Ghosts & Echoes…a thank you note

When you’re friends with me or my friends you get used to being excited. Not a week goes by without us planning our next gig, festival or road trip. Being excited is half the fun!

So when Gavin Butler and Neil Starr announced a joint acoustic album/tour venture it didn’t take long for me and Jenni to get excited at all. When the album finally arrived it was everything I had hoped it would be…beautiful, honest & emotional.

We decided that when the tour dates were announced we’d figure out which we could get to and go from there. What started out as “I can do either London, Manchester or Birmingham” soon turned into “well we can do London, Manchester AND Birmingham”.

Later down the line Ebbw Vale was added and realising this was only a few miles from Merthyr Tydfil, a town talked about so often by one of my favourite bands, well it wasn’t a difficult decision there either. More excitement!

So 4 Ghosts & Echoes shows down, 2 countries and zero rubber left on my tires I can look back fondly on every single show, every single mile and even the distinct lack of tyre rubber.

I’ve made new friends, seen new bands and listened to some awesome music. I’ve seen people laugh and cry (cry more often than expected and not just me for a change) and I’ve seen my best friends beyond happy. I’ve spent time with some great people, got maybe a bit too drunk a few times and listened to Sean Smith berate me & Jenni for what seems like the millionth time!

I could literally spend a week going into every detail but all I want to say is Gav & Neil, thank you I really had the best time!

Lisa xo