

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D.K.: He’s a fluffy bunny. (Pretend you’re Hoshi)

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Seungkwan: Diva Boo mode on. (Cause he can’t handle the cuteness).

“I’m so handsome, I know jagi, it’s hard to keep your hands off me.”

To which you would stop immediately, only to have him become a whiny baby and ask for more.

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Vernon: He’d instantly turn into a squishy, smiley, shy cutie.

“Ah…wae?!? What’s gotten into you?”

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Dino: He would love it. I can totally see him being all smiley and just loving how much attention he was getting, but probably only when you two were alone. If you hugged him in front of others he’d probably try to gently brush you off getting flustered.

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