40mm fanholder for coolend E3D J-HEAD by blueblended
Searched for a compact 40mm fanholder for my hotend (the cool side). Couldn't find any. None would fit in that sparse room of my orcabot where, unfortunately, all parts of the x-carriage come together. I lost a few millimeters on the x-axis, due to the width of the holder. The clamps that hold the glass plate (on which I print) in place are just a little less in width. So I can live with that and no clogging or hacking required and I can print with an actively cooled hotend, which is much cheaper than the original with that special heat spacer ceramic thermal separator thingy. Printed the holder in abs, with 0.4 mm nozzle, 0.2 mm layer hight, 0.4 wall thickness. I feared, while doing its service, cooling the cool side, it would melt and fall off. But happily, no melting while printing for hours on end and it stayed tight where I had put it. The included openscad file will render the 40 mm version just fine, but there are some shortcuts still in the code, which makes it less modular for use with a 30 mm fan (The design will not allow it, either, yet). It will not calculate correctly. You may also need to change the tolerances (tightness) if printing with other parameters and nozzle size. I have not tested other settings yet. I think it is called an E3D hotend. If I'm not mistaken, the diameter of the heat sink of the hotend is 25 mm. You might be able to change that, if needed, in the scad file to suite your hotend. Hope this is helpful to someone. :-)