fanmix challange

15 days of fanmixes challange: a mix for your OTP - TonyRhodey

Sometimes, you find someone who understands who you are, better than you understand yourself and is willing to put up with you anyway. 

When you find that understanding, you need to protect it better than your finest jewelry, because if you lose that person, you may never have it again.

i. Metal and Dust - London Grammar // ii. Malibu - Hole // iii. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone // iv. Life Itself - Bruce Springsteen // v. Hercules - Sara Bareilles // vi. Bamboo Bones - Against Me! // vii. Down Down the Deep River - Okkervil River // viii. Red Lights - Molly and the Zombies // ix. Laughter Lines - Bastille