fanmix: ashworth

“Haven’t exercised in the open air since 1975; walking from a matchbox into a shoebox of sunshine only reminded me of where I was and could be. Three deacades devoid of sunshine hasn’t affected my health unfortunately, despite my smoking the strongest tobacco. My luck has run out I can’t even catch cancer.”

Ian Brady describing his life in Ashworth Hospital, 2006.
The only monsters are us… Murderers, rapists, arsonists. They’re the real beasts… So far from humanity they’re no longer capable of feeling compassion or guilt. They’re the ones we should really be afraid of. But whether they’re lurking in the woods… Or fog… Or the darkness of our cellars… It’s all irrelevant. You can’t predict what happens. You can’t do anything to stop it. There is only one way… To turn into a beast yourself… And like them you show no mercy.
—  Susan Ashworth, The Cat Lady

Ash and his Linksoul boys have put together an epic series called The Golf Man Chronicles…here’s the Vimeo teaser, check it out! 


Ashworth - Boa




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