fankid base

as stated in the stylistic suck banner, I just got to 413 followers on this blog, which is a pretty big number :)

So how do we celebrate? MORE SPRITES

I don’t know if anyone would be interested but The First twelve people to reblog this will get a pair of sprites of anything they want.

fantroll? fankid? trickster? based on their blog? Themselves?


and when I say a pair of sprites I mean that one of them will look like this


and the other will look like this

so yeah, basically, it’s really one thing, with two versions

Close to homestuck canon and stylistic :)

Just one thing though

I can’t sprite gore, and not for lack of trying. I tried my best and sucked, so you can cross that one off the list.

Thanks everyone!

Man, if you’re giving Rhaj a fankid, please quit lazing out and just copying Noire’s backstory - not only is it just plain awful, it’s also entirely inconsistent to Rhajat’s character. Unlike Tharja, Rhajat is consistently shown to go out of her way to be nice to children (both to her own FKana, whom she dotes on and through her friendship with MKana, which is also adorable).

It’s totally cool to base said fankid on Noire, don’t get me wrong, I love Noire. Noire is not the problem here. I’m just not super thrilled with projecting shitty character traits onto another character, when they don’t have them at all.