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may i ask what nuzlocke is? thank you!

It’s a challenge (created by Nuzlocke) where you beat a Pokemon game with special rules that makes the game harder in a way– some basic rules are: 1) Only catch the 1st Pokemon in each route/area; 2) If a Pokemon faints, it’s “dead”and you can either place it in a box in the PC and never use it again OR release it (the former is more commonly done); 3) No revives, no full heals or something that cures a status– only Pokecenter healing and/or berries you pick up; 4) No catching duplicate Pokemon (you can’t have more than one Pikachu or somethin); 5) No catching legendaries and no masterball (this depends on the game you’re playing though because some games force you to catch the legendary). You also gotta nickname all of your caught Pokemons.

These rules make your playthrough very interesting, fun, and even sad tbh– you get pretty attached to your Pokemon since you try your best to not let it faint even once LOL.. You can make it even more interesting by using a randomizer that makes every Pokemon encounter random, play a fanmade Pokemon game through emulator, etc. 

There’s even a thing where people would draw/write out their Nuzlocke adventure into comics/stories/etc because they find their experience to be very  entertaining– they would go more in depth into their characters and add their own twist/additions to worldbuilding and/or story. Some even make their Pokemon into gijinkas (human form) and tell a story that way. There’s a forum just for Nuzlockes if you’re interested–Hope this helps!

im playing another fanmade pokemon game like reborn, this one is called rejuvenation

i have legit found love for Lunatone tbh

i used to love lunatone as a kid and then i hated its design a couple years later but now i love it again

Fanmade Animal Crossing/Pokemon RPG game

I want to make a pokemon game but instead of Pokemon it’d be animal crossing villagers, and there’s enough villagers in animal crossing to create a decent amount of pokemon for the pokedex. I’M GOING TO DO IT, THE ONLY ANNOYING PART IS MAKING THE SPRITES. Your starters can be an alligator neighbor, a bunny, or a cub. ;o Most neighbors wouldn’t evolve, but the ugly ones can evolve to dreamies at a high level. instead of pokemon music it’d be animal crossing music from the different games. You start off as a girl villager or male villager in your hometown and eventually you cross across a forest and step all over leaves, and reach a city where you can take a bus into Animal Crossing town :o I can really do it, it’d be a slow process especially making all the sprites (unless someone can lend me a hand)~


Angry Birds X Pokemon (Fanmade) 


More tier 4 commissions

First one is another gemsona, requested by @gantzgun74

The second one is fakemons from a fanmade pokemon game, requested by @clodcast  

If you are interested, check more about the fangame  here on youtube (be warned tho, it apparently has sun and moon stuff in it. So be wary if you’re avoiding spoilers like I am ;) )

Thank you for the support and commissioning me!

Pokemon Uranium

Hey guys! I don’t know if yall have heard about the newest fanmade pokemon game Pokemon Uranium, but recently it was just given an official takedown notice by Nintendo and the official links for download were shut down. I don’t know if anyone still is interested in playing it (it came out a couple weeks ago) but I managed to get a download of it before it got shut down, so if anyone wants to play Pokemon Uranium and is afraid of getting a virus from the peer to peer torrents, just send an ask to this blog and I can give you my Google Drive link! Have a great night!