fanmade trailer


House of Cards, by sugamins

A fanmade trailer for this legendary fanfiction.



Hannibal in the style of the new Mindhunter trailer! Enjoy!

Special thank you to @sirenja-and-the-stag for letting me use their edit for the titlecard!


Eleven Little Roosters || Skyfall



Como NÃO Começar um Amor (The Wrong Way to Start a Love) foi publicado em nosso canal do YouTube!! Corre lá para assistir!!

Heard a song today on the radio. Remembered something. It’s old but still gold. Fanmade trailer for:

‘A Scandal in Belgravia'  (Summer 2011)

Have been in love with Sherlock BBC mere 3 months, back then. Still smitten.

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a touch of sin by @pettey
– it’s not nearly good enough for this masterpiece of a fanfic, but I’ve been obsessing over it so here it is.

my entry for the arc contest

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This is my entry for the @michellehodkin​‘s ARC contest, for the third category (video). I made a trailer for The Retribution of Mara Dyer because it was never made for the publication of the book and I thought it was a good idea to make one before The Becoming of Noah Shaw comes out. I hope you like it!

[some self criticism+thoughts+ acknowledgments below the cut]

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Pynch [Garden] “Making Ronan Lynch smile felt as charged as making a bargain with Cabeswater. These were not forces to play with.”

via downpour. on youtube


this is actually a pretty cool fanmade trailer. tony kicked all their fucking asses lmaoooo 




Fan-made videos are fucking epic. wtf


Trollhunters trailer (fanmade)

song: Ruelle - Game of survival

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TS4 Story: ‘The Badlands’ Cinematic Trailer 🎬 (HD)

“In the year 2037 all nuclear armed countries across the globe commenced a brief but rapid exchange of nuclear strikes, within two hours the old world  was plunged into an abyss of atomic fire and radiation. Overexposure to      nuclear fallout has turned over half the world’s population into mindless,                           cannibalistic creatures; known as ‘dead eyes.’

                                        The year is now 2101.

Man has succeeded in destroying the world, but from the ashes of nuclear                    devastation a new civilisation is beginning to arise.

                                          This, is their story.”

So, a little while back, before I started this simblr, video editing was one of my main hobbies. I loved creating videos, especially fanmade trailers, but since I started this blog I hadn’t really had the time! But then I started thinking, why can’t I combine the two? And here we have the result! I created a nearly 2 minute long fanmade Cinematic Trailer for my newest TS4 story ‘The Badlands’. I’ve seen plenty of fanmade trailers for fanfictions before, but it’s something I’ve never seen done within the Simblr community! (and y’know, I’m always looking for new things to bring into the community!) It was a lot of fun, and I’m actually fairly pleased with the result! I’d love to hear your guys opinions! Not just on the trailer, but on the whole idea of cinematic trailers for Sims stories!

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“If anyone can give me a second chance, it’s you.
The two of us have overcome so much.”