Made by xmrsmoothx featured on the ‘Magic the Gathering Rocks my World’ facebook page.

This is a pretty interesting design, but I think I would change it so whenever you tapped it for mana it would transform, not at the end of your turn. nonetheless, this is still a really cool card, but one that i’m not 100% sure about just yet.

my last edit got really popular so i made another one 


House of Cards, by sugamins

A fanmade trailer for this legendary fanfiction.


I am selling fanmade photo cards!
I have
-Joy from Red Velvet
-Lee Minho
-Lee Jong Suk
-Park Bo Gum


i ordered some more decks so these cards are back up on my etsy shop

$15.00 USD a deck and i only have 15 right now

Made by Daij_Djan on the Magic Set Editor website.

I’m a really big fan of this companion mechanic, I think it has potential to be a possible guild mechanic for Selesnya. However, I am a bit concerned for the power level of this card, as it has only upsides on an already good body without any downsides (Legendary isn’t really a downside unless your going to have three on the battlefield, which is unlikely.)


sorry, I must be less modest.

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For the first time, a Muse in an Aqours’s body!♥

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Hey everyone!! Sorting through my box of SHINee things i decided it would be fun to give someone these cute lil’ items! I know its not much, but i know someone will appreciate them!

1 SHINee capsule pen….some Korean candies..fanmade EVERYBODY ERA CARDS, all five members ..(waaaaaah i wish i had the resources to give you the real things!) and last but not least some cute stickers of precious Onew!!!

You do NOT have to be following me, but I sure wont complain if you do! :) Open to anywhere on the planet! Only rule is you must be SHINee biased!! I pay shipping, reblog as much as you like but please dont be greedy! Like also counts. Winner will be picked at random using number generator, giveaway ends on Tuesday March 31st at 11pm EST. Thanks ya’ll for being so amazing and making being a fan of SHINee so much fun! xoxo

Here’s my first editing work, PanaMaru in Marinette vrs.♥

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Well I decided since I can’t really contribute artistically to the Undertale fandom, I might as well do something within my abilities. So I decided to combine my obsession to detail and love of Yu-Gi-Oh to make some fair, and competitively viable fanmade cards that represent the Undertale characters well. I think I might want to change Chara a bit in terms of their stats, but other than that I think they’re mostly final, hope you like them, and the wonderful artwork is by WalkingMelonsAAA who you can find on DeviantArt and YouTube.

There is an Undyne card, but I haven’t found any really great artwork for it yet. I haven’t made the regular Mettaton card yet though.



a set of cards that I’ve made last year & totally forgot to post anywhere yay for me that were ment to be printed for london comic con… and they’re all ready and yearning to be done, but apparently printing a set of cards will cost me the equivalent of a kidney unless I’m printing them in millions (in which case they’ll still cost me a small castle worth of gold)

I’ve made few of them into postcards and the backs into A4 folder designs, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to make an actual set. sadface.jpg

but still, making them was A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF FUN