Made by xmrsmoothx featured on the ‘Magic the Gathering Rocks my World’ facebook page.

This is a pretty interesting design, but I think I would change it so whenever you tapped it for mana it would transform, not at the end of your turn. nonetheless, this is still a really cool card, but one that i’m not 100% sure about just yet.


hey y'all i finally got my carat bong and albums!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was wondering if anyone wanted to trade??

hansol postcard
want: jeonghan postcard

have: mingyu & joshua
want: seokmin or jeonghan

wonwoo & jun
want: seokmin or jeonghan (minus the one in this pic)  

i’ll ship to anywhere!! i’m from canada btw. u can msg me through my ask or directly :) thanks!

my last edit got really popular so i made another one 

(fanmade!) Gwent card: Auberon Muircetach, King of the Alders

‘So you are in a hurry to return to your world,’ said King Auberon Muircetach. ‘Your world! You people really do not suffer from excessive modesty (…)’

I was bored so… please don’t take it seriously. The art is unfinished and there is still a lot of work ahead of me. Honestly speaking, I’d like to change everything (mainly his face and hair). If I finish painting it, I will post it without this frame.

SS fanmade Card Game:

- Armies & Cosmos -

here’s some of the aspects of this game that are set in stone so they can be presented as a sneak peek;


(..where da berserkers at?)

just like in the Saint Seiya we all know and love, Gods battle each other with the help of their trusted warriors. so in order to play you gotta choose an army (until I get around 2 create dual alliances)

this will determine the cards that you can play in your deck, which brings us to..

Cosmos: Play, generate & pay:  

every Army/Deck will have a unique card that will help you generate and use your Cosmos, this applies for both current formats of the game.

Level of Cosmos:

Cost of Cosmos:

FORMATS: there’s currently 2 ways of playing the game

  1. Standard: where u can only play a certain amount of cards per turn.
  2. Burn Out: you can play as much as you want but at your own risk.

and that’s enough you today, 

next time i think i’ll post the older card desings + the current one.


sorry, I must be less modest.

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