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Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut/kinda smut

A/N: Italicized are Dean texts, bold are readers…

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Preference: When You’re Having a Panic Attack


Sam is not new to the idea of panic attacks. In his lifetime, he has suffered through many of them and he has always gotten through them. He knew the warning signs, he knew how to deal with them on his own. But Sam also knew when someone else was having one. Someone like you. A part of Sam always knew that you suffered from anxiety and depression, but he never brought it up or even mention the fact that he knew. He just saw pieces of himself in you and he hated that you had to feel that way. When he noticed how closed off you were at first and that was something unlike you. You were always telling jokes and making fun of the two brothers. He broke it down as you were having a bad day. But when he noticed your chest heaving and the faintness of your body, he knew you were in the first stages of a panic attack and there was no way he was going to let you go through it alone. He walked over to you and placed his hands on your biceps, kneeling down so he could look you directly in the eyes. You fell into his arms, your breathing rapid and inconsistant. He wrapped his arms around you, trying to comfort you in the best way he possibly could. His hands running up and down your back, trying to bring you back to solid ground. There was no way that he could stop the panic attack now, but he could at least be there to get you through it.


Dean knew about your struggles with anxiety and depression. You had opened up to him after the two of you got together because you knew he needed to know in case if ever happened unexpectedly and he was there. Ever since then, he had been very supportive towards you. You were having a bad day and everything in your head just seemed to convince you it was right and that you were a failure, it triggered a panic attack. Dean was sitting in the library with you when it started. He was up instantly, circling around to get to you. He lifted you off the chair and placed you on the table in front of him. He stepped between your legs, wrapping his arms around you as you buried your face in the crook of his neck. Tears were steadily streaming down your cheeks and you had forgotten how to breathe. You were gasping for air every few seconds. Dean pressed his forehead to yours, not caring that you had snot running out of your nose. “We’re going to breathe together okay? Ready?” He took a deep breath, you doing the same, then let it out. You repeated this several times. Having him right there with you, touching you softly was enough to calm you down. Every single time, he was there to make sure you made it through it.


Cas doesn’t know a whole lot about mental illness’; he doesn’t know a whole lot about human emotions either, but he knows when something is wrong and exactly when he has to be there. Cas has always had a soft spot for you, ever since he met you. He can’t read your thoughts, but he can sense when you aren’t in your best mind frame. He can feel the negative energy casting off of you. He can hear the way your heart rate speeds up and not in the way it beats when you’re excited or surprised. This is different, scary even. He doesn’t know what’s happening to you at first, but when he see’s you grasp the table in front of you to steady yourself, he knows he has to step in and help you from there. He brushes his hand over your arm, grabbing your attention and earning himself one of your weak fake smiles. He smiled sympathetically at you, only to have you turn and make a beeline for your bedroom. The negative energy growing rapidly. He followed you, only to find you halfway down the hall with your head in between your knees and your body quivering. Cas shrugged off his trench coat, throwing it over you before taking a seat next to you. He doesn’t know how to help you, so instead, he does what his body is telling him to do, and that is to inch you closer to him and hold you close to him. He wanted to reassure you that you were safe and loved, even though your mind was telling you otherwise.

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“Oh God, I’m aware of what I’m doing ! What are you taking this that bad ?!”

“Because, Y/N Singer, you hid it from your father for months !”

Since I’ve Been Loving You (Part 1)

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Summary: After Dean helps the reader out of a bad situation, they embark on a new part of their relationship. The only problem is Dean is nowhere to be found…

Since I’ve Been Loving You Masterlist

Pairing: cop!Dean x cop!reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language, implied past abusive relationship

A/N: Very special thank you to @emilywritesaboutdean for beta’ing and helping me think of doing a collab on this one…

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anonymous asked:

There's only like three weeks left of hiatus and it's only now that I'm thinking about how much harder it would've been for Dean to kneel if Cas hadn't healed him? Dang. i love you, by the way. i hope you're doing okay today.

Aha.. ah….aha… I’m fine

(We know he would have kneeled anyway)

(Because the physical pain would have just been a blip on the pain radar)

(He would have just ignored it)

(Or maybe welcomed it because it felt real)

(One real thing in a large sea of shock)

(How dare you make me think of this)


I love you too btw ^-^ I wish you all the best!

Since I’ve Been Loving You Masterlist

Summary: After Dean helps the reader out of a bad situation, they embark on a new part of their relationship. The only problem is Dean is nowhere to be found…

Pairing: cop!Dean x cop!reader

Word Count: 1.5K (individual counts listed in parts)

Warnings listed in individual parts

Part 1 by @luci-in-trenchcoats

Part 2 by @jayankles

Part 3 by @parallelingrealisticsanity

Part 4 by @queen-of-deans-booty

Part 5 by @sammynughh

Part 6 by @atc74

Part 7 by @deanie-beanie

Part 8 by @winsister91

A/N: This collaborative series is currently in progress and has eight parts total, written by eight different authors! Parts will be produced on a monthly basis. <3