Specter With a Beating Heart
        Louis de Pointe du Lac Fanmix

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Idylls of the King - Mountain Goats
The Bachelor and the Bride - Decemberists
Spirits - Strumbellas
Grounds For Divorce - Elbow
One Foot - fun.
Lover’s Eyes - Mumford & Sons
Song of Sorrow - Elle King
My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence + The Machine
Bound - Suzanne Vega
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Between The Bars - Civil Wars
Blood Sings - Suzanne Vega
Pompeii - Bastille


a fanmix for spuffy {x}

“there are songs that still feel like your teeth on my neck”

01. lust /// the raveonettes 02. heart of a dog /// the kills 03. fever /// the cramps 04. tear you apart /// she wants revenge 05. poison /// meg myers 06. this is hardcore /// pulp 07. when in love /// savages 08. i’m a firefighter /// cigarettes after sex 09. wicked game /// widowspeak 10. dance with me /// cameron avery 11. get some /// lykke li 12. i love you /// woodkid 13. bad romance /// halestorm


Two sides of the same coin: Stark sisters fanmix

i.elastic heart, sia
ii.yellow flicker beat, lorde
iii.oblivion, grimes soon is now?, tatu
v.hero, regina spektor
v.shake it out, f&the machine

Arya: nation army, the white stripes
ii.control, halsey
iii.abrahams daughter, arcade fire of me, bjork devils, f&the machine
vi.running with the wolves, aurora

iwannabeapaperbackwriter  asked:

You sort of beat me to it with that last ask but I wanted to ask you anyway, how is work on the playlist going? :)

😊 It shuffles along at its deathless pace, suffice it to say, but it continues to be an enjoyable trivial pursuit. I still have no idea how to present everything in a satisfying way, and I have half a mind to just set up a post right now which I can then edit and append to as and when I’m prepared to. 

For the time being, I’m ignoring interview clips and other ancillary soundbites to focus solely on the selection of non-John/Paul/Beatles songs which I loosely group together by their thematically-applicable time period. Distressingly, what this system has revealed to me is that I so far have practically no songs at all for the Writing Into Each Other’s Noses period (1963-1965) and practically too many songs for the Suddenly We Didn’t Believe and If I Can’t Fight With My Best Friend periods (1968-1969 and 1970-1971). Even the I Don’t Really Know What Happened In India period, which I’ve been puzzling and fretting over, has more songs at this point, and that can’t be right. 

Then again, I probably shouldn’t be surprised; if there’s any emotional particularity pop music is resplendent in its depiction with, it’s hurt and recrimination. The playlist is far from lacking in John-appropriate Should I Stay Or Should I Go songs or Paul-appropriate You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone songs.

As for any time periods I’m more preoccupied with than others at the moment, I’m currently waffling over the more tangential mise-en-scène transitory blocks which are more about time and place and resonant atmosphere - the Swinging Sixties block of 1966-1968 (which overlaps with the I Was Going Through Murder And I Knew Paul Wasn’t, Stable Not Straight, and I Don’t Really Know What Happened In India periods) and the Lost Weekend block of 1973-1975 (which overlaps with the Frankly I Miss Paris, Beaujolais Evenings, and They Don’t Want Me In The Story periods). Perhaps fittingly, the song selections for both blocks thus far are all over the place - raga! musique concrète! sardonic psychedelica! Naked Lunch! for the former, and glittering soul! country pop! throwback doo-wop! all Todd Rundgren all the time! for the latter.

(All I’m saying is: feel free to send me suggestions if you have any!)

I could go on, really, but I’m uncomfortably aware that I’ve already gone on for more than this ask necessarily warrants. I’ll end off with three of the songs from the existing playlist, all in the looking-back-on vein, all admittedly more from John’s perspective than Paul’s:

1. Joni Mitchell - Free Man In Paris, for looking-back-on-Paris-in-the-mid-’70s:

I deal in dreamers / And telephone screamers / Lately I wonder what I do it for / If I had my way / I’d just walk out those doors / And wander / Down the Champs Elysees / Going cafe to cabaret / Thinking how I’ll feel when I find / That very good friend of mine / I was a free man in Paris / I felt unfettered and alive / Nobody was calling me up for favours / No one’s future to decide / You know I’d go back there tomorrow / But for the work I’ve taken on / Stoking the star maker machinery / Behind the popular song.

2. David Johansen - Frenchette, for looking-back-on-Paris-in-the-late-’70s:

Remember how we were marveling darling we were marvelous / Yeah we were marveling at The Marvelettes / We fell in love with Veronica / And every last one of The Ronettes / It sure got hot when Levi Stubbs / He got burned, boys / Messing ’round with Bernadette / You call that love in French but it’s just Frenchette / I’ve been to France, so let’s just dance / I get all the love I need in a luncheonette / In just one glance / So let’s just dance / I can’t get the kind of love that I want / Or that I need / So let’s just dance.

3. Long John Baldry - A Thrill’s A Thrill, for looking-back-on-Hamburg-and-general-Satyricon-hedonism-in-the-late-’70s:

I say the gays are straight / And the straights are queer / And the bis just call everybody “Dear” / They know a thrill’s a thrill / Even in paradise.

(Note: You may recognise Long John Baldry from his performance of ‘Got My Mojo Working’ in the 1964 Around The Beatles television special, and his heckling throughout The Beatles’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream skit. He was also a friend of both Paul and Mike McCartney, and gay - one of the brief romantic flings he had in the ’60s was with Dave Davies of The Kinks.)

8tracks alternative

hey, so mourning the slow death of 8tracks, a lot of people are looking for alternatives. i know has been suggested a lot but it doesn’t have any built-in community interaction as of yet,, BUT!!!  is RLY GREAT and it has all the basic fuckin features that 8tracks always should have had like:
- see the entire tracklist
- start the playlist from any point
- unlimited skips and listening
- see how many playlists contain a certain song
- see top listeners of a playlist
- collaborative playlists!!
etc etc !!!  plus while it does have a “subscription”” it Only allows you to upload music files directly instead of linking from youtube and soundcloud. doesn’t add more than that or punish you for not paying

this sounds like an advertisement but i just want a community to start building there so we can rise above 8tracks’ tyrannical management :^)
p.s.  yes it does have a mobile app!!


IN THE NAME OF LOVE a playlist dedicated to Victor and Yuuri. 

Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind?
In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there’s no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?

LISTEN HERE (Spotify alternative)


noc·turné /näktərn/ noun. a short composition of a romantic character suggestive of night, typically for piano.

a dreamy mix for quiet, reflective days. think lonely moonlight, wordless lullabies, shipwrecked shores, broken ferris wheels. listen.

I really think they should have shown the post traumatic effect Tartarus left in this two