The first EVER literary fan-media review!

Your great fan-work! We’re looking for artists and authors to submit everything from fiction, manips, gif-sets, photos, to poetry, fanvids, and even cosplay. Anything that shows how dedicated you are to your craft – that is, being an AWESOME FAN!

To publish some great fan-work, of course! But besides that, we really want to use Fanhand as a means of helping to legitimize fan culture and fan efforts around the world. For too long, all forms of fan-media have been criticized for being immature and a waste of time. By breaking into the literary journal scene, we’re hoping to change that, permanently. 

Well, now, really. We need your help getting the word out! Let’s bring up the chatter! As a brand-spanking-new baby on the scene of literary journals, we’re really just beginning. But fear not: We have five fearless leaders heading up the cause, and we work on Fanhand for an average of three to five hours a week (each)!

Talk, talk, TALK! Help us go viral! Get the word out, everyone, while your Fanhand staff work their butts off prepping the website, advertising, and setting up a submissions process!

We want Fanhand to be in both print and and digital versions, to facilitate multimedia submissions. Our ultimate desire? 

To stick the first volume of fan-hand in the palms of every artist we publish.



fuckyeahpikacha  asked:

hey, how's fanhand going?

jk I just went to that tumblr and saw there has been a post! I love what you’re doing but you guys need to up your visibility ^^”

Hey Cha, thanks for asking. Unfortunately, at the end of last semester we took a lot of hard hits. We used to be working with a crew of five, and now we have a crew of two – and one of gals we lost was our design person :/ The two that are left (myself and one other) are not, per say, particularly rich with free time. We’re both students taking 16+ credits and I have to work two jobs to stay afloat. In March we’re going to be doing some web upgrades and a bit of housekeeping, and really clarify and tighten up policies and things.

I’m happy we both agree on what needs to be done – visibility! Yes! I completely agree. We /did/ have one girl on to help us be the marketing editor, but she’s travelling abroad in England, and that’s really screwed with communication. Plus, she’s actually out experiencing the world outside of a computer (you know, doing things….), so who can blame her?

However, not all the news is bad. We’re currently in the process of writing a $3000+ grant for Fanhand that will serve a couple of purposes:

1) Hiring the ad-club here at WSU to generate a marketing platform and strategy that can be easily implemented and renewed. (aka as much as I’d like to think that I can advertise, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals)

2) Paying for a real domain.

3) Acquiring and integrating submissions programming to the Fanhand site – we eventually want to keep this all in-house. Submit, peruse, and view acceptance/rejectance all on the Fanhand site. 

4) Printing costs for the next edition

5) General overhead costs we aren’t expecting

6) If we budget right, and depending on how much money they give us, we’re hoping to go to comic-con and not only hand out free copies/swag/etc, but recruit potential editors. REALLY get our name out there.

We feel like we’ve got a pretty good chance for this grant, because even though it’s transformative media focused, we’ve got a couple of Uni faculty on our side that are really pushing the administration to approve this grant.

If we don’t get it? Well, we’ve been working on a few things for a kickstarter. We actually went to AWP in Seattle to get our shit together and learn how to run this thing. We learned A LOT and you can expect a lot of positive changes in the near future.

Additionally, we’ve been trying to work on a video for a while. It was originally supposed to come out at the beginning of March, but my computer crashed and we didn’t have access to any other computer that could process HD video without derping hard-core, ha ha. After the wave of midterms is done, we’ll really be able to sit down and do all the necessary editing for a polished product. 

I hope that answers your question – yes, we’ve been quiet, but not for lack of activity! Because we went from a crew of five to two, the workload has just been a bit heavy over here. After March 17th we’ll both be free to invest a ton of time into this baby, so that you all can have the journal you deserve.

fanhand  asked:

Hey! Fanhand has noticed you’re giffing some pretty cool stuff. Ever thought of submitting it to a literary journal?

No, because gifs aren’t literary, nor do they translate to a journal. Also because this seems to be a spam comment.

We realize that our submission period has been rather short, and because we’ve been receiving so many great pieces of fan work, we’ve decided:


That’s right, you all get 16 EXTRA DAYS to prove your fandom’s mettle and show your Fanhand! 

Some updates on the state of our submissions:

  • Wow. Guys and gals, just wow. You’ve knocked our socks off with the great quality work you’re sending in. We want more!
  • Sherlock fandom, you’ve got your patooties in gear! You are outranking any other fandom in terms of submissions! Great job!
  • On that note… Where my other fandoms at??? Hm??
  • Artists! Giffers! Those-that-make-visually-media! We’d LOVE to see more visual art! 
  • DON’T be afraid to submit if you think your work is ‘sub-par.’ Because this is our launching issue, it is totally feasible that you will get published.
  • Have fun! Spread the word! We in the Fanband have been having a ball with this entire endeavor, and we’re looking forward to having Fanhand as a continued presence online. And finally, we’re only awesome when you’re awesome. Show us your awesome.

Thank you so much for your support,

The Fanband

As our first edition is a trial run of the way we function and our policies as a whole, The Fanband would like to offer you, our followers, readers, writers and artists, an opportunity to voice your opinions.

We’ll be discussing:

  • where Fanhand will go after the publication of the first edition,
  • the submissions manager, and its problems,
  • our submissions policies,
  • the frequency of publication,
  • and any other issues/topics you all would like to bring up.

We’d LOVE for you all to attend, so we can learn how Fanhand can better serve our audience!

We hope to see you there!

-The Fanband 

Over the past weekend, Laura and I had the fortunate opportunity to attend AWP in Seattle. After listening to numerous panels and talking to other journals that were there, we decided to change up Fanhand. Instead of closing at the end of July, we will be open for submissions through December.

We want to make a “Best of the Year” journal to publish in December of every year. So send us your riveting transformative works, whether it be fan fiction, fan art, gif sets, or cosplay. We want to archive what you guys can do!

We’re still working out a few kinks, and there’s much more we have planned for our future, but we’re starting with our submissions first.

Got some favorite fan-fic? A favorite fan-art? An artist or author who just blows your mind?

Fanhand, the first literary fan-media review, is looking for fan-artists and fan-authors to feature on our facebook, twitter, and tumblr accounts.

Create a post about your favorite author or artist and submit it to the fanhand tumblr page!

We want to know:

  • who they are
  • why they’re great
  • and why you chose them to be featured with fanhand!
  • Images or excerpts are encouraged with proper credit and/or the permission of the artist/author!

We want to spread great fan-media, and encourage communication, and get the word out about fanhand!

(In case you missed it, here’s what we’re all about!)