NEWSIES: LIVE if you look closely you’ll see... #18

Ben Fankhauser talking to Kara, and if you listen closely when the spoon fight starts he says “but Katherine that’s not fair, I mean he’s got things in his mouth”. referring to Ben Cook’s cigar.

so my dash has been pretty dead lately and i’m looking to make some new friends/mutuals! also nearing a goal so this has been kinda overdue. i’m tasha and this is my voltron blog. if y’all could reblog this to help a sister out that’d be great. like this post or send me an IM and i’ll be sure to check out your blog! 

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so i work at lush and the most famous person i’ve served so far is adele. one day i’m just standing there moving some bubble bars and pretending to look busy when suddenly this lady comes in with her child. i think “she looks like adele if adele didn’t wear make up” whilst i go over to greet her. she asks me what a bath bomb is. i think “hmm, she is very unexpectedly cockney, like adele.” halfway through my description of bath bombs i realise holy fuck it’s actually adele, and i end up saying “so these are bath bombs, you drop them in the water mnnnnnnand theychangecolour n fizz… stuff……..” and i think she realises i suddenly know who she is because she gently but firmly tells her son to pick a bomb. she gets some for herself as well. i put her through the till and i realise she looks very tired, so i don’t want to bother her, but holy fucking shit this is adele. i’ve ugly cried so many times while warbling her beautiful songs. she’s unwittingly been there through some bad times for me. i want to say something but i’m not sure what, so i fixate on her bright woolly vest and blurt out “i like your vest!” and she immediately replies, very chipper, “aw fanks it makes me look like a rare bird!” she departs and i stand there shaking while i whisper to my colleague that that was adele. this reaches the back of the shop where a birthday party for a bunch of 14 year olds is going on and my 19 year old colleague just shrieks “WHAT” at the top of his voice. all the girls clamour asking if we have security cameras to prove it actually was her and i’m like, the proof is that i have suddenly become 10 times emotionally stronger after being in her presence. i have absorbed her self love and all of my exes have crumbled into dust, dissolving away like the bath bomb she’ll be using later on that very night

Ben Fankhauser as Barry Mann in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Like walking in the rain
and wishing on the stars up above
and being so in love


ok so?????? he’s the nicest person in the whole world?????? i gave him the gift i embroidered for him and he was so excited he hugged me and kept thanking me for it and then i asked him if he would sign a blank hoop for me so i could embroider over it and he was so excited about that and asked me to send him a picture of it on twitter when i’m done and he’s just so nice oh my god also i for some reason forgot to give him one of the samples of the tea i made for the cast (i gave liam one though!!) but i’m going again on sunday so i’ll give it then!!!!!!! ahhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

september soundsss

crybaby - paloma faith
not too late - ricki lee
too good at goodbyes - sam smith
disco tits - tove lo
a different way (feat. lauv) - dj snake
dusk till dawn (feat. sia) - zayn
beg - jack & jack
provider - frank ocean
good old days (feat. kesha) - macklemore
say it to my face - maty noyes
out of my head - loote
more more more - dagny
ho - leikeli47
frontline - kelela
why do we - marty khan
easy (feat. jada maria) - jvck james
diving - bridgit mendler
honey whiskey - satica
new rules (alison wonderland remix) - dua lipa
starlight - emeli sande
run for cover - the killers
incredible - future
madiba riddim - drake
bodak yellow - cardi b
underdog - banks
sober (krakn remix) - cheat codes
temptation - leo kalyan
bitter lemonade (feat. grandace) - jsph
lost in the wild - synead


♡ Pref. 1: How he teases you in public (w/ visuals) ♡

(hi so this is my first smut post on this blog i’m new here hi pls be nice) 

warning: yeah this contains smut & nsfw gifs so if thats not cool w/ you then keep scrolling lil cuties

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