fanmix ideas

Young God- Halsey
Arabella- Arctic Monkeys
Flaws- Bastille
I melt with you- Modern English
Cherry Wine- Hozier
Boy with a coin- Iron and wine
Unbelievers- Vampire Weekend
Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood
Immortal- Marina and the Diamonds
Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine

And I will come back, every time– // Listen at 8tracks


hey everyone, welcome to the second annual week long celebration of all things jaderose! it’s the perfect time to make and share art, fic, fanmixes, meta, headcanons, au ideas - anything you want!

just tag all your jaderose content with #jaderoseweek or use the @ feature! if you aren’t sure where to start, check out the list of prompts above (put together by @rotten-spaceymage!), but please feel free to post any and all jaderose you make in the tag. the more the better!

if you have any questions, shoot an ask to this blog or my personal @ghostpressure. happy jaderoseing, and we’ll see you in june!!

“Angels patch the holes in our hearts"  A gency fanmix

1- Halo -  Madilyn Bailey

2- Lana Del Rey - Angels Forever

3- All I ask of you - Phantom of the Opera

4- Mercy Road (Lyric Video) - Worship Central

5- I’ve Fallen in Love With an Angel -  Bruce Bergh

6- Rescue My Heart - Liz Longley

7- Love Like You - Steven Universe

8- Mercy - Shawn Mendes


conviction; who do our heroes trust when they can’t trust themselves? 

a speculative fanmix for the endgame of the adventure zone campaign

the mountain goats / dilaudid  dance with the dead / there’s a storm coming  tuung / the pioneers  patrick wolf / the libertine  my brightest diamond / something of an end  lost in the trees / neither here nor there  stars / he lied about death  woodkid / the other side  dallas string quartet / sweet dreams  damien rice / it takes a lot to know a man

[spotify] [playmoss



– tunes isabela woud totally listen to


Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Rihanna - Bitch better have my money

Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back

Fifth Harmony - Me and My Girls

Nicki Minaj - Boss Ass Bitch

Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have Fun

Lily Allen - Hard out Here

Little Mix - Wings

Lazy Town (?) - You are a Pirate

A playlist for the day when you’ve been wronged for the last time and decide to cross over to the dark side. [listen]

castle - halsey // the driver - bastille // the devil within - digital daggers // control - halsey // seven devils - florence and the machine // everybody wants to rule the world - lorde // sail - awolnation // monster - imagine dragons // bones - ms mr // once upon a dream - lana del rey // yellow flicker beat - lorde 


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

long live the reckless and the brave - newsies: the pop punk (ish) version 

santa fe (prologue): the great escape - boys like girls || carrying the banner: the reckless and the brave - all time low || the bottom line: start a war - the national || that’s rich: rich hipster - chrisette michele (ft. wale) || i never planned on you: backseat serenade - all time low || the world will know: centuries - fall out boy || watch what happens: born for this - paramore || seize the day: dance, dance - fall out boy || santa fe: all these things that i’ve done - the killers || king of new york: on top of the world - imagine dragons || letter from the refuge: bulletproof heart - my chemical romance || watch what happens (reprise): long live the kids - we are the in crowd || the bottom line (reprise): giving up the gun - vampire weekend || brooklyn’s here: party poison - my chemical romance || something to believe in: all or nothing - we are the in crowd || once and for all: whoa - we the kings || finale: shut up and dance - walk the moon 




The name which you now bear has not always fallen from your lips when you offered a handshake and introduction. It’s come in pieces. James comes first. A simple name, something old-fashioned and elegant. It suits you. The last name is something of an accident. It tumbles out before you can catch it, a word more than a name, sharp and threatening. It’s not altogether bad, and so it sticks. Then, formally, your first name shortens even further to Jas, and you’re not quite sure if it’s James abbreviated or meant to be initials, but you like it. You begin signing all your letters this way. Most recently, your title has changed to professor. It rolls off the tongue, makes you sound official, adds a pompous skip to your step, or at least explains the reason it’s always been there. Your rebirth was something both sudden and slow, inexplicable as the darkness which looms just behind your eyes and in the way you bare your teeth. But mystery is always sinister, the unexplained only a dare to look closer and be devoured by what you find. +LISTEN.

001 | bad moon rising — mourning ritual
002 | buried in water — dead man’s bones
003 | the drunken whaler — copilot strategic sound + music
004 | everybody wants to rule the world — lorde
005 | if i had a heart — fever ray
006 | me and the devil — soap&skin
007 | million dollar man — lana del rey
008 | my secret friend — iamx
009 | stabat mater — woodkid
010 | wires — the neighbourhood
BONUS | little drop of poison — tom waits

Stuck On Repeat

It never ends for those left behind; forced to relive every event leading up to the darkness. They’re forever trapped in the in-between and they will never stop trying to reach out to us.

01. Skulls - Bastille, 02.My Last Breath - Evanescence, 03. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones, 04. Blinding - Florence + The Machine, 05. And the World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts, 06. A Girl A Boy and A Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith, 07. Quiet In My Town - Civil Twilight, 08. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap, 09. Asleep - Emily Browning, 10. Creep - Jayme Dee, 11. Exile Vilify - The National, 12. Grapevine Fires - Death Cab for Cutie, 13. The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid - The Decemberists, 14. O Children - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds