fanime portfolio

is the my portfolio blog. I forgot to introduce it on this platform but if you’re interested (even a little bit) please consider taking a look!

I also have expanded on my animation commissions so if you want to have your character or another character animated, send a message!

My general commission rules are I don’t draw explicit content or mecha. I specialise in cute things and pastel colors.



I didn’t think this drawing could actually reach finish, but it.. it’s finally done! ^^ Haneoka came out very cute, so I’m happy :D

I tried to stick to a coloring strategy and scheme similar to Megumi Tachikawa’s comic books, which are just as cute at the anime version.

^^ I will have this drawing at otakon 2015, artist alley table C-3

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your post about Fanime 2016, and I am excited to stop by your booth this weekend. I was merely wondering, as someone who wishes to possibly have a table themselves at this Bay Area convention, what are the qualifications for a table in Artist Alley? Like, what's the process that the admins have set up? I've heard some not so clear information from a friend--so I'm coming to you, as a person who actually has a table. Your art is awesome by the way.

Heyy, so depending on the con, you can get a table either by first come first serve, or by being reviewed through a portfolio. Fanime was portoflio reviewed- so injureddreams and I had to compile sheets with out work on it to send for review. We didnt get first call, but we got called back after some artists dropped out last minute. 

Usually you should keep an eye out on their websites for any registration or application announcements/dates. For fanime, @injureddreams filled out the application for us so I just gave her any information she needed. For AX, you had to purchase your table first, and then fill out an application showing your work, seller’s permit, fill out any contract forms,specify if you were splitting a table, adding any helpers, etc. It’s a process, esp with bigger cons. I feel like there’s less paperwork with smaller cons.

 As for qualifications, I guess it depends on what you’re selling ! Fanime asked for portfolio before anything else. After we got called back for table space we had to sign and submit contracts, pay for the table, pay for our own individual badges and read when we can pick up our badges/set up our tables. Fanime requires you have your seller’s permit, which you can get through the website. I have a permanent CA seller’s permit, so I only had to add the Fanime location address as a sublet on my seller’s permit. You’d have to register for a temporary one, they usually take like two weeks to be assigned, but the earlier the better. After a con you report how much you made and pay any taxes that apply. A seller’s permit is mandatory and they won’t let you sell if you don’t have one for the convention location and dates.

here’s how my portfolio looked like, we were only allowed to fill 3 paper sized sheets with art.

some of the art is kinda old, since we submitted it (according to the folder created) in November last year. Hope this helps !!!