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House of Cards, by sugamins

A fanmade trailer for this legendary fanfiction.


‘Card Captor Sakura’ - Sakura Card Deck and Book - Bootleg/Fanmade (by Donald Presents)

One of my most unusual pieces in my atrezzo collection is my second Card deck from CCS, the astonishing Sakura Card Deck by Donald Presents.

Some of you might remember that I started scanning and editing my Clow cards to turn them into Sakura cards, with the manga-style designs instead of just turning them pink like the anime (and pretty much every bootleg under the sun) does, but I gave up because of how difficult it turned out to be for me with my very limited computer skills ;P Thankfully, this product had already been announced and a friend helped me get one through eBay :3 Now it seems to be available from Etsy only, unless you want to give money to resellers.

Long and picture-heavy review ahead! Please check under the cut, this item is just amazing - you do need to see every detail and comparison, trust me >:3

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If a fanmade RWBY Cards Against Humanity deck happens and “Ruby Rose, but like, when she’s older” isnt in there I will be disappointed.