You Are In Love - 270k, Chaptered

The one where there’s late night coffee runs with deep conversations, lots of frat parties with cute frat boys, TV show references, numerous social network interactions, first kisses in the rain and a slow burn love story between two unlikely people.

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose - 112k, Chaptered

American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).

Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.

A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

Run Away Home - 106k, Chaptered

Louis stands, in the middle of a clearing with his hands in his pockets, and stares. This boy—God, this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. He seems so clumsy, confused at the best of times, but there’s a wisdom about him as he speaks, a maturity that belies his age.

Louis is hopelessly, wildly attracted to him.

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.

it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.

To The Ends Of The Earth - 55k, One Shot

During a yearlong hiatus, Louis visits Harry at his cabin in Idaho, where long-buried feelings ignite like the fire keeping them warm.

Never Gonna Dance Again - 55k, One Shot

Harry is quiet for a moment and his fingers feel like they’re burning past the fabric of Louis’ jumper, branding his skin. “Can I kiss you?“

This is where Louis should walk away and leave Harry to pirouette and cambré by himself in the faint moonlight shining through the windows. He is a spy and Harry is a dancer. There are lines that should not be crossed.

Louis surges forward.

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

Oh Glory - 21k, One Shot

Tomlinson looks Liam over, tilting his head. “Are you a swimmer as well?”

“Yeah,” Liam says, a little cautiously. Harry wonders if it’s Tomlinson’s fame or the unimpressed eyebrow that’s making Liam wary. “Distance, I’m doing the 1500m. Harry here’s a sprinter.”

“Ah,” says Tomlinson, turning his glinting eyes back to Harry. “So you’re not an endurance man.” A beat passes, and his grin grows, wide and filthy. "Shame.”

Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.

Naked & Proud - 18k, One Shot

The town itself is tiny, as evidenced by the ten minutes it’s taken Louis to drive the entire thing. There’s not a single recognisable brand in sight—no Tesco or McDonald’s or even a bloody Starbucks. Lining the streets instead are mom and pop stores with names like ‘Jerry’s Burgers’ and ‘The Market Basket’ and…

“'Naked & Proud?‘” Louis almost slams on the brakes at the outlandish sign, the name written in a seemingly innocent font, words curved around a large cartoon peach. He can’t help turning into the carpark, easing the car into a spot next to a beat up truck.

He isn’t sure what to make of it. Surely it isn’t a strip joint or sex shop, not with the families and little old ladies going in and out of the establishment. Some kind of nudist hangout, perhaps?

And, oh, God. Did Louis’ mother accidentally send him to live in a nudist colony?

In which Harry runs an organic store, not a nudist colony, and Louis doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

Can I Boop Your Nose?

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,539

Warnings: being crazy? Dean being roofied haha

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining’s 2k celebration challenge!!! My word that I picked was ‘Crazed’…I hope that all of you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated!! :D (*Unbeta’d so any and all mistakes are mine! aka it might be total shit lol)

Dean never thought you’d ever go behind his back like you had a few nights ago. Here he was sitting in a chair, in the mental hospital, in the same room Sam was occupying but now it housed you instead. Dean watched as you sat on the bed, picking up imaginary flowers around you and then proceeded to hand them over to him. Cas told him that you would and have been reacting differently than Sam had. You still see Lucifer here and there, he bothers you at night and whispers lies in your ear. Other than that, it’s almost like your mind is this innocent psychotic child.  

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                                                  What are you?

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1. love is a word (you gave it a name) by hattalove (21k)

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

2. Something Unpredictable by  LSFOREVER (19k)

Office AU where Harry plans a Secret Santa Christmas Party for his office floor. What he hadn’t planned on, was some certain gifts that make him blush like crazy. Also featuring Mr. Tomlinson, The Boss Man; Zayn, Louis’ best friend and company co-owner; Niall, Harry’s cheeky mate; and Liam, the oblivious sweetheart.

3. baby we could be enough (i’ll make this feel like home) by anyadisee (52k)

harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home. 

4. Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You) by larrymylove (29k)

Louis has just agreed to spend the holidays with his family, and to bring Harry along with him. There’s just one problem…he and Harry have broken up, and are wanting to avoid telling everyone until after the holidays. The fake/pretend relationship AU with a twist. 

5. Night Changes by louhearted (29k)

Harry is buying last minute Christmas gifts for a party on Christmas Eve and gets snowed in the store with cashier!louis. Featuring side ziall and Liam, Niall and Zayn as Louis’ best mates. 

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fic editsWhether Clouds or Clear Skies (ao3) by @onewasturning​ - E, 25k

“You, young Harold, are a baker among curry houses and vintage clothing stores,” Louis says, and it forces a bark of surprised laughter out of Harry.
“I’m a— sorry, what?”
“Harry,” Louis says, “last night I had an experience bordering on profound.”
“You’re making it sound like you did something sexual with my muffin,” Harry says.

Louis gets into the habit of stealing baked goods while Harry’s busy keeping tabs on the weather.

The Death of Me (V, You) Drabble
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Requested by vtael :) Hope you like it!

(3rd Person POV)


She gritted her teeth as she swung the emergency exit door aggressively open, climbing up the flight of stairs to the 4th floor where her apartment was.


She cursed again, gripping the stairs’ railing and trying to move as fast as she could without forcing attention to herself. She wasn’t supposed to come back but she had no other option. She didn’t know they were so close on her heels and she was stupid enough to not have a gun with her when she went down the street to the local convenience store.  Y/N knew there was something suspicious about the man near the chips aisle with the way he glanced at her. And when she caught a glimpse of a gun tucked on his waistband, she knew. 

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NOT READY FOR BIRTH {Peter Quill X Reader}

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Fandom: Marvel,Guardians Of The Galaxy

Characters: Peter Quill,Gamora,Rocket Raccoon,Groot

Word Count: 258

Drabble friday: One where the reader is nine months pregnant and her water breaks during and Peter(Starlord/dad to baby) freaks out because they are in the middle of space and only Gamora doesn’t seem phased by it.

“BABY!” Rocket screams in surprise.

“What?” Peter peers round the corner to find what’s all the fuss about.

He sees you lying down on the floor,surrounded by blankets.”What is going on!?” He screams in sheer surprise.

“THE BABY!” You shriek at him whilst trying to maintain a breathing pace.

“WHAT?” Peter jumps in surprise.

Groot leans over to Peter for reassurance. “I am Groot!” Only to get pushed away by Peter.

“We are not ready for this! We are in the middle of frickin space!” Peter begins to panic.

“Well tough, it’s happening” Gamora walks past him,handing him more blankets.

Rocket bolts out of the room.”NO THE LITTLE RATS ON IT’S WAY!” The sound of glass smashing can be heard from the next room.

“I am Groot!” Groot hands Gamora a hot water bottle.

“WE ARE NOT READY!” Peter jumps around in a hurried panic.

“HONEY PLEASE!” You scream in pain as the baby contracts.

He runs over close to you.”What do I need to do?” You grab his hand and begin to squeeze to avert attention from the pain you’re in .

“Stay there.” You and Gamora say in unison, giggling after it being said.

“Just push.” Gamora instructs you,which you follow.

“Peter look away,and focus on the squeezing.” She tilts his head away from you.

“Hey I’ve saw that region you know,how do you think that baby was conceived?” Peter tries to turn back around,just to get a face kick from Gamora.

“Fine,I’ll stick to the squeezing.”

You’re Greatly Injured In An Accident & Werewolf!Calum Saves You

A/n: Hey Anon! I chose to do this about Calum due to my last request being for Michael, I hope you don’t mind. xx

.Werewolf Calum AU

.Calum x Reader

.Calum P.O.V



It was eerily dark, freezing cold, pouring down with sharp, sheeting rain and unfortunately, your turn for the night watch.

No matter how much you had ranted on to your Alpha about how no one in their right mind would want to be out causing trouble on a night like this, he still made you go out on patrol.

You had managed to find a poor shelter under a tree with branches so high they barely kept the rain off. All you could do was lean against the bark and hold onto the small amount of warmth that emitted from your fur coat, trapping it against the tree.

Surprisingly, you could see quite a bit from your current position. You were sat around ten feet away from the edge of a small quarry and were able to see all the way to the other side, imagining this would be the best place to be if there was any action at all tonight; you could see right around.

It was a rather dangerous part of the forest and in accordance with this, all of the public footpaths were situated well away from it; if you fell down there, you weren’t getting back out.

The longer you sat by your tree, the more numb you felt and you were starting to grow tired.

Not daring to move from your spot in case you lost your only heat source, you dropped your large brown head down towards the ground and closed your eyes, trying to sleep away your shift.

When you did eventually stir awake, you didn’t even need to open your eyes or even move to know that your body was a mess of aching muscles. Sighing, you slowly opened your eyes from your still seated position and witnessed the barely light, morning scene.

Everything was damp and wet but at least it had stopped raining.

Groaning loudly, you slowly pulled yourself into a standing position and stretched your sore body out; it had been a long time since you had slept as rough as that.

You had only just shaken your sodden coat out when movement caught your keen eyes from off in the distance and you were shocked to discover it was the shape of a human.

Ignoring the pain in your body you prowled closer, making sure to stick close to the trees as you inspected this unusual situation further.

Moving silently, you managed to get several meters closer and you were even more shocked to discover that this wasn’t just any human… it was Y/n.

Dressed to face the elements with a camera slung around her neck, you knew Y/n from being in your class at school. You actually got on rather well with her and you knew she was a budding photographer from all the times she had brought photos in to share with her friends before.

Your panic and curiosity levels fell a little as you lay down on the ground, easily camouflaged in the dark foliage from her but giving you the clear view you needed of her.

From the looks of the direction she was pointing her camera, you presumed she wanted to get a shot of the sun’s rays as they began to shine through the slim trees. Never seeming to find the right angle, she kept on re positioning her body but from your location, you could see she was getting too close to the edge of the sharp drop.

You could tell she was aware it was there because she kept looking down at it to make sure she wasn’t getting too close, but she didn’t account for the small pack of deer that swiftly jumped out of the trees by her side.

They meant no harm, only wanting to get from one side of the clearing to the other but you watched in horror as Y/n stumbled back, lost her footing om a slippery, moss covered stone and fell backwards with a frightened gasp into the empty space below.

The deer had moved on, leaving the forest in deathly silence as the thud of Y/n’s impact on the ground resounded.

You didn’t know what to do, your heart had caught in your throat and you were paralysed with shock.

It took you about five seconds to shake yourself off and race over to the edge of the quarry, looking over the edge with concerned eyes.

You could see from your position that Y/n had fallen badly; she wasn’t moving at all and you feared she had died.

Carefully, you spent a few moments looking around the edge of the drop and planned your route down to your friend and once you had found the safest way, you slowly began to descend down towards her.

It concerned you greatly that the closer you got, no movement was made on her part.

Once you reached her side you leaned down to gently sniff against the patch of her hair that was slick with blood. Her chest was raising and falling still but it was so shallow and slight it was hardly noticeable.

Feeling the panic in your chest bubble once again, you moved down her body and nudged your muzzle anxiously against her arm, trying to get some movement from her, but nothing happened.


You whined desperately but that didn’t help either.

It was so early in the morning, there was no one around and you didn’t dare try to move her… you knew as you looked down at her emotionless face that she was going to die.

Panicking, you didn’t know what to do.

You knew deep down that you could save her, but the rules about changing humans were confusing. You didn’t know them fully yourself because for a werewolf to willingly change a human was a rare occurrence… You could get in deep trouble with your pack, you also risked the fact that when she turned, Y/n would resent you for doing it; did she want to live as a wolf or would she rather die?

Her shallow breathing was beginning to rattle and you knew she didn’t have long.

Whining in helplessness you lay down on the ground next to her and tried to calm yourself down. It didn’t take long for the cold to seep into your skin once more so you inched your head closer to Y/n’s in the attempt to keep yourself warm.

It was probably the action of your nose knocking against her cheek, but it caused her head to roll towards yours and you knew right then that you couldn’t let her die.

Swiftly jumping back up to your paws, you stood back and glanced up and down her body. She was covered with thick clothing on her top half so the only option was to bite into her leg.

Due to the funny angle she had fallen at, her right leg was bent at the knee, giving you just enough space you needed to open your jaw and encase the top part of her leg between your fangs. You didn’t really know how it worked and you didn’t know if it would even work, but you had to try.

Whining quietly, you poised your sharp teeth against the freezing denim of her trouser.

“Forgive me Y/n…”

You pleaded desperately with your mind as you closed your eyes and simultaneously sunk into her flesh as deeply as you could.

Nothing happened for a few moments, but you kept a firm grip on you friend and eventually her right hand began to twitch. You could feel blood oozing in your mouth and it felt horrid, but you only detached yourself when Y/n exhaled a long sigh.

It took a few minutes and you kept your eyes focused on her face but her breathing eventually began to very slowly increase.

Sighing heavily, you began to feel hopeful.

In the time you had both been down in the quarry, you looked up to find the sun now talking claim of the sky, and you couldn’t help but think it was such a perfect morning that Y/n would never see.

Spending the next five minutes licking Y/n’s wound to try and clear away the blood that was still flowing, you eventually came around to sinking your teeth into the collar of her clothes and began to pull her with great difficultly out of the hole, and back across the forest towards your pack house.




Yet again, anytime you were doing something important, it would always throw it down with cold rain.

At least this time, you were in your human form under the safety of a large umbrella and in the warmth of a thick winter coat.

The wisp of breath that left your mouth was like a cloud of smoke and you practiced blowing clouds as you waited.

You weren’t kept waiting long however when you caught the familiar scent of the latest member of your pack. Fresh, autumnal sweetness came strolling up the courtyard from the school entrance and you swiftly jogged down to meet your friend, jerking the umbrella over her head to shelter her from the onslaught of rain once you were close enough.

“You didn’t have to wait for me Cal, you’re freezing cold.”

Beaming, you wrapped your spare arm around Y/n’s back and pulled her close in an effort to share your body heat as you walked back up the road with her.

Due to Y/n’s… incident, she had to take a few months off school to recover. Not only that but transferring was essential to keep her identity safe. Of course you transferred with her so she wouldn’t be by herself but because she had missed so much, taking extra classes after school had finished was a must for her.

“Of course I did, I wasn’t going to leave you.”

Y/n smiled fondly as she dropped her head against your collar and rubbed affectionately against you.

“I know.”

Even though she seemed fine, as soon as you hit the outskirts of the town you could tell by her walking pattern that something was causing her pain.

“Is your leg playing up?”

Y/n shook her head but her pained voice revealed the truth.

“No, I’m alright, I just think I need to go for a hot bath.”

Ushering her over to the cover of a nearby bus shelter, you sat Y/n down on the hard seat before kneeling on the floor next to her right leg.

Pulling your gloves off, you placed your palms flat against her thigh, one on the top and one on the side before beginning to rub slow, warming circles.

Glancing up at Y/n, you could see the torn relief on her face as she closed her eyes and rested her head back, releasing a tight groan.

The area covering Y/n’s thigh where you had bitten her had now healed over in a fresh scar and because you had bitten her evenly, it had healed well. Unfortunately, for her it sometimes became quite painful, especially during the weeks surrounding a full moon.

“Has it been bad all day?”

You spoke softly and all Y/n could do was nod.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

Y/n smiled softly as her head rolled forward and her eyes opened to look at you.

“You don’t need to do this Cal, I can manage.”

You could feel her leg beginning to warm already due to your touch.

“No, I do. As long as you’re here and wanting me, I’ll do whatever I can to make you better.”

Y/n smiled down at you with adoring eyes and it was these small gestures that made you feel glad about your decision to save her.

Whenever you saw her in pain, it caused you to hurt as well and you always doubted whether or not you should have changed her.

But every day she grew stronger and every day she got more and more accustomed to life with the pack and it was moments like this, when she leaned down close and caressed her nose comfortingly against yours, that you felt like everything would eventually be alright.


"I don’t fall in love" part 3

A/N: here’s part 3 (the last part) it’s quite short sorry :))

part 1

part 2

Michael and I hadn’t talked properly since his last text three months ago. He was officially dating that girl he went off with that day in the library.

I tried to get over him but at night time I found my thoughts drifting back to him, his face appearing in my dreams- those five words haunting my mind ‘I don’t fall in love’

I wonder if he loved her. He can’t if he doesn’t fall in love- or maybe that just applied to me. He couldn’t fall in love with me because I wasn’t good enough for him.

It was 10pm on a Saturday night when I next heard from him.

Drunk text obviously - a mistake he didn’t mean to send to me- it was obviously meant for her so I ignored it.

I love you. Okay, I don’t fall in love but you changed me and I’m so fucking in love with you and I’m sorry for pushing you away I’m so fucking sorry just please - I need to know if you love me back - Michael

It was another Saturday when I got another text from him.

Why didn’t you reply- you’ve made me look like an idiot, you could have just said you didn’t love me instead of ignoring me, please just reply i need to know. - Michael

I decided to reply this time and make him realise he had the wrong number .

I think you sent it to the wrong number Michael. - y/n

My phone beeped seconds later as if he was sat waiting for a reply.

No, it’s not y/n I mean it, I love you- Michael

Are you drunk- y/n

Yes- Michael

Then it’s not true, go home and sober up then go back to ignoring me and being with her -y/n

Drunken words are always true y/n, don’t you love me?- Michael

I didn’t reply after that not knowing whether by telling him the truth I would end up hurt, he was drunk I couldn’t trust his words.

It was Monday when I saw him. He looked terrible as he walked into school, his head facing the floor so no one could see his face. I turned to my locker away from where Michael was walking- pulling out my maths text book.

Suddenly my locker door was slammed shut causing people around me to look over at the loud sound. A blush rose to my cheeks from the attention before everyone looked away seeing it was me- boring old me.

I looked to see the source of who slammed my locker door seeing it was Michael. Up close I could see his eyes were rimmed red with purple bags under his eyes indicating lack of sleep.

“Michael?” I asked confused. We hadn’t talked face- to -face for a few months.

“Y/n” he spat angrily.

“How are you?” I asked awkwardly.

He gave a sarcastic laugh as the bell rung for first period. I left Michael at my locker walking to my first lesson. I could tell he was following me. The hall way was now empty as I was running late for maths as it was the furthest away from my locker.

I was suddenly slammed gently into the wall of the corridor.

“For fuck sake Michael, I need to go to maths” I groaned

“And I need to talk to you.” He said irritated

“Can’t we talk later-”

“No. We’re skipping first period” he demanded. He looked around him quickly to make sure nobody was around before grabbing my wrist - gently, and pulling me into the stock room full of old text books and pads of paper.

Shutting the door behind us Michael let out a frustrated sound.

“Fuck” he cursed under his breath before staring at me and shaking his head.

“What are you doing to me” he mumbled stepping closer and resting his hand on my cheek.

“Michael” I whispered

He took my school bag off my shoulder - discarding it on the floor along with his.

Both his hands came up to cup both my cheeks as he leaned in close so our foreheads were nearly touching.

“You’re driving me crazy” he whispered “but I need you to tell me” he said brushing his lips gently against mine hesitantly.

“Tell you what?” I whispered back.

“That you love me back” he said

I squeezed my eyes shut to hide myself away from his intense stare.

“Please” he whispered feeling his breath hit my cheek, sending goosebumps along my skin.

“Michael- I tried to get over you- you didn’t speak to me for so long and what about that other girl- ”

“No- she means nothing- I don’t care about her, it’s you I love, I love you okay, I can’t stand rejection, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fall in love again” he whispered “please tell me you didn’t get over me” he whispered sadly still extremely close to my face.

“Of course I didn’t get over you- it’s you- you were the first person to ever take interest in me- to show me how to live for a while, you were my first ever friend- I’m so in love with you Michael, it hurts so bad because you don’t fall in love” I whispered feeling a few tears fall down my face.

His thumb came up to wipe it away, one of his hand falling from my cheek to the back of my neck.

“I didn’t think I could fall in love, I thought it was impossible, but you made me fall in love, aren’t you listening to me? I love you y/n” He said leaning forward o try and kiss me.

But I turned my face, his lips landing on my cheek as he leaned his forehead against mine cursing under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned “I thought you loved me”

“I do, but what if I’m not a very good kisser- I’ve never-”

He cut me off by placing his lips straight onto mine, his lips were a mixture of soft and rough- contrasting with each other and making me melt into him. My body became weak as his body pressed close to mine, pushing me further into the wall.

His hand was still resting at the back of my neck, playing with my hair while his hand that was previously on my cheek pulled me closer to him by the small of my back.

Pulling away he smiled gently at me- it was a true Michael smile. One that I loved a lot.


The Devil is in the Details, a oneshot fanfic from 2006 by Lywinis that is full of cool vibes and really sweet scenes that I really wanted to draw! Thank you Lywinis for giving me the OK go. 

GOSH I wanted to do more for this but I burnt myself out with the comic so I included the sketches with some of the vague unfinished bits. My real goal anyway was to draw/color devil Lupin, though I regret not drawing out the tar bit.

Cute Game Store Boy

It was funny how you could feel a connection with someone you had never said a single word to. The emotion that can be passed through the simple body language and little smiles is truly incredible.

You worked in a store that was located in the middle of a large shopping centre, he worked in a video game store just across from you. You noticed him the very first time he was interviewed for the job a long 7 months ago. He had come in wearing a button up shirt with his usual skinny jeans that you had come to adore. That was the first time this connection was felt, as he left the game store he saw you and almost instantly a smile appeared on his face and neither of you could look away.

Every working day since then, both of you would smile and give awkward waves in the mornings as you opened up the stores. You would quite often look across into his store, only to find him staring straight back. He would become flushed and look away quickly.

Yep… 7 months of awkward waves and flushed smiles and you were yet to say a simple “Hello” to each other.

This morning you had woken up at 4am to the sound of loud yelling coming from the home next to yours. You sat up, instantly placing your hand on your forehead as you took notice of the painful headache. There was no way of falling back to sleep now so you climbed out of bed and dragged your feet into the kitchen where you searched for aspirin or something of the sort, only to come up short handed.

You sat on the couch, drinking water and simply waiting for the sun to rise before you decided to start getting ready. You ran around the house trying to sort out an outfit, once you wear finally ready you took your purse and keys before heading out to your car.

You sat in the drivers seat, pushing the key into the ignition and turning it, only to hear a worrying sound. You tried a number of times after that yet it just wouldn’t start. As if this day couldn’t get any worse.

You took a deep breath, climbing out of the car and heading to the bus stop. As you sat in the bus watching streets go by, you had to hold back the tears. You were so tired and nothing was working out for you today.
The bus stopped and you walked off after thanking the driver. At least the weather suited your mood, dark and cloudy.

You rushed through the shopping centre, running about 20 minutes late. Finally you unlocked the doors, switching off the security alarms and switching on the lights before opening up the entrance doors.

Finally able to take a minute to breath, you rested your head in your hands and your elbows on the counter.

Dan had been worried all morning, you never took a day off and you were very rarely late. So when he looked across and saw you opening up he couldn’t help but smile, but his smiled was quick to fade as he noticed your stressed demeanour and the way you continuously held your head because of your headache. It honestly upset him to see you like that, his favourite part of the day was seeing you smile at him in the morning and this time you hadn’t even looked over.

You stood up straight as you heard a customer enter the store, they spent 20 minutes asking you continuous questions and complaining about the store opening late before leaving without buying anything. You took another deep breath as you looked down as your hands on the counter top.

Large hands appeared before your eyes, they were sliding a large coffee and a muffin in front of you. You looked up to find him giving you a small smile.

“Bad morning?” He asks, and your mind suddenly goes blank. His voice was so smooth… so hypnotising. And seeing his features up close for the first time… God he was gorgeous.

“y-yeah” You stutter, trying to pull yourself together.

“Uh, I got you a cappuccino, sorry if thats not what you drink. You usually have a coffee when you get here but I noticed you didn’t today so…”

“It’s perfect. Thank-you so so much… But you really didn’t have to do this for me.” You reply. He didn’t have to but god were you thankful, coffee was just what you needed.

“Yes I did, I needed to see my favourite smile” You blush instantly at his words and your cheeks redden. You look down trying to hide the smile on your face.

“There it is” He says with a dimpled smile.

“Don’t you need to be watching your store?” You questioned, not in a rude way but you were genuinely wondering if he had just left the store for you.

“I asked the boss if I could have 15 minutes off, the store was quiet anyway” he replies. The thought that he even asked his boss for a break just to make sure you were okay made your stomach swirl.

“I’m Dan by the way” He introduces himself. Dan… The name suited him perfectly.

“Y/n” You reply with a smile.

“Beautiful” Dan mumbles, mostly to himself.

“So y/n, I was wondering… well I wanted to know if maybe I could take you out for dinner tonight?” Dan asked and you couldn’t help but widen your eyes. Cute game shop boy wants to take you on a date?

“Uh yeah, I would… I would love that” you answer. Dan’s eyes brighten and a smile spreads across his gorgeous features.

“Great. I have to go back to work now, but could I get your number so I can find out where to pick you up and stuff. Or we can go straight after work.” Dan chatters as he holds out his phone.

You take the phone out of his hands, typing in your number and handing back to him.

“I can’t wait. And thank-you so much once again for all of this” you say gesturing to the coffee and muffin in front of you.

“My pleasure. I’ll see you later beautiful” He says before walking back across to his store and leaving you in a dreamy state for the rest of the day.


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Author’s Note: This is a Happy Lowman imagine based on Let Me Love You by DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber as requested by the lovely @lovatolowman23 and imagine number 2 for TT5. This is the second part to the imagine >>>GoneGirl<<< This imagine is rated T+ for adult language. Hope you enjoy!


I used to believe
We were burnin’ on the edge of somethin’ beautiful
Somethin’ beautiful
Sellin’ a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waiting on a miracle
On a miracle

Say, go through the darkest of days
Heaven’s a heartbreak away
Never let you go, never let me down
Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife
Never let you go, never let me down

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Oh, baby, baby

He looked for her for months. In every face he saw passing him by he looked for her, he justified every croweater he buried himself into by searching out the pieces in them that reminded him of her. Of Rey. It could be they shared her smile, her eye color, the color and length of hair. If she even remotely resembled his Rey, he was all too happy to spend time between her thighs.

He looked. For months, even going so far as to have Juice flagging every system he had access to in order to find her. And finally the day came.

Nearly seven months since she disappeared he suddenly knew where she was, which is why he finds himself parked outside of a tiny one-bedroom house just outside of Tacoma. His old stomping grounds.

He should’ve known.

His eyes narrow behind his sunglasses when she steps out into the watery morning sunlight and when she turns revealing the secret she’s kept all this time, his heart drops.


Rey rubs one hand over her extended belly, the other at her lower back and when the baby growing inside of her gives a soft kick against her palm she can’t help but smile. That smile is however short lived as her eyes land on the bike parked on the corner. She’d recognize that bike anywhere.

Her eyes move from the bike to the porch of her modest little house and there he is.


He sits on the top step, arms resting on his knees as he chews on a toothpick. He hasn’t changed. Not that she really expected him to. She hasn’t been gone that long; but she had hoped, however foolish as it seems that he would be different now somehow. Less appealing or something.

Yet there he is, looking like sex in faded jeans and leather.

“Rey,” his voice is a soft rasp that sends a shiver down her spine. She takes a steady breath, leveling her gaze at him.

“Do you want to come in?” she asks as she brushes past him to unlock the front door. “We should talk.”

Don’t fall asleep
At the wheel, we’ve got a million miles ahead of us
Miles ahead of us
All that we need
Is a rude awakening to know we’re good enough
Know we’re good enough

Say go through the darkest of days
Heaven’s a heartbreak away
Never let you go, never let me down
Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife
Never let you go, never let me down

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Oh, baby, baby

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Happy asks and by the way Rey’s shoulders tense he has his answer. “Jesus Rey…that’s my kid.”

“I know…”

“How could you, why would you ever hide my kid from me? Do you hate me that much?” he demands only lightening his tone when she turns to look at him with flooded eyes.

“I don’t hate you,” Rey says, not even bothering to brush at the tears that run down her face. “Is that why you think I left?” Happy shrugs as he settles back against the chair. “Happy, I don’t hate you. I love you just as much if not more than when I left, I’m carrying your child, our child, I just couldn’t stay. Charming is dangerous, and the idea of something happening to you, or to this baby, I just couldn’t risk that. I wouldn’t risk that.”

“You should have fucking told me,” Happy’s anger flairs and closing her eyes Rey nods. “Damn it Rey, I would protect you, and our kid…nothing, nothing would get through me!”

“You aren’t fucking bullet proof Happy! Why don’t you get that? The reality is this. You have the club. The club is your family; and I respect that. I have always respected that, but this baby, our son,” Rey’s voice shakes as she rests a hand over her stomach, “is my family, and as much as you would lay your life down for your family, I’ll lay my life down for mine. I will do whatever it takes to protect him, even if it means walking away from you. Forever.”

“Son?” Happy murmurs. The rest of her words fall away. All he can focus on is the fact that he’s going to have a son. A little boy; and just like that his life changes, all over again.

:: 10 Days Later ::

“Come on Rey, you have to push! You have to do it,” the doctor barks and with a groan Rey tries to gather the strength to do just that.

“I’m trying,” Rey cries hands bunching into the sheet on the hospital bed.

“Come on babe, you can do this,” Happy’s voice is soft in her ear as he supports her back, holding her up as she tries to gain another wind. He doesn’t know how she’s doing it. He has watched her tirelessly roll with every contraction, body working at a fever pitch he can’t even begin to understand as she fights to bring their son into the world.

“Just one more, one more, big push Rey,” the doctor’s voice calls out over the noise of the room; and baring down with all of her might she gives one final push, and at twelve twenty-two on the morning of December 4th, Benjamin Daniel Lowman was born, and a new family created.

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Oh, baby, baby

Miraculous LadyBug AU: Felix as Adrien’s Twin.

A AU where Felix is Adrien’s Twin. 

Felix has always been jealous of Adrien because Adrien was chosen to be Chat Noir and not him. Felix would always obey his father’s orders. While Adrien is off to missions with Marinette, Felix would cover for him, knowing that Adrien IS Chat Noir.

Felix is also in love with Marinette, and often jealous of Adrien because he always gets Marinette’s Attention. 

Total Divas: Dean Ambrose - Christmas Special

(5) This is part of a series on my blog… Check them out if you like. This however is the Christmas Special :)

The italics are you talking to the camera like they do on the show. 

The episode starts out at your and Jon’s shared apartment. You two are sitting in the floor together. You are propped up against the couch with pillow behind your back watching Jon takes out various parts of an artificial Christmas tree. 

“Its been close to a month since my surgery. The doctors have me doing therapy now to regain my mobility and strength in my back. I am progressing very well. The worst part of it all though is having to sit around most of the day so I don’t strain my back.” 

 “Damn” You speak looking at all the parts “I thought a fake tree was going to be less trouble than a real one…” You reach forward to try and grab a piece but Jon gives you a sharp glare over the box. You instantly sit back against the pillow and sigh. “I want to help Jon.” “I know you do and you will be helping… Helping by sitting there.” “The doctor said I can start doing more throughout the day…” You argue. “I know he did… I was there remember?? But you just got back from therapy and you have to rest after remember??” You pout at his rebuttal. He smiles a little and stands up. He grabs the remote and turns the tv over to a Christmas music station and then walks into the kitchen. You are try and peer over the counter from your spot on the floor but nothing can be seen from that vantage point. Jon returns with two mugs and a bottle of eggnog earning a smile from you. He hands you a mug and sits down beside you kissing you on the cheek. “How about we get in the Christmas mood??” He pours you and himself a cup. You two click glasses and take a sip. You giggle lightly while Jon winks at you. 

The episode ends later on with you sitting on the couch admiring all the work Jon had done. The Christmas tree was like something out of magazine. The pictures on the wall had been replaced with pretty scenes of snow from both of your hometowns. The blankets and throw pillows were now red white and green. And your favorite parts though were the presents under the tree. Jon hates it when you buy him anything so when you asked him to go into the closet to get out a large bag he wasn’t too happy finding out that you had already bought him a lot of presents. You finished off your 3rd or 4th mug of eggnog… You can’t quite remember how many you have had at this point when Jon walks back in. “We did a good job didn’t we??” He asks proudly. “You did a good job… All I did was sit here and tell you if the pictures were straight or not…” You sigh. “(Y/N) who was it that picked out everything??” Jon asks slightly annoyed. “I did…” You answer. “Exactly so you did more that you are willing to give yourself credit for.” You perk up a little at the sound a compliment.

“Jon always knows what to say to make me feel better. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself.”

 Jon looks around and then freezes. “What… Whats wrong??” You ask slightly alarmed. Jon doesn’t answer but just dashes into the hall closet. You look to the door confused at your boyfriends sudden actions. He returns with a something hidden in his hand. Before you can ask what he has he stands up on the couch beside you. Carefully he steps so he has one foot on either sides of you reaching to the ceiling. You cannot see what he is doing above you. He jumps down in front of you and then eases down beside you and your mound of pillows. Ever since your surgery there has been a designated spot for you to sit in on the couch. Pillows all around to keep your back comfy during your recovery. Again before you can look to see what Jon has down Jon grabs your face and plants a soft loving kissing on your lips. When you two part you finally get to look up to see that he has hung mistletoe above your head. “Jon…” You begin. “Hey if you’re going to be sitting here for most of the Christmas season I might as well make the best of it.” He winks and kisses you again with a little more passion. 

I hope this was enjoyable… Thank you so much for reading… If you like these or have any kind of feedback I would appreciate it if you would let me know… If you think I should do some more on the subject of Christmas please please please let me know…

In The Morning (M) // BamBam

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Pairing: Bam Bam x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Summary; Soft morning sex with BamBam~

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Bts at the Mall
  • Jin: Can be found in Victoria Secrets
  • Rap Monster: Follows the rule "You Break It You Buy It" *Buys the whole store*
  • Jhope: Passes out flyers that say "Without me, your HOPEless" with a picture of him winking.
  • Suga: Sleeps in the chair massage machine. "mmmmmh swaeg"
  • Jimin: Gets thrown out of the jam store.
  • Kim Taehyung: Is at the DayCare Center
  • Jungkook: Stares at the 18+ store sigh "Soon"