Million lights all washed away
                                                          Empty space in all its grace
                                                          Endlessness is here to stay
                                                         Endlessness won’t wash away

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i. i will burn your kingdom down if you try to conquer me and mine ii. when all we knew wasn’t stolen, there was nothing real to lose iii. we drowned in words when we needed a hand iv. every lesson we learned took so long, but it made us strong v. what can we say now? our mouths only lying vi. a million lies that now define us all together vii. keeping the thought in our minds, one day life will be kind viii. i was born in a thunderstorm, i grew up overnight ix. somewhere weakness is our strength, and i’ll die searching for it x. we waged a war with hell, and look, we still survive xi. they’ll name a city after us, then later say it’s all our fault xii. how can we have so far to go?
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du kan ikke unnslippe tankene dine
↳...men sånn at du føler deg alene-noia, egentlig. Det er hodet ditt, deg og hodet ditt og alle tankene dine. Hva mener du? Hjernen er alene-følelse. Hjernen er alene? Det fins bare deg og tankene dine. Du kan ikke unnslippe tankene dine. Den eneste måten er å dø. Det er mørkt, da. [l i s t e n]

i. stay awake - london grammar  ii. i’m fine - agatajan  iii. rebirth - vancouver sleep clinic iv. patience - low roar v. inside your mind (feat. carmody)  - nick leng vi. elysium - bear’s den vii. feversome - annie eve  viii. haze - amber run ix. should have known better - sufjan stevens  x. exit music (for a film) - vampire weekend

a singularly gifted witch - an 8tracks playlist by whimsicalMedley

To Lily Evans, the little witch from a small town. The girl who was unwanted in both the world of Muggles and magic, but persevered. The witch who was betrayed by her best friend, but was strong enough to know that she was worth more than her blood. The young woman who didn’t get to grow up, who looked evil in the face, and refused to back down for her son. To Lily Evans, who, despite the hatred she faced, believed that life was a beautiful thing.

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1. Sun - Sleeping at Last
2. Tomorrow - Haley Klinkhammer
3. Pumpin Blood - NONONO
4. Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine
5. Clay - Grace VanderWaal
6. Glow - Ella Henderson
7. Young Blood - Bea Miller
8. East of Eden - Zella Day
9. Dog Days Are Over - Florence + the Machine
10. We Are Giants - Lindsey Stirling ft. Dia Frampton
11. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
12. New Romantics - Taylor Swift

let’s marry at the space station! listen here –> (☆)

01.  가나다같이 (AKMU)

02. Candypop (Heartsdales ft. Soul’d Out)

03. Lover Boy (Clazziquai)

04. Limited Addiction (Okadada Remix) (Tokyo Girls’ Style)

05. Insomnia (Humming Urban Stereo)

06. There’s No Way I’m Missing You (Homme)

07. Anyway Someway (Idiot Pop)

08. Love to Live By (m-flo Loves Chara)

I think I might’ve inhaled you


  1. Bloodstream // Stateless
  2. Flowers Bloom // High Highs
  3. Landfill // Daughter
  4. Haunting // Halsey
  5. I Found // Amber Run
  6. I’m A Mess // Ed Sheeran
  7. Out Of My League // Fitz and The Tantrums
  8. My Number // Foals
  9. Bite // Troye Sivan
  10. The End Of All Things // Panic! At The Disco
  11. King and Lionheart // Of Monsters and Men
  12. A Little Death // The Neighbourhood

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good vibes only - listen

13 kpop songs that give off an ambient, dance-y feeling

some sort of code - a playlist for pearl and her mystery girl

like a star mike krol || adult diversion alvvays || cloud 69 lowell || girls beatrice eli || girls just wanna have fun starfucker || lgbt lowell || got me goin paperwhite || my old ways future monarchs || youth like tigers ever we fall || she smiles the gods of macho || fifteen minutes mike krol