Okay so from what I can tell, this is Tumblr’s situation right now.

About Messaging:

  • Messaging is out, but only to a handful of people. Those people then must message another person in order for the other person to get messaging. Like some kind of flu or some shit, and no one is vaccinated.
  • However, one blog can only instant message 50 people per day. As in, only 50 conversations can be started (they can then keep talking) per day. Therefore, for each blog that started out has 50 people they can “infect”, and those 50 people have 50 people to message, on and on.
  • Therefore, if you get messaging it’s best for the community if you start messages with people who don’t have it yet. Even if you don’t want to talk with them, just to give them the update.
  • When you do get the update from the person who messaged or “infected” you, there will be a jump scare with balloons and confetti, so be aware. I’m sorry Tumblr hates disabled people. I’m not sure if there’s a noise to go with it.

About Replies:

  • Replies are supposedly coming back after they are “fixed”. I think they got a huge backlash from us, and decided to bring them back.
  • There is no defined timeframe for when they will be back, and only David Karp seems to be saying they will be back. @support seemed vaguely confused about it and specifically mentioned that Karp was the one saying that they will bring back replies.

About Fanmail/Asks:

  • Asks will be staying in the entirety. The ask system will not be changed. 
  • Fanmail will be deleted. They will take away fanmail within the next couple of weeks, assumedly when they think messaging will have “spread”
  • Fanmail chains that are already going (as in, fanmail in your inbox) can still be replied to and sent. You just can’t start a new fanmail by going to someone’s page and clicking the fanmail button.

Please spread this so that everyone knows what’s up!

Sources: @staff blog, @support blog, and multiple blogs who have messaging and have been posting about it with screencaps.

EDIT: I’ve been made aware of 2 more things to add:

  • In a couple of weeks, (probs when they get rid of fanmail) everyone will have messaging. So Unfortunately, we will still be plagued by Spam bots. At least they can only do 50 a day.
  • Also there is no noise when you get the little confetti-balloon update. Awesome!
ATTENTION: There is malware that may compromise your Tumblr account.

I just got two fanmails in a row from people I don’t know with the following message: 

Hi there Darling! For summer job I am working in a employment company. I have to create a paperwork about young people careers in US… May You please enter your dream career, hit continue & put your e mail there? This will be an empirical part of the statistical survey for my work and its totally anonymous! :) Site url is under the recent reblog on my blog. You could not imagine how useful it is to finish this paperwork! :) Then I would enjoy my summer :) Thanks a lot! :)

The opening line can vary from “dear” to “darling” to any number of polite greetings.

I strongly advise you NOT to click or enter anything. Whatever it is looks like it’s phishing or doing something to people’s accounts to make them spam this message around. If you did what it said, change your Tumblr password immediately because your account might be compromised.


staff needs to be aware of this too.


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anonymous asked:

If no one is gonna tell Yoosung what people would think he's talking about I am gonna tell the innocent man myself-

Omg… I don’t know how spends so much time online and gaming and he doesn’t know


y’all sent me stuff. some of it got a little weird.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for your fascinating blog! I’m very interested in Classics, so when watching your page I remembered that quite a number of Roman emperors came from North Africa, just like a relatively great number of important senators.

These were really interesting emperors as well, so I really don’t get why no-one has bothered to make a movie out of their lives, or gives more attention to them. I’d love to see a film about Septimius Severus, for instance. Anyway, thanks again! You’ve opened my eyes to a lot of amazing art :). — hiddenlookingglass

Thank you so much. I would as well, except:

Yes, that is a real quote.

And that, my friend, is “why”.

I’m sure the notes for this post will be full of people arguing for how “historically accurate” whiteness is, but when it comes down to it, all this is really about is replicating the cultural/collective belief and association of “History=White”.

And really, there aren’t enough white people in movies for you? Because that’s really what it boils down to. Even when the people in charge of casting and producing these “historical” style films openly admit that they avoid casting people of color in their movies.

And I really shouldn’t have to explain anymore why this is a problem, and one that desperately needs to be addressed.

So I got home and this was waiting for me.

I had written to Mr. Capaldi back in April to wish him a happy birthday and sent along a couple pictures of some sculpted and drawn bits and pieces. I got a pre-printed photo and the standard “We are afraid Peter is really very busy and can’t reply to his fan mail at the moment” letter a few weeks later, which to be honest I expected and yet was slightly deflated.

Then I return home today and find a curious envelope addressed to me in rather squiggly handwriting from BBC Cardiff.
With trembling and excited fingers I tore the seal open with a letter opener and this was inside. 
I am even more in love with this man and can’t wait to see him in action.

Thank you Peter, you are a gent.
(I also believe he wrote the address on the envelope. A nice touch)