I would like to use this, my 10,000th (oh my dear god) Tumblr post, to say thanks to my 500 followers. If you had told me 5 years ago that there were even 500 people in the world who shared my interests, I would have never believed you.

You all are amazing and I love that you’re here. Thanks for sharing fandom with me every day.


fanlingo replied to your post: why do you always act like your better than everyone else? can’t people just reblog what they like. it’s their blogs. like personally, I don’t reblog stuff like that because it tends to get me into trouble but other people should be able to post what they want without you then reblogging it and being all high and mighty.

Please continue to have opinions. Thank you.

I always will. But I just love how having an opinion and being willing to speak out against something makes you “high and mighty”.

Ugh. The internets.