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Fanmix Yourself/ Music Ask Meme

ok I’ve seen a few of these, and i didn’t really like some of the questions so i made my own (and used some I’ve seen)

  1. A song you never got sick of
  2. A song you’d kick ass to
  3. A song to drive to
  4. A song that gives you nostalgia
  5. A song that someone recommended to you that you like
  6. A guilty pleasure song
  7. A song you remember all the lyrics to
  8. An instrumental song you love
  9. A song in a foreign language
  10. A song by band that is no longer together
  11. A song by an artist/band member you might have a crush on
  12. A song from a genre that you don’t listen to
  13. A song that you relax to
  14. A song that you work to
  15. A song from a movie soundtrack
  16. A song that has a music video that you love
  17. A song you like from the 70’s/80’s
  18. A song you like from the 90’s 2000’s
  19. A song from an artist/ band you want people to know
  20. A song that you wanted to add but couldn’t otherwise/ A song you want people to listen to

 throat to the stars - a mix for the secret history

nox aurumque - eric whitacre atonement - dario marianelli towards the unknown - gabriel yared nocture no. 20 in C sharp minor - chopin we move lightly - dustin o’halloran adagio for strings - samuel barber allt varo hljott - olafur arnalds lily’s theme - alexandre desplat symphony no. 3: III. lento (cantabile semplice) - gorecki

(star for 8tracks)

i hope senpai will notice meme ||| mixtape for meme loving fucks

come on and slam ♦ caramelldansen ♦ spooky scary skeletons (living tombstones remix) ♦ butterfly ♦ nice legs daisy dukes ♦ i’m a believer (shrek ost) ♦ everybody (headshotboyz remix) ♦ a cruel angel’s thesis (bike horn remix) ♦ i wanna take you to a gay bar ♦ every time we touch ♦ steppin on the beach (club mix) ♦ ponponpon (heavy metal ver.) ♦ running in the 90s ♦ ninja clan here we stand ♦ levan polka (basshunter remix) ♦ what the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? i’ll have you know i ♦ marisa stole the precious thing ♦ gangnam style (yg mashup)♦ dota (dj walkz remix) ♦ bad boy ♦ never gonna give you up (dj flo remix) ♦ nyan cat (club mix) ♦ ice ice baby (high voltage mashup) ♦ what is love ♦ love shine ♦ actual cannibal shia labeouf ♦ hallelujah (waluigi remix) ♦ barbie girl ♦ darude - sandstorm ♦ HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA ♦ crawling in my skin ♦ bumblebee ♦ all star ♦ numa numa ♦ careless whisper


this is my masterpiece, i will never create anything better than this mix

SO I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF THE “FANMIX YOURSELF” MEME but none of the existing ones out there have ever really caught my interest. SO! I made a new one that I will probably be using soon and thought I’d post it in case other people felt like it too!

ladles and jellyspoons, please welcome FANMIX YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: an alternative fanmix yourself meme!

honestly I don’t care if you want to mix the format of this up a bit, like if you want to include 5 songs for a certain prompt then that’s cool! you do you, that is the point of this meme. TELL YOUR STORY THROUGH MUSIC, FRIENDS.

if you do decide to do this, please tag any mixes posted with #fanmix your character development! I’d love to listen to whatever people do with this list of prompts!

List of prompts in text format for those that can’t view the above image:

1) a song for how you were as a child
2) a song for how you feel about your family
3) a song for the place you grew up in
4) a song for growing pains; bring ur teenage angst
5) a song that describes how you feel about love
6) a song that encapsulates your beliefs or spirituality
7) a song about your dreams and ambitions
8) a song for you feeling happy or peaceful
9) a song that describes how you react to adversity
10) a song for your frustrations, your anger, your sadness
11) a song for something significant that happened to you
12) a song that describes you as you are right now
13) a song for the place you live right now
14) a song about how you feel about your friends
15) a song that looks towards the future
16) a song that would play at the climax of ur character arc
17) an instrumental song that you feel sums you up

Aesthetic Self-Mix Meme


1. Choose 6-12 songs, from what is already on your music player or computer, that represent your aesthetic. No downloading new songs until you’re done.

2. Use whatever images you want, that are already on your computer, to create a 500x500 px album cover. No downloading new images until you’re done.

3. Your favorite word is the title of your self-mix.

4. Upload on 8tracks or similar website.

5. Optional: post on tumblr and tag 5 mutuals. Tag as #aestheticmix


↳ a carlos madrigal/santanico pandemonium mix asked by anonymous

i. just a boy - angus & julia stone [you took me in, gave me something to believe in / that big old smile is all you wore / girl you make me want to feel things i never felt before] // ii. girl in the war - josh ritter [i got a girl in the war, i know that they can hear me yell / if they can’t find a way to help her, they can go to hell] // iii. west of her spine - bell x1 [it’s here i’ll rest my chin and breathe her deep and smile / for i think i’ve found a soft spot and i’ll lie here a while / it’s here i’ll raise my flag and claim this land as mine / just south of her shoulder and west of her spine]  // iv. barricade - stars  [you were the only thing that mattered / there was no one for me but you / i held my breath as i watched you swing / then run your fingers through your hair / oh, how could anyone not love the terrible things you do? / oh, how could anyone not want to try and help you?] // v. i had me a girl - the civil wars [i had me a girl / like cigarette smoke / she came and she went / i slipped through his hands / to my back door man / under his chin] // vi. chew me up & spit me out - cobra starship [here’s my heart tonight / go on and take a bite]  // vii. somebody i used to know - gotye [now and then i think of all the times you screwed me over / but had me believing it was always something that i’d done / but i don’t wanna live that way / reading into every word you say / you said that you could let it go / and i wouldn’t catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know] // viii. sleep all summer - the national ft. st. vincent [i would change for you but, babe, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a better man cold ways kill cool lovers / strange ways we used each other / why won’t you fall back in love with me? / there ain’t no way we’re gonna find another /the way we sleep all summer / so why won’t you fall back in love with me?]

nakamatoo  asked:

Ereani and rivamika for the song question ^_^

Hey hey hey ;) my otps! 

Below are playlists for the lovely couples <3 Enjoy!

And thanks, @nakamatoo! :)

EreAni Playlist: listen here~

1) Stolen - Civil Twilight

2) Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

3) Coming Home (Part Two) - Skylar Grey

4) Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna

5) Call Your Name - Hiroyuki Sawano

*****If the last two songs don’t scream EreAni, I don’t know what the meaning of life is lol

RivaMika Playlist: listen here~

1) Killing Strangers - Marilyn Manson

2) Awakening - Young Guns

3) Wait - NF

4) Come As You Are - Civil Twilight

5) Hurt - Johnny Cash

*****Track 4 always gives me the major rivamika feels, man…

Fanmix Meme: I WANT TO BE ON BROADWAY (a playlist for soon to be Broadway stars to sing at home in their pajamas):

On My Own // Les Mis | Defying Gravity // Wicked | A Musical! // Something Rotten! | Out Tonight // Rent | Santa Fe // Newsies | It’s The Hard Knock Life // Annie |Ring of Keys // Fun Home |  I Just Can’t Wait To Be King! // The Lion King | Cell Block Tango // Chicago |  I Believe // The Book of Mormon | Magic To Do // Pippin | I’m Alive // Next to Normal


15 Days of Fanmixes, day one: for your otp (or any ships you’re into at the moment)

no better reason - a sam/steve playlist

photo credit to

i. nightminds missy higgins – ‘we can both be there and we can both share the dark’ // ii. perfect for me ron pope – ‘i wish that i was stronger so that i had more to give, i’ll share everything i have and we’ll find a way to live’ // iii. starry eyed (cover) dan smith – ‘you look at me, it’s like you hit me with lightning’ // iv. parachute ingrid michaelson – ‘never let me hit the ground, you’ll never let me crash’ // v. if my heart was a house owl city – ‘you’re the sky that i feel through, and i remember the viewvi. better loveeisley – ‘we’re gallant, we’re strong, we’re safe’ vii. can’t help falling in love fleet foxes – ‘darling so it goes, some things are meant to be’ // viii. move you anya marina – ‘i wanna kick off your boots, give up the fight, summon the night’  // ix. boats and birds gregory and the hawk– ‘if you be my star, i’ll be your sky’//


(this is part one, because i couldn’t choose just one ship, part two is coming soon!)


Fanmix Meme: (4/10 favorite characters) || Courfeyrac


La Vie Boheme Rent || Better Things / Passion Pit || Future Sick Neon Indian || Elle Me Dit Mika || On Top of the World Imagine Dragons || Young Volcanoes Fall Out Boy || Where Did the Party Go Fall Out Boy || Let’s Kill Tonight / Panic! at the Disco || Twist and Shout The Beatles ||

let’s do it, let’s fall in love » the jazz age (¼)

anything goes - cole porter with vince giordano & the nighthawks | muskrat ramble - kid ory | dream a little dream of me - ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong | let’s misbehave - irving aaronson & his commanders | it don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing) - louis armstrong & duke ellington and his orchestra | doin’ the uptown lowdown - mildred bailey & the dorsey brothers orchestra | i got rhythm - ethel waters | charleston charley - bert firman & his orchestra | let’s do it - billie holiday & her orchestra | button up your overcoat! - ruth etting | the dumber they come, the better i like ‘em - stephen derosa


braincurd  asked:

oh my god, please do a fanmix for Condesce/GHB

you’ve opened a box of rattlesnakes!!

sexy, sexy rattlesnakes. 

Conquest - The White Stripes 

and then in the strange way things happen their roles were reversed from that day

the hunted became the huntress, the hunter became the prey

I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast - Ida Maria

you’ve got a striking physique

don’t underestimate hunters 

let’s play hide and seek

The World Is Not Enough - Garbage*

we know when to kiss, we know when to kill

if we can’t have it all, then nobody will

Earthquake - Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah**

we’re on a rampage, bottles poppin’ off 

before you know it there’s rubble and dust 

‘cause we’ll be fuckin’ them up 

Gallery Piece - Of Montreal 

i wanna hurt your pride, i wanna slap your face, i wanna paint your nails

Bubblegum Bitch - Marina & The Diamonds

i’ll chew you up then i’ll spit you out, cuz that’s what young love is all about

so pull me closer and kiss me hard, i’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart

Cotton Candy and PopsiclesInsane Clown Posse

this does not need lyrics

Voodoo Pussy - Miss Prada

neither does this they speak for themselves eloquently enough. b/c gh’s clit must be magic to land him such a fine lady, since it obv. wasn’t his cute face or good personality. 

Pretty Much Every Nicki Minaj and Wheezy Song - Nicki & Wheezy

*this is like my flagship song i just. somewhere in me i’m still a 14 year old mall goth ok. 

**this too, as it’s the perfect back 2 back badass battle couple song. 


Fanmix Meme: (2/10) favorite characters || Grantaire

Listen on 8tracks (x)

When, who– who did dare 
To tie for a moment, thy plant round his brow, 
And grip and look proudly, 
And blaspheme so loudly, 
And live for the honor to stoop to thee now? 
O Delphic Apollo!

Hymn to Apollo || John Keats

Inside Out / Eve 6 || Boulevard of Broken Dreams / Green Day || Demons / Imagine Dragons || 21 Guns / Green Day || I’ve Got Friends / Manchester Orchestra || Therapy / All Time Low || No Lies, Just Love / Bright Eyes || Touch / Daughter || Dark Paradise / Lana Del Rey || Death of Me / City and Color || March to the Sea / Twenty One Pilots ||

(Graphics by me)