//a halbarry playlist// 

//for nights in coast city where you don’t have to be anyone else. for salt in the air and on his skin. for moments where the world moves slowly, narrows itself down to the drag of hands in the hollows of hips, to the way the dying sunlight is reflected in the golden brown of his eyes. for this one moment, you are not the fastest man alive, and the universe does not rest between his shoulders.//

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A̷̧͍͖̜̬͍̝̗̫n̴̦̦t̨͕̲͎̟͚͍i̷̡̩͖̭̯̩ͅs̱͔͇͓͜ẹ̻̰̱̠̩̯́͜͠ͅp̧̙̺͓͕̕͜t͙̞̮̩i̡̪c͇̪̝̻̠̭͉̰e̛̺y̳͎̱̹̘̰͉͢é̷͙̭̠̤̹̫̱̝̩ ̠̗̱̟̞͍͙͖͟͟F̬̤̟̖̬͕̗ͅą̻̗͍ͅņ̶̛͕̭m̴͎̩̳̖͜ì̖͉x͉͎͙̻̥͖̼

nightmare - set it off // i’ll keep coming - low roar // gasoline - halsey // perfect insanity - disturbed // eyes on fire - blue foundation // counting bodies like sheep - a perfect circle // help i’m alive - metric // one way or another - until the ribbon breaks // bad moon rising - mourning ritual // shadow man - spencer day // another way out - hollywood undead // when you’re evil - voltaire // pure imagination - maroon 5 // emperor’s new clothes - panic! at the disco // the devil in i - slipknot

A fanmix for my personal interpretation of Antisepticeye! Some of these songs kinda dive from Jack’s POV but for the most part, fall into my Anti appreciation… Honestly this was a lot of fucking fun lol. 

I’m so pleased Jack is playing around with this concept. Taking something his fans made and developing his own design and catch to it is just so cool and really, it shows he does hear his fans, Also it’s an insight to how unique he is to the YouTube world. Not that other YouTubers haven’t played off their fans, but this is the first time I - personally - feel like a YouTuber is actually sitting in front of me and listening. And that’s very heartwarming

I know you shy away a bit from these kind of complements, @therealjacksepticeye, but seriously sweetheart, you’re lovely and just very awesome. You’re unique, you’ve grown so much since I first started following you back in mid 2013, it’s so exciting to see you get to do so many amazing things now (Cool Patrol is the fucking shit!), and I can’t explain how much I’m glad I accidentally stumbled across you one night when I should’ve been writing for my college exams haha! Best procrastination choice ever.

I’m rambling now, ignore me! Hope y’all like the fanmix! And my crappy edit lol


SEVEN FANMIX | Listen here 

  1. Spy – B.A.P I just look at you, hiding myself, in case you realise my feelings / You’re wrapped in a veil, veil, veil / Making me want to know you more / … / Come closer, feel me at this moment / You don’t know my name~ I’m spy spy 
  2. Amen – MONSTA X I want you, baby / Every day, I want you to be my girl / I pray again today, hey yeah yeah~ Amen
  3. Let’s Not Fall in Love – BIGBANG Let’s not fall in love / We don’t know each other very well yet / Actually, I’m a little scared I’m sorry / … / But I really mean it when I say I like you
  4. Selene 6.23 – SHINee To you, I’m just one person out of many / I pass you by / I’m not special to you / If I stretch out my hand / If I stretch out with all my strength / I still can’t reach you
  5. My Answer – EXO I may look strong even laughing, but actually I’m so alone / I may seem like I don’t have any worries, but I have a lot to say / … / You are my everything, everlasting, my love / Please don’t leave me
  6. Hallelujah – Jonghyun I’m so happy that my tears well up and overflow again / You make me sing as if I’m praying / Singing hallelujah 
  7. Drive – Jay Park When things aren’t going my way and the stress is piling up / When I see you I feel at ease / So get in my car / … / Let’s go for a drive
  8. Butterfly – BTS Will you stay by my side? / Will your promise me? / … / Will you stop time? / If this moment passes / What if it becomes as if nothing happened / I could lose you / I’m afraid, afraid, afraid 
  9. Error – VIXX Memories that aren’t ending even when it’s over, I have no confidence to win over it / Love, in the end, is just a lie to one person / … / Don’t ever forget me / Don’t ever erase me

let’s marry at the space station! listen here –> (☆)

01.  가나다같이 (AKMU)

02. Candypop (Heartsdales ft. Soul’d Out)

03. Lover Boy (Clazziquai)

04. Limited Addiction (Okadada Remix) (Tokyo Girls’ Style)

05. Insomnia (Humming Urban Stereo)

06. There’s No Way I’m Missing You (Homme)

07. Anyway Someway (Idiot Pop)

08. Love to Live By (m-flo Loves Chara)

I really think they should have shown the post traumatic effect Tartarus left in this two

some sort of code - a playlist for pearl and her mystery girl

like a star mike krol || adult diversion alvvays || cloud 69 lowell || girls beatrice eli || girls just wanna have fun starfucker || lgbt lowell || got me goin paperwhite || my old ways future monarchs || youth like tigers ever we fall || she smiles the gods of macho || fifteen minutes mike krol

I think I might’ve inhaled you


  1. Bloodstream // Stateless
  2. Flowers Bloom // High Highs
  3. Landfill // Daughter
  4. Haunting // Halsey
  5. I Found // Amber Run
  6. I’m A Mess // Ed Sheeran
  7. Out Of My League // Fitz and The Tantrums
  8. My Number // Foals
  9. Bite // Troye Sivan
  10. The End Of All Things // Panic! At The Disco
  11. King and Lionheart // Of Monsters and Men
  12. A Little Death // The Neighbourhood

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good vibes only - listen

13 kpop songs that give off an ambient, dance-y feeling