How is it that this live-action fanmade movie (25 minutes) about Future Trunks is leagues better than Dragonball Evolution?


I finally finished the guide! ^v^ It has every single piece of WoY info you could want (both in-show and behind the scenes), and it’s 217 pages long. Yeahhh, this took a long time and a ton of work to put together, but it was definitely a labor of love. 

So, if you wanna check it out, you can go to either one of these two links: One is the published link. Because it’s not in a page format, the text is more spread out and easier to read, but unfortunately some of the formatting and picture placement got messed up during the publishing. So, I decided to make the doc itself available to view as well (no sign-in required), so people can see the guide how was meant to be seen, page numbers and all. You’re getting the same info no matter which link you pick, it only changes the format/how you get to see it.

So yeah, pick your preference, and read on! Hope you guys enjoy! And also, a huge thank you to @crackmccraigen, @suspendersofdisbelief, @owner-of-wendys, and @atalkingmagpie for being such great sources of info! ^v^


Pokémon XY&Z - OK! Version [Source]

“Chun-Li” by Xugashi (Tanvir Khan) – Feb 3, 2016

Permission granted by the artist – DO NOT REPOST OR REMOVE – Thanks!

Visit the artist’s deviantART for more here!


ive spent two whole hours just fixing the audio i hate myself